350/4 Barrel/4 Speed! 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

Still showing its original black glossy paint, this 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is somewhat of a time capsule! Those original decals still look great, don’t they? This beautiful coupe is listed for sale here on eBay, and so far has risen to over $10,000 but hasn’t met the reserve yet. It’s waiting for you up in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Like it’s close relative the Pontiac Trans Am, the Z28 Camaro was not for wall flowers! The large rear spoiler, extroverted decals and large (for the time) wheels and tires left no doubt that this car meant performance. Ok, at least 1980’s performance. The seller tells us there’s a “very minor dent on the driver’s side front fender which you may not even notice,” and that the paint is “not really perfect but nice.” I can buy that looking at the shine in the pictures!

This is one car that looks just as nice underneath as it does up top. It’s nice to see pictures this clear of the underside. I think these are the original colors underneath as well. I’m pretty sure the exhaust isn’t stock, but I’ll bet it sounds great.

I love red interiors. And this interior is RED! I think it would keep me awake in all but the darkest of nights. There is a crack in the dashboard and a little wear in other spots including the driver’s seat, but certainly nothing you need to fix right away. I think the 51,700 claimed miles might just be right.

You probably think I’m enthusiastic about the four speed manual transmission, and you’d be right, but I’m even more excited about the AM/FM/CB radio! Not only does the car come with the radio, but it comes with the manual as well. I hope it works!

The seller tells us this is a 350 cubic inch V8 to go with the four speed. It looks really nice under the hood, and apart from the plug wires and the single red wire at the firewall, it looks very stock. I like this find, and I think even though it’s not perfect, you could call it a “survivor” without stretching the definition too much. Are you interested in the Z28? Which do you prefer, the Z28 or the Trans Am?

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  1. irocrob

    Had a 1979 black Z with a 4 speed for almost 30 years. Fun car but a 4 cylinder honda will likely beat you at a stoplight now


    • geebee

      And use half the fuel doing it


    • Bill

      Yes the Honda may beat you, but never ever in a million years will a Honda ever be as cool as this , no way ever !


    • 63Comet

      Yes, well, take that Camaro against the stuff Honda was selling at that time (not today) and it’s a different story. Take today’s Honda against today’s Camaro and it’s also a different story.


  2. flmikey

    I would pick the T/A….just because I love T-tops…


    • Camaro

      I had a1979 camaro Z28 with t-tops. Loved that car


  3. JamestownMike

    I’d call this one a CREAM PUFF! WOW! What a survivor!…….and all the paperwork that comes with it, AMAZING!


  4. Howard A Member

    Never cared for these, but just a great example here. I always wonder, if younger people, that never have seen a carburetor, what images are conjured up when someone says a “4 barrel”.( 4, 55 gallon drums?) Don’t laugh, 10 years ago, my nephew had a ’67 Mustang that had carb problems. My brother took it to a Ford garage in their small town, NO ONE in the car portion of the shop knew how to repair the Holley 2 barrel. The truck division mechanic’s got it running.


  5. JeffreyCamero

    Wow! This is an awesome find! Camaro Z28 for sure. I had a 1980 just like this only in grey (shown in pic above). I wish so bad I’d had kept it!!


  6. Blyndgesser

    Black car. Vinyl seats. No a/c. ‘Nuff said.


  7. rdc

    Never liked this gen Camaro or Firebird. All looked too big and awkward looking in my opinion. IMO, not a good era for muscle cars.


  8. Don

    I’d rather have something a little different ,il take the orange 76 350 4 speed Camaro


  9. JW

    IF I were to buy this car I would stroke that 350 then change the front sheet metal to the split bumper version of the 70 to 73 model and then reinstall the stripes to match the rest of the car like Stacy David is doing on “Gears”.


  10. Rob

    Does it come with a Foreigner tape a Levi’s jeans jacket with a popped collar?


  11. Don

    You forgot the ripped jeans and mullet wig ,and sleavles dirty t short😁


  12. alfred

    Haters gonna be haters. I love it


  13. Don

    Not being a hater at all in 89 I was the long haired kid with the ripped jeans and ACDC t shirt and a gold trans am with t tops fun times ,now I’m a 46 year old middle age man losing my hair and thinking about buying an old gold trans am 😀


    • Don

      It was a 79 ta


    • Rob

      I remember when hair metal ruled the world. Sadly I had an 80 Celica ST. Not exactly a display of testosterone, but the stereo was kickin’!


    • dennis

      Damn straight! You can afford for it to sit and be a toy instead of a daily driver because you didn’t have enough money for toys. LOL My sons 78 T/A will be on the streets running this fall. Just like the pic now.


  14. irocrob

    Mine had 3.73 gears and ran 3000 rpm at 60 mph. No wonder it git 16 mpg. It was a great reliable car. Always had a hard time getting it into reverse with that dumb gm lock out.


  15. W9BAG

    I’ll bet my left eye tooth that the front seats have been re-covered. They should be pleated. And the CB radio ? No external antenna ? Not. All show, no go.


  16. David Miraglia

    I’ve always been a Mustang fan ,but in my old age I actual am starting to get a warm spot for Camaros


    • Don

      You want me to reach through this screen and slap you?Don’t be a trader stay with your mustang dreams 👌


  17. Pete P

    This was my ’81. I owned her for 14 years!


    • dennis

      My 77 Z28 someday when I get her finished. Not power monsters but who cares when you look that cool.


  18. Joe Defelice

    Not to nit pick, but shouldn’t there be a catalytic converter somewhere in that exhaust system? Not a problem in states where it’s exempt, but could be a problem in states that check…


  19. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Ended at $16,050.


  20. Rolf Poncho 455

    Like that 78 T/A Dennis it’s just a better looking car


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