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When I was a teenager, one of my favorite things to do was to comb the local classifieds looking for old cars. Anything unique interested me and I would dream of buying it and fixing it up. My father and brother shared the same unquenchable desire and we spent many hours together driving around the back streets of our little Wyoming town looking for “barn finds”. We never found any Bugatti’s stashed away, but it was always fun to go out looking and every once in a while we would catch a glimpse of a muscle car or some other classic. As I got older, many of my interests changed, but I never became bored with hunting for cars. Times have changed though and instead of print classifieds, my media of choice is the internet. There are many special cars sold online everyday and I realized long ago that I can not buy everything, so I have decided to share them with everyone.

Every auto enthusiast knows what a barn find is and we all dream about finding one. Not every car listed on this site is a true barn find by definition. I chose to name the site “Barn Finds” to capture the feeling of excitement we all feel when we stumble upon a bargain or something rare. I want to recreate that feeling for everyone a little bit everyday. Some of the cars we will feature include survivors and oddball cars that not many people know about. We will try to feature as many real barn finds as possible and I invite all our readers to submit the stories of their real barn finds so we can all feel envious of their good fortune. Hopefully all of us will learn more and have a little fun.

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Jesse Mortensen
Founder & Editor


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Josh has been with us from the beginning and his finding skills are unmatched.


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Best known for his “In the barn” books, Tom Cotter shares the best barn find tales ever told.


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Few can capture the artistic drama of a Concours, but Brad can and that is why he is here.


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