1964 VW Beetle Convertible Project


This 1964 VW Beetle may appear tempting at first because of the asking price ($950), but you had better adore these little love bugs before taking this project on. Many parts have been removed and there is plenty of rust. Funny thing is, I know of another yellow convertible that is in about the same condition and it is also parked next to a red barn. Strange coincidence… Anyway, you can find this one here on craigslist out of Illinois. Thanks goes to Bill M. for the submission.


Looks like someone had the bright idea of restoring this one. Why do people always pull as many parts off asĀ  possible even though they know they will nver complete the task? It just makes it that much harder for the next person.


Oh, that is where the engine went! Or at least part of it. What a shame.


The interior doesn’t look any better than the rest of the car. The floors are rotted and everything has been stripped. It is sad to see a car is such sorry shape, but we know that someone will attempt to bring it back from the dead. Parts are cheap and there is plenty of support online. Personally, we would just keep looking for something a little more solid, but that is just us…

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  1. stuart

    Tires look good!!!!

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    • Larry

      Yea but there flat, but only on the bottom.

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  2. lilredscout

    I think not.

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  3. paul

    HA, good one!
    enough said.

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  4. twwokc

    Think its way past the project stage…

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  5. tkd

    say good-by.

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    • scot

      ~ not to be confused with “good buy”.

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  6. George

    I think this bug would be better off being thrown into the ocean and used as an artificial reef.

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  7. Robert J

    I am unclear on this concept. You can buy convertible beetles in running condition for $2,000 all day long here in California. Come on over and drive one home and you will be thousands of dollars ahead.


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  8. jim

    sure makes a lot of other vw projects look real good. looks like the washer bottle might still be good!

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  9. rancho bella

    This guy would lucky if the scrapper would take it for nothing……………….
    I like any VW pre ’68 but even this………..is to much……

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  10. Rene

    don’t bother with it…

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  11. jim

    seller does state they have a “clean title”, which is something a lot of seller can not say. and the side windows and glass are there.

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  12. John

    You could not PAY ME $950.00 to take that car (or what’s left of it)

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  13. Jesse Jesse Mortensen Staff

    So we have established that it’s not worth $950, but would anyone even consider it if it were free?

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    • John

      Nope TOOOOOOO far gone

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    • SamB.


      I would say the fact that it is a pre 65 convertible alone make it worth restoring I would pay perhaps $800 tops

      the car is rare anymore , sure go to cali and pick up a 2000 dollar convert bug , but it wont be a 64 or even a 67 .

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  14. JP

    Put the fenders back on, fill the passenger compartment with dirt and make it a giant flower pot…

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  15. Mandy

    This is a bargain if you live in Australia, like me. Convertibles are worth a fortune. If I had the money, I would take it on. You can pretty much make a Beetle out of new parts these days – so much to choose from.

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  16. paul

    If I owned a boat & if this boat needed an anchor & if the owner of this tank would drop it off at the marina that my boat was docked & paid the boat yard to hall it into the water next to my boat so that I could attach a winch to it, maybe.

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  17. Chris in WNC

    parts donor for another car perhaps, but WAAAAY overpriced at $950.

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  18. michael

    For $950 you get a title and some Rusty sheetmetal

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  19. Ken

    I do at least one VW per year and I wouldn’t even buy this for parts if it was $100.00!!

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    • scot

      ?~ but how do you really feel, Ken
      somebody will fold this up into their pickup bed for $50 or less.
      . the craigslist author varies from my understanding of phrases such as, ‘very rare’ and ‘still restorable’. but i’ll green-light ‘needs a lot’.

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  20. james woolnough

    Worth doing, it looks to be a genuine Karmann, $950 is pocket money. Floor has been bodged and motor is gone not a small project by any means but certainly not a scrapper, the link to the blue one is no comparison late model etc.

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  21. Chris A.

    Well, I’ve been looking for a pre’68 VW convertible left door chrome strip and door handle for years. Finally found them both for only $950. What you can’t see is the floor pan which is special to the Bug convertible. The pan stiffening ribs/rocker channels are welded to the pan and rust out. The welds break leaving you a pan that bends in the middle. If this Bug has a good pan that isn’t rusted out, a reconstruction is possible, but solid is unlikely. Lots of big and little pieces to source for just a VW. I’d rather spend the money on the ’71 Volvo.

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    • Ken C.

      Chris…….you would have had to look even longer for the convertible-specific engine compartment lid which is also missing. A good one would be way more then $950. There are too many parts missing that one can see from the photos which suggests that there are even more missing or rotted that you cannot see. Even using cheap Brazilian crap to “restore” this car would be cost-prohibitive.

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  22. brian stig,

    this beetle is a proper convertible, done by karmann of germany. but, is it worth $950 with the parts missing/stolen?

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  23. Hitman

    Your comments of “this is where the engine went!” are incorrect. That is the front luggage compartment, you can tell by the washer bottle. Remember V-Dubs had rear engines.

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    • Jesse Jesse Staff

      It was a joke! Give us a little credit.

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