About Jeff

After waking up and realizing my paid-for Civic Si left me empty and bored, I’ve been on a bender of daily-driving BMWs that constantly test my love affair with vintage machinery. I’ve tried Miatas and Mustangs but keep coming back to the church of blue-and-white, despite their best efforts to test my devotion. Although I’m still searching for that next great barn find, I’m content to own two projects that were headed straight past storage and into the scrap pile if it weren't for some divine intervention and an understanding wife, two things no gearhead should be without.

Rarely This Nice: 1990 Nissan 300ZX

Nissan’s 300ZX has come in many flavors over the years, but 1990 represented a complete transformation of the model. While turbocharging was still on the menu, the naturally aspirated version was also quite desirable thanks to… more»

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Manual + Turbo: 1979 Ford Mustang

These days, much ado is made about the turbocharged Mustang and Camaro variants, about what a great deal they are and the fuel economy they deliver. But the idea of a sporty Mustang with a turbocharged… more»

Impressive Scoop: 1972 Plymouth Scamp Drag Car

Acquiring a race car with historic provenance is almost always a pricey proposition. But you can rather easily get into a former drag car for far less money, though you’ll sacrifice some historic pedigree in the… more»

Owner Went West: Dodge Daytona Shelby Turbo Z

This rare Dodge Daytona Shelby Turbo Z popped up in a New Hampshire barn, where it’s been stashed since the owner left for the West Coast in 2003 – and never returned. Fortunately, it looks like… more»

One Owner Time Capsule: 1970 Chevy Nova

This 1970 Chevrolet Nova is pictured with its longtime original owner, and despite the rather confusing craigslist description, it does appear to be a real-deal survivor. As a lifelong California car, rust seems non-existent, but the… more»

One of 104: 20th Anniversary Mustang GT350

Although special edition Mustangs are not hard to find, there are occasionally examples that were truly built in limited numbers. Unlike a genuine Shelby or other six-figure ‘Stang, this 1984 Mustang GT350 is an anniversary edition… more»

Barn Find in Miniature: 1993 Subaru Justy

When grandparents grow fearful of the land-barge Lincoln, they tend to go smaller and (conceivably) safer in their next ride. This Subaru Justy popped up on the Worcester, Mass. craigslist as a barn find that the… more»

Affordable Exotica: 1972 Citroen SM

The Citroen SM has become quite popular among collectors of exotics and fans of French automobiles alike, which has priced them out of reach for many hobbyists. Despite their superior driving dynamics, complex equipment and a propensity… more»

George Jones Edition: 1979 Ford Thunderbird

Country music legend George Jones enjoyed a career that spanned decades, landing him on numerous top 10 charts and culminating with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Perhaps less of a crowning moment is when his friends… more»

Rough Cosmetics: 1982 Porsche 911SC

If you had a warehouse, what would you store in it? In the case of one seller on eBay, it appears the answer to that question is air-cooled Porsches. This 1982 911SC is being sold for… more»

4WD Motorhome: 1975 Mercedes L911

Mercedes-Benz has long been known for its commercial-division creations, but while its long-distance trucking rigs get plenty of exposure, its lineup of Expedition Trucks is less well known. This example for sale in Houston is certainly new… more»

Petty Edition: Sub-10,000 Mile Pontiac Grand Prix

Richard Petty has some impressive staying power. Despite retiring from the limelight years ago, his name is still revered in NASCAR fan circles, and it has graced motorsports memorabilia for generations. Upon his retirement in the… more»

Stored Since 2000: $500 1987 Jaguar XJ6

When a seller has a realistic sense of both the work required to bring a project back to life and the value of said project when it’s complete, it can result in a very fair deal… more»