Column-Shift 1968 Dodge Charger Project

Although Chrysler has created many, many desirable products over the years, the Dodge Charger might perhaps have the largest cult following. This is partially due to productions such as The Dukes of Hazzard, Bullitt, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, and Christine,… more»

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Like-New Nissan? 1987 Nissan 300ZX

Wow! I have seen a lot of ’80s 300ZXs, and this is without a doubt one of the nicest ones I have come across. A friend of mine had three in high school, getting progressively nicer… more»

1971 Chevrolet Corvette Sportwagon

Station wagon conversions on vintage American cars are not unheard of, but they aren’t always easy to come by. Thanks to reader John B. for sending this one in! I have seen a ’65 Mustang wagon… more»

Bargain ‘Vette? 1960 Corvette Project

This unrestored 1960 Corvette is in surprisingly good condition compared to a lot of similar project Corvettes out there. It is also largely complete, as far as exterior trim goes. With prices for restored Corvettes of… more»

WWII P-47 Belly Fuel Tank….Street Rod?

Although it was built recently, the seller has certainly tapped into traditional street rod style on this one. It’s not a perfectly restored ’32 Ford, but I wouldn’t exactly call this a rat-rod either! The seller,… more»

Weird Looking Pontiac: 1970 VW Karmann Ghia

This isn’t your typical kit-car. In fact, this isn’t a kit-car at all! Reader Pat L. sent us this Karmann Ghia that has been turned into a miniature Pontiac Firebird–sort of. The front clip is a… more»

Forgotten Founders: 1960 Panhard PL17

When most people think of early car manufacturers, they think of Karl Benz and Henry Ford. While both Ford and Benz were essentially influential in getting cars to where they are today, there was a third… more»

Rare Convertible? 1964 Chrysler 300

It’s blue, it’s a Chrysler, and it’s a convertible. These are all things that get me excited! Although this Chrysler is a little older than the MoPar products I typically involve myself with, this is a… more»

Field Fresh Wagon: 1959 Edsel Villager

Though disliked by many for quite some time, Edsels are rising in both coolness and popularity. Being affordable projects while also being fairly obscure in the modern world are the two main reasons for this. While… more»

Pint-Sized Rolls-Royce: 1974 Volkswagen Beetle

Paging Tommy Chong! Alright, so this is a little more in-depth than Anthony Stoner attaching the grille from his parents’ Rolls-Royce to the front of his Beetle in Up In Smoke, but the sentiment is the same…. more»

Convertible Drag Car: 1962 Pontiac Catalina

The terms “convertible” and “drag racing” don’t typically go together, as convertibles often lack the rigidity necessary for high-powered drag racing. Nobody told this Pontiac that! It has a custom traction bar welded to the differential,… more»

Two-Tone Low-Mileage Survivor: 1978 Ford Bronco

This Bronco is ridiculously clean. Though the seller states the paint has some imperfections here and there, as nearly 40 year old paint is apt to have, this Bronco has been cared for since always and… more»

Sweet Street Rod: 1932 Ford Roadster

Vehicles like this 1932 Ford Roadster are perhaps among the coolest cars out there. They are a remnant of a bygone era, still being enjoyed in today’s modern world! Street rods aren’t really my thing, but… more»