Barn Bound Sedan: 1936 Ford

Barns can often be a life saver, but in general long term storage for any classic car is a gamble. Some stories are miraculous of rare and unique cars surviving as if their age froze in… more»

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English Prewar Convertible: 1939 Austin 8 Tourer

No matter what type of cars you like and follow, there always seems to be interesting and unique machines that pop up out of the woodwork. 1939 was the first year for the Austin 8 but… more»

428 Cobra Jet Project: 1969 Torino GT R Code

Let’s face it, just about anything that left the factory with a 428 Cobra Jet V8 is a hot commodity. Originally propelled by a 428, this ’69 Torino is missing its original drive-train, and thankfully the… more»

Restomod Potential: 1956 Pontiac Cheiftain Wagon

Although two door classics are quite desirable, there is still something to be said about a four door classic station wagon. The Pontiac Chieftain was offered in a two door and four door configuration, but this… more»

Muscle Convertible: 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

Muscle cars are a favorite to many, but many are engulfed with rust, especially in the convertible variety. The seller of this ’69 442 has so delicately asked, “how many unmolested, complete and numbers matching 442… more»

Luxury Emergency: 1941 Cadillac Superior 75

Classic fire trucks, ambulances, and emergency vehicles are a niche market of automobiles that are typically overlooked, and can often be bought on the cheap. Not to say that they aren’t worthwhile projects, as they are… more»

Low Mileage Daily: 1956 Buick Special

Driven daily this Buick Special is described as having only 56,000 original documented miles. Parked in 1974, this Buick slept until the current owner purchased and revived this nice looking driver. Having recently received a great… more»

Deco Dictator: 1937 Studebaker

Many things can be said about 1930’s America, but some of the automotive styling that was born during the Deco era really left a heavy impression upon American creativity and beauty. With a wide array of… more»

Shorty Station Wagon: 1956 Chevrolet

While some of us like two-door station wagons, this ’56 Chevrolet brings a whole new meaning. Shortened at some point in its life, this “wagon” has undergone a major transformation. In ready to drive condition this… more»

Two Wheel Revival: 1969 Sears Allstate SR125

Sears and Roebuck is easily one of the earliest and most recognizable mail order catalog companies. Making the American way of life easier since the turn of last century, Sears has offered mail order home kits,… more»

Franken-Camper: 1959 Oldsmobile Camper

Unique and certainly interesting, the cut up 1950’s cars that became campers are somewhat strange, but were certainly a stepping stone to what campers would become in the future. Cadillac’s seemed to be a popular choice… more»

Orphan Hauler: 1959 Mercury Commuter

After serving as a child hauler for an orphanage, this poor old Mercury Commuter (named Jenny), was parked in 1979 not to be touched again until 2015 at the time of the original owners passing. Saved… more»

Drive Anywhere Survivor: 1955 Cadillac Series 62

A running, driving, and surviving classic Cadillac is hard to turn down. With all of the elegant classic looks you would want out of car, with a wonderful power-plant, this Series 62 Caddy is a real… more»