Soon To Be World’s Nicest? 1979 Dodge Colt

By Scotty Gilbertson - The Dodge Colt didn’t quite have the baggage that the Dodge Challenger did during its captive-import Mitsubishi era. Both were made as rebadged Mitsubishis, but the Dodge Challenger version came just a shop teacher’s handful of… more»

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“One Of A Kind” – 1995 Replica

By Scotty Gilbertson - If you’re tired of blending in with everyone else on the road with that black / white / silver / gray melted-bar-of-soap-looking car that you drive to work every day, here’s your chance to stand out… more»

Shark Eyes: 1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder

By Scotty Gilbertson - Being Mercury’s base model for 1965, this 1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder is one sweet car. I’m sorry to use/overuse the word sweet, but I already overuse the words cool and fantastic. All three fit here. This… more»

Winter’s Coming! 1986 Nissan 720 4X4 King Cab

By Scotty Gilbertson - Winter’s a’comin’, unfortunately, if a person lives in a region that gets cold and snow for 5+ months out of every year and they don’t like it and never have. 1986 was the last year for… more»

Luscious Luce: 1972 Mazda 1800

By Scotty Gilbertson - Ok, maybe luscious isn’t quite the perfect word to describe this fantastically-rare and cool 1972 Mazda 1800. Lively? No, with a 0-60 time of 16 seconds, there may not be much zoom-zoom in this one. But,… more»

Mucho Macho: 1979 Dodge Power Wagon

By Scotty Gilbertson - This tough mudder is a 1979 Dodge Power Wagon “Macho” edition. It’s one of the trucks from Dodge’s “Adult Toys” series from the late-70s. This cool project truck is on Craigslist in Fargo, North Dakota with… more»

$1,500 & Rust-Free! 1984 Mazda 626 LX

By Scotty Gilbertson - The Mazda Capella was known as the 626 in markets outside of Japan and these sleek third-generation cars, manufactured from late-1982 to 1987, were quite a change from the somewhat-frumpy-but-lovable second-generation cars. This great-looking 1984 Mazda… more»

No Reserve! 1987 Buick Grand National

By Scotty Gilbertson - We have seen quite a few Grand Nationals recently, they’re undoubtedly one of the hot bubble cars right now. Or, maybe they aren’t a bubble car and they’re really that good and that valuable. This 1987… more»

Tree’thousand: 1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MkI

By Scotty Gilbertson - My wife is a master gardener and I’ve always wanted a 1960 Austin-Healey 3000, this could be a match made in heaven! Well, other than this car needs just a little more work than I normally… more»

Putt-Putt: Fairmont M19 Speeder

By Scotty Gilbertson - Ethan, South Dakota is where this fantastic little Fairmont M19 Speeder is located. I don’t know if the tracks on the west side of town are able to be used for a test drive or not,… more»

360-Powered: 1972 AMC Ambassador Brougham

By Scotty Gilbertson - For 1972, AMC dropped its 6-cylinder engine for the Ambassador so the 304 V8 was now standard. And, as if an orangeish-red Ambassador wagon wasn’t cool enough, this one has an optional 360 V8! This 1972… more»

NASCAR Casino Gaming Machine Topper

By Scotty Gilbertson - Ok, this one may get me drummed out of the oddball car hall of fame, since it isn’t a car. ┬áThis piece falls into the “garage art” or “man cave accessory” category more than being a… more»

Lean and Clean: 1979 Mazda RX-7

By Scotty Gilbertson - Most people know that Mazda didn’t invent the rotary engine, and most people know that they weren’t the first company to put them in a production vehicle. But, most of us automatically connect those two dots… more»