Little Survivor: 1958 Standard Pennant

Thank you Pat L for your tip on this interesting craigslist find. The Standard may be unfamiliar to many. They were around from 1903 until 1970. Standard purchased Triumph in 1945 and became Standard-Triumph continuing to use “Standard”… more»

Worth Saving? 1959 Buick 2-Door LeSabre

It’s hard to imagine how it is that for some reason a car is parked after only 4 years and 35,000 miles and never driven again but that’s what happened with this Buick listed on eBay. Bidding… more»

Primed Or Painted? 1939 Packard 120 Club Sedan

The Packard 120 with its straight 8 is not the top of the line but is still a fine luxury car and a step above “The Six”. The 120 has many advanced features for its time, like an… more»

Two Door Survivor: 1948 DeSoto Custom

This beautiful Desoto is listed on Craigslist in Stockton, California for $7,950. The price seems reasonable for a car this nice. I’m surprised it’s been listed for a month now and not sold. It was repainted… more»

A Friendly Face: 1960 VESPA 400

This Vespa not only comes with a smiley face, it sticks it’s tongue out when necessary. Vespa is Italian but this little car is actually French, developed by Piaggio, the parent company, and built in France…. more»

Two For One: MGB and MGB GT

Here is a pair of MGBs projects listed on eBay with a BIN of $6,000 in sweet Magnolia, Texas. On the left is a 1973 roadster with about 67,000 miles that will take only a little work… more»

V6 Upgrade: 1980 TR7 Convertible

This TR7 has had a John’s Cars Conversion to a Buick V6 so I’ll begin with an apology to any Triumph fans offended by the sacrilege. It’s listed on craigslist in Sacramento, California for $2,800. According… more»

Rusted And Dusted: 1974 Plymouth Duster

The owner of this “Plymoth” listed on craigslist had great plans for his Duster, bought some parts and then lost interest. Perhaps when he removed the vinyl top he realized how much rust damage there is and… more»

Rare yet Battered: 1975 De Tomaso Deauville

Thanks go out to Arno D for finding something really different, a De Tomaso Deauville. De Tomaso is mostly remembered for the Pantera and Mangusta, but the Deauville is one of several lesser known cars built by De… more»

Waiting Forty Four Years: 1956 Pontiac Safari Wagon

This wagon listed on craigslist for $8,500 has been sitting since 1973. It looks mostly complete but it would be a huge project. The Safari was Pontiac’s version of the Nomad wagon. Pontiac built only about 4,000 of… more»

History Included: 1942 Cadillac Series 61 Fastback

We often wish we knew the history of old cars like this Cadillac listed for sale on eBay. Well, it seems Clinton Filson started a business in 1891 in Seattle selling supplies to miners headed up to the… more»

Patina Or Paint: 1923 Graham Brothers Truck

After their success in the glass business the Graham Brothers first built kits to convert Model Ts into trucks then began building their own trucks. After trying engines from several manufacturers they settled on Dodge engines and… more»

Supercharged? Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo Cab Pickup

I always enjoy reading the different opinions readers have of cars posted here, but I may have found something readers may actually agree on. (Could even Scotty or someone imbibing recreational pharmaceuticals love this truck?) It’s… more»


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