Barn Find 1952 Ford F2 Tow Truck


Most Barn Finds aren’t running when they are discovered and typically have to be towed, so when we came across this 1952 Ford F2 tow truck we thought it might be the perfect vehicle to go out hunting for barn finds with. It’s a running field find, but it will need work before it is ready to go on the hunt. If you are tired of paying the tow company to load up your finds, this truck can be found here on eBay.


The interior will need to be replaced, as it was left in a field for several years and mice moved into it. Thankfully, these trucks were very simple and there isn’t much to the interior. The seller states that the wiring is a mess and will need to be rewired. The brakes are also in a sad state and will need a complete rebuild. At some point its engine was swapped for a 348 cui Chevrolet V8 and Powerglide transmission, which supposedly work as they should.


The seller is starting bidding at $1,133 for this truck, which is a little high given all the work it needs. That being said, it sure would make for a great conversation piece and might even open a few barn doors that would otherwise be shut. It might not be your typical barn find, but it could make for a cool project. Let’s just hope its solid enough to still tow those heavy classics.

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  1. paul

    Nice, is that a Packard in the backround?

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    • Josh Josh Staff

      It is Paul, the original owner of this truck was Dick Benjamin, owner of the Packard Corral in Temecula, California. He used this truck to move the Packards around his farm. The seller got it from Mr. Benjamin’s widow after he passed away. I’m sure there are still a few Packards parked out there.

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  2. geomechs

    Judging by the hole in the floor where the transmission cover once was, it looks like the transmission is gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the engine is missing as well. Minus those, that price should be drastically reduced. But then, there just might be someone who is looking for a truck just like that. Good luck to the vendor.

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  3. Bobinott

    This is one where it would it would be great to fix all the mechanicals but leave the body just as it is. It really has that “been there, done that” patina that the rat-rodders strive to reproduce.

    However, I would sure want to make sure that the derrick attachment points are solid before I put it back into service to do classic car recoveries.

    Love it.


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    • Bobinott

      Oh wow, I just looked at the E-bay listing photos. It is scarier than I thought. However, if the junkyard dog in the 6th photo comes with the truck, I still might get this one past my wife….. well, if I did, at least the dog could keep me warm at night out it the garage, where I would be sleeping.

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  4. jim

    i think the truck in this picture is going to take way to much money to get back on the road. for less total cost/money i’d go with something like this rollback on ebay which is 25 years old. drag the whole barn find up on it. .

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  5. J. Pickett

    That would be a fun restoration, But I don’t have the energy, agility or health nor money now. I hope someone does do it. And strip and paint all of it. I drove a hand cranked tow truck in high school. not that hard.

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  6. braktrcr

    Maybe I’m too optimistic. This seems like easy work to me… brakes, not too hard, shop vac the interior, pull the seat, get it reupholstered. The wiring is a mess, likely from the rodents. Well i doubt it affects a computer : ) There is a company called painless wiring. and yeah I’m sure that is some work. Needs a windshield, that kinda sucks. I wonder what that 348 Chevy motor is worth to an Impala guy, if that is what the numbers say. A running 348 to make your 60 impala a correct vehicle with it’s 348… 3 grand easy don’t you think?

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  7. wayne

    Nice HUMVEE tires on the back!!!

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  8. FRED


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    This truck would be best used for yard art. The amount of work it would take to make it useable you would never have a use for it. It is a truck but you can’t haul anything with it. I am sure Dick may have used the truck alot on his Packards. That is great for parts cars but nothing you would want to use on your $40-$50K car. Nothing past 1978 I would guess. The mighty sling wreckers damaged more 68-70 Javelin/AMX front bumpers then a 16 year old w/a new drivers license! I know. A better choice would be a hauler with a Hodges bed with the slideout ramps. No woreout troublesome rollback bed needed. With a late model chassis (or original) you would have a truck you could show and use.

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