Another Speedster! 1957 Porsche 356A


Man, the Speedsters are coming out of the woodwork lately, or would that be the barnwork? We featured this one that sold last month for $340k and it wasn’t in much better shape than this ’57, so it should be extremely interesting to see what this one ends up going for at tomorrow’s auction. It was cared for by the same owner from new until about 5 years ago when he passed away. A family friend purchased it at that time, but recently decided to let it go. It’s set to be auctioned off by Auctions America at the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival tomorrow, November 5th. If you’re planning on attending, we sure would love to hear about it and what this Porsche ends up going for!

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  1. Rovinman

    Common as muck nowadays !

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  2. Rocko

    I was hanging out with this german from Stuttgart who is the local Porsche hotshot ‘owns his own business’ mechanic . He asked me to help him pick up a customer’s streetable racecar . The owner wasnt home and his wife let us in and parked next to it was a dark blue 356 ragtop, i reached out and knocked on the trunk lid and asked if it was the real thing . She looked uninterested but the German screamed at me ‘Yes don’t touch that ! ‘ . Stupid expensive status cymbal cars!

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    • Krash

      Rocky… you knocked on the trunk lid…….status ”cymbal” cars….

      Wouldn’t happen to be a drummer, would you.?

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  3. Mark S

    Old MacDonald had a barn ei ei oh and in that barn there was some Porsches ei ei oh. With a ka Ching Ching here and a ka Ching Ching there, here a ka Ching there a ka Ching every where a ka Ching ching ei ei oh……..! Gotta wish you were old MacDonald. Cheers

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  4. Larry K

    Still don’t get it.

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  5. D. King

    Remarkably good shape–this should go for some big bucks. Yes, it needs a restoration, but I’ll bet that 200-250k estimate is WAY low!

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  6. Somer

    sold for 625,000!!

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    • Dave Wright

      Somebody thought it is pretty cool………..

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  7. RoughDiamond

    They’re only original once and it appeared that ’57 Porsche Speedster was about as original and unmolested as they come.

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  8. bowtiecarguy

    Somewhere along the way the coupe seats (listed in the paperwork) got changed out for Speedster seats carefully chosen to look like they were original. Wonder what else was tidied up before the auction. No pictures of the underside either where they are noted for rust. That said, it is a nice example of an original car and the action house was WAY off on it’s estimate. Maybe that is a new way to hook bidders.

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  9. Ck

    This sold for 650K? Well this is what I would do with that kind of $,if I had that kind of $.I’d buy my self an old farm house somewhere with a nice big Barn for around 400k. Then I’d fill it with 250k worth of asorted muscle cars.Then I’d kick back with an ice cold Bud lite and say to my self ,Wheew I’m glad I didn’t buy that Porsche.

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    • Dave Wright

      The guy that bought the car already has 10X more than that……….this is pocket change for him.

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    • Darren

      I agree CK.

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  10. geezer

    650,000? three too many zeros. Give me a good ol American muscle machine and pocket the extra 600,000.

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  11. Ck

    If i had 650k to do what I said I would do with it. GUESS WHAT IT WOULD BE POCKET CHANGE FOR ME TOO. LOL

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  12. Drew V
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  13. Rolf Poncho 455

    madness just pure madness

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  14. Ck

    My bad ! Sold for $605K not $650K.Well thats a Bargain then….It probably needs 45K worth of Porsche parts and labor .LOL

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  15. sparecr

    I was at the auction, car bid to $605,000 add the 10% you get $665,000. It was a decent car, only one like it so as said depending on the size of your bank account this was way to much or pocket change. For comparison a 2005 Carrera GT with 24 miles (reported to be the lowest mileage GT in the world) at the same auction less than an hour earlier only bid to a no sell at $735,000 ($808,500 with fees) so which you rather?

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    • Dave Wright

      The speedster would likely be the best investment over time……..with 24 miles, you couldn’t even drive the GT without reducing its value.

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  16. Rex Rice

    Having owned a few 356 Porsches as daily drivers, the current prices are insane. They are not that wonderful.

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