Hemi Powered: 1962 Daimler DQ450 Limo

Here we have almost 18 feet of British luxury, almost 2 feet longer than the Majestic Major upon which it’s based. In 1962 it was less than half the price of any Rolls Royce limo. They are said… more»

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Pretty Little Driver: 1961 Buick Special

Isn’t this a cute little ride, perhaps something a guy might be able to talk his wife into? It does have an aluminum V8 in the nose with some potential. It’s listed on craigslist in Auburn, California… more»

Birmingham Small Arms: 1937 BSA Scout Roadster

Most folks know at least a little about BSA motorcycles, but did you know they built small open touring cars from 1907 until 1939? The front wheel drive Scout was introduced in 1935 and was very successful…. more»

It Will Buff Out: 1979 Triumph TR7 Drophead

What’s orange on the outside and blue on the inside? Well, this TR7 listed on eBay is, unless, of course, it’s really red. It’s claimed to have only 17,531 miles and is located in Salem, Oregon. (Anyone… more»

Reasonably Priced: 1935 Plymouth Deluxe

There’s not much information and only a few pictures in the listing here on eBay for this old Plymouth so there’s not much to say about it. It is completely original and all the interior parts are… more»

Not A VW: Maico 500 Microcar

The Maico name might be familiar to some. In the 1950s Maico built those fat German motor scooters, including the huge Maico Mobil, and in the 1970s they built great enduro motorcycles. In the 1950s they also purchased… more»

Rotary Survivor: 1967 NSU Wankel Spider

My first drive in a rotary engined car was amazing. The little Mazda RX2 was smooth and swift. The Wankel engine was a great idea except for the apex seals. They are light, and small but need rebuilding… more»

Rusty Survivor: 1979 Volkswagen Vanagon

Upon my first glance at this rusty mess here on eBay, I almost laughed out loud. I have had a few of these buses, and they rust away in some really delicate places. What had reader Ed… more»

Grand Old Driver: 1930 REO Flying Cloud

The prices pre-war cars are selling for have really dropped and some very nice cars are being sold for very reasonable money. This REO is listed on eBay in New Providence, New Jersey. Bidding is just… more»

Runs But Needs Brakes: 1927 Elcar 8-80 Sedan

Elcar is an automobile not familiar to most. They were built by the Elkhart Carriage Company from 1915 until their demise in 1930 due to the depression. Thanks to Dominic Ortiz for finding this uncommon car listed on… more»

One Of One: 1897 LaDuke

In the late nineteenth century, steam engines were the predominate power source for trains and industrial applications. There were internal combustion engines as well, but were typically quite large. The challenge was to build an engine on… more»

Goes Uphill Too: 1927 Chevy Soap Box Roadster

This is no barn find or even a survivor, but it’s just too much fun to pass up! How often do you see a Soap Box Derby Racer with a Chevy V6? This little roadster actually… more»

Interesting Options: 1937 Ford Two Door Sedan

This Ford has been stored since 1959 and at first glance, it looks really nice. A closer look at the ad here on craigslist might leave you puzzled, though. The pictures make it look like a nice car with… more»