Dusty Dust: 1938 Plymouth 2 Door

The origin of the Plymouth name for these cars is interesting. Chrysler had purchased Maxwell and needed a low priced car to compete with Chevy and Ford. In 1926 the Maxwell four-cylinder was improved a bit… more»

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Driven Only Five Years: 1963 Morgan Plus 4 Drophead

The Plus 4 was introduced in 1950 and built until 1969 and revived in 2014. Many describe the Morgan as a true British sports car. Perhaps the TV show “Top Gear” described the Plus 4 Experience best… more»

Unrestored Pre-War Fire Truck: 1933 Ahrens-Fox CT4

UPDATE 3/23/17 – This cool old fire truck is still on eBay, but the seller has dropped the price by $30k! FROM 8/21/15 – This 1933 Ahrens-Fox CT4 fire truck is, well, a real monster, is it… more»

Little Blue Box: 1986 Nissan Stanza 4WD

I hope you have enjoyed Scotty G’s write-ups as much as I have! I think he is overly fond of Japanese cars, but perhaps it’s the effect of the long cold winters where he lives. When he… more»

Riverbank Find: 1956 VW High Roof Panel Bus

Imagine kayaking down a river in Alaska and spotting an abandoned “split window” VW bus on the river bank. The bank was eroding away and the bus was headed into the river, but the kayaker was a determined… more»

Tonka Truck: 1959 Ford F100 Shortbed

When I came across this truck listed here on craigslist, it reminded of the Tonka truck my wife has saved from her childhood home. The red paint is worn and the sides are dented much like this truck. Perhaps… more»

Pony In Wolf’s Clothing: 1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit

Several companies built “era” cars like these, including Clenet, Excalibur and Stutz Blackhawk. They were typically a new car modified to look like a classic with a long hood and big headlights. This one has been… more»

Look Out For His Wife: 1974 BMW R90/6

There are lots of reasons to write about a barn find but this one is unique. This BMW listed on craigslist is a bike I love, it runs and drives and the $2,500 price seems reasonable, but this… more»

Supercharged: 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk R2

This is a “Jet Thrust” Gran Turismo with a supercharged R2 289 hp engine and a 4 speed transmission. Studebaker took its V-8 and added big-chamber low-compression truck cylinder heads and a Paxton SN-60 centrifugal supercharger… more»

Questionable Deal: 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible

This GTO seems to be a great candidate for restoration but the deal seems questionable. It’s is offered on eBay in Saint Johnsville, New York. This convertible was purchased by the seller’s uncle and is completely original. The purchase… more»

Small Wonder: 1933 MG J2 Midget

MG built these J2s from 1932 to 1034 and only made about 2,000 so they are somewhat rare. The mechanical brakes work OK but the drums are tiny so brakes could be an issue. The 847 cc… more»

In The Wind: 1946 Chevrolet Work Truck

It’s always fun to imagine how old trucks like this one listed on craigslist were used and to think of new uses for them. The $3,800 asking price seems reasonable and leaves room to modify it for… more»

Master Or Eagle: 1933 Chevrolet Sedan

The seller describes this Chevy listed on eBay as an “Eagle Master” and says it is rare. Such a creature would be very rare because the Eagle and Master are 2 different models. When Master replaced the Eagle… more»