33 Years Of Waiting Finally Pays Off!


It took 33 years of patiently waiting, but reader John P finally got to buy the classic that’s been hiding in this barn for much of the last 3 decades. For whatever reason the original owner wouldn’t part with it, rather seeing it deteriorate. It took a lot of patience, but the car is finally his and it’s now on it’s way to being resurrected. I guess it goes to show, good things come to those who wait!


John’s find is a 1969 Camaro RS with its numbers matching engine and transmission. It sadly has been repainted and not in its original color. The original color combo was the fantastic Red-Orange paint with a black vinyl top. It’s really too bad that the original owner decided to have it repainted, but if you aren’t wanting to draw a lot of attention everywhere you go, black is a much better color choice than bright orange!


It’s a bit difficult to see here, but this ’69 is clad with the houndstooth upholstery! No word yet on if it’s original or was added at a later time, but I’m a sucker for houndstooth and would want it regardless if it’s original or aftermarket. John told me to be a top notch car it is going to need a new interior, as well as a new paint job. He’s already set to work on cleaning it up though and has the engine running already. To actually get it back on the road he knows it needs the following items: brakes, vacuum lines, new exhaust and tires.


I’m glad to see that John has it out of the barn and that it’s already on it’s way to being put back on the road. I’m wish him the best of luck with it and want thank him for sharing it with us! And to those of you who have been patiently waiting to get the car of your dreams, remember, patience pays off. I’m sure the past 30 years have been painful, but I can’t begin to imagine the excitement John felt as his Camaro saw daylight again! And I bet it will be a great day when he takes it for its first spin around the block. If you have a story like John’s, we would love to share it, so please send us your story here at mail@BarnFinds.com and be sure to include a few photos!

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  1. Another Bob

    Looks like it was in the nick of time. Hopefully the new owners gets to build it back and hang on to it for 30 more. May it never be dusty again!

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  2. Jeffro


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  3. Rock On

    Congratulations John. I would love to have this Camaro in my garage for Christmas!

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  4. DJS

    I would love to see it after quick was but?

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  5. 68 custom

    decent looking RS with deluxe interior and hounds tooth upholstery! whats under the hood? congratulations..

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  6. Hans

    Awesome find! Other than the re-paint, appears to be quite original. Fantastic color and interior combo!

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  7. JW

    Congratulations, I actually would rather have it the original color, black is awesome when it’s clean but dreadful when dirty, I’ve owned a few black vehicles.

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  8. KeithK

    Cool find. As for waiting , it always pays to be sooner than later. When I was mere youth I found a 69 Camaro parked in the street just a mile from home. Turned out to be a stalled project and was pushed to the curb to make room in the garage. I needed 800 bucks to make it mine and petitioned mom and dad for a tax return advance. They assured me it would be there when I got my check and that I should just be patient and wait. It was hauled away for scrap before my return came. I love you mom and dad but thanks a lot.

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    • Jay Evans

      Love you Mom and Dad… Same comment to my folks, it was a 69 Mach 1 in my case. I would have stayed in college if they had loaned me the $500.00 difference, instead quit to get a better paying job. Lifes roads untraveled.

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    • Cattoo

      My thanks Mom and Dad involved a 1969 GTX with a 400 mile fresh rebuild 440 4spd car. Green and black metal flake paint. $2000 in 1984-85. “No.” “On your own.”. Sad to say so other dad bought it for his 16 year old daughter who two weeks after purchase wrapped it sideways around a telephone pole doing a burnout turning left through an intersection. Thanks again!!

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  9. RicK

    Hidden due to low comment rating Click here to see.

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    • JW

      Rick I actually think orange looks good on the early Camaros.

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    • Rob F

      Jeez Rick take it easy on the guy lol .

      Im sure he wasnt sitting on his hands drooling after the car. Obviously knew it was sitting there, probably casually mentioned “hey if you ever want to sell it let me know” every now and then…… For all we know “JOHN” the new owner might have 38 of these cars sitting in a warehouse. I doubt he has wasted his “whole life”

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      • Woodie Man

        its the internet folks….

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    • Addiction

      Ricks a Prick!

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    • Glen

      His dream came true, lighten-up, dude!

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  10. don l

    Not a camaro guy
    so I’ll ask.. didn’t the RS’s come with hide-away headlights? Was it a option to delete? thanks

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    • 68 custom

      RS was an appearance option, hideaway headlights and rear back up lights mounted below the bumper, and some added chrome/stainless bits.

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    • SamM

      This has the hide away s,, but they are retracted.

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      • don l

        got it. thanks!

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  11. AutoArcheologist Member

    Love It, Love It, Love It!!

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  12. Mark

    As recently as the mid-1990’s, I had three Camaros slip through the net- well, two, actually, I sold the third, a solid ’68 with rebuilt engine, many new body panels, new pieces still in the box, $3,300. Another was a complete rolling body/chassis needing an engine and transmission- they wanted $200 bucks for it. The last was a black-on-black ’67 convertible with 327 and 4 speed- daily driver, no rust, nice looker, $7,500. I think if I owned 10% of the great cars I could have bought but didn’t, I’d probably be just as poor today, because all the savings would have been eaten up in maintenance, storage, insurance, etc. My new motto: “Carpe diem when you see ’em.”

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    • Jeffro

      Come on…admit it! Gas and tires would of been your biggest expenses!

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  13. nessy

    From looking at the New Jersey plates, I can tell by the plate number that this car was not sitting for 33 years, (1983) like they said. That plate number was issued around 89, maybe 90. I believe around 91/92 they changed that blue plate to the current tan color. Another interesting note, the inspection sticker is on the driver’s side window, well, 33 years ago, the New Jersey state inspection stickers were still placed on the passenger side of the windshield. I can tell just by looking at plate numbers when the plates were first issued. Yes, I know, don’t ask if I’m nutty, it’s just a weird hobby of mine. Oh, the car is great.

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  14. George

    Man I love these cars! Juicy details would be nice though…like powertrain?, AC? you know…

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  15. Ronnie

    Buon Natale!

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  16. Ck

    Good for you John .You held out and its the car that You fell in love with .Its the car that You wanted ,You knew where it was and what it was.Oh yaa,and You pulled it out of the barn that its been in all these years,and now You own it.Now You have a kool story that You can tell forever.

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  17. RoughDiamond

    Congratulations on an early Christmas present! I hope you are able to enjoy that ’69 Camaro RS for many years to come and each time you drive it remember how much you wanted it so dreams do sometimes come true.

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  18. leiniedude

    Patience is a virtue. Congratulations John!

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