Barn Finds On The Road: Michigan

032116 Barn Finds - VW type 3 Fastback 1

Today I’m traveling to Marquette, Michigan via Wisconsin; da upper part of da Midwest, ya know. I came upon this lot full of old imports across from an import service garage along the way in Ironwood, MI. What a treasure trove here, although most of them have been sitting outside in the weather for who knows how long. And, as you know, this part of Michigan gets a lot of snow; an average of 188 inches worth every year! The 1968 or 1969 (?) VW Type 3 Fastback here is a nice piece but it’s an automatic. The body looks pretty good but I couldn’t tell if it was solid metal or solid filler, and the interior was sort of half-in-half-out but it also looked pretty good. I don’t even know if these cars are for sale but, I’m guessing that like almost everything in life, they’re for sale if the price is right.

032116 Barn Finds - Audis 1

With the snow in this area I’m not surprised to see some old front-wheel-drive cars and some with AWD even, but these Audis and VWs are pretty exotic for an area with mostly 4×4 pickup trucks and logging trucks rolling by.

032116 Barn Finds - MGs 1

A few British beasties here, too. I’m a huge MG Midget fan so those caught my eye, not that I would turn down an MGB or a Triumph Spitfire 1500. I know, the MGB with the hockey mouthguard grille isn’t everyone’s favorite model, but again, I would not mind owning one of any year.

032116 Barn Finds - MG Midgets

These need a little work, to say the least, but a weekend or two (dozen) and you’ll be cruising in style, just in time for summer, which lasts about 36 hours in this part of Michigan.

032116 Barn Finds - Mercedes-Benz 1

Now you’re talking class! This beautiful Benz looked pretty nice. And, like a white 300E that I owned a couple of decades ago, the hood ornament here is also hanging around someone’s neck. That is so annoying when people do that to these beautiful cars.

032116 Barn Finds - Bronco 2

As I headed further east I spied this sweet Bronco on a side road so I had to do an illegal u-turn, I mean, I had to do a safe and courteous u-turn and go back to check it out. It looks like a gem, a nicely-modified gem. I like the white fender guards and black hood! The front tires are as bald as the ski hills here will be in another couple of weeks, though.

032116 Barn Finds - Bronco 1

Beauty and the beast all rolled into one here; nice job on this Bronco. The grille guard will come in handy for the number of deer hits that they’ll encounter in this area.

032116 Barn Finds - Buick 4x4 1

The last one today is this big, 1957 Buick 4×4. Unlike the Ford tractor with tracks, I can see the front axle here and there is no question that this one is a 4×4. A pink and white 4×4 1957 Buick with a big, pink snow plow on the front; what’s not to like?! Do you keep on rolling when you’re on a road trip or do you stop to take photos of unusual vehicles that you see along the way?

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  1. JW454

    Some of these cars are sinking into the pavement. That takes quite a while. These cars are not going anywhere.
    I do like the Buick snow plow. It’s kinda different.

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  2. Bill

    Stop by Liberty Bell Pizzeria in Hurley, WI, just across the border from Bessemer, MI. You won’t be disappointed.

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  3. Rick

    The VW Type 3 Fastback in the first photo is a ’67 (or older)

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  4. Woodie Man

    That Buick is sweet! I wonder what its sitting on.

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  5. George

    I love the Buick! Just what I need for winter weather!

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  6. Eric

    The Buick belongs to Da YOOPERS Tourist trap I seriously doubt it is for sale… it’s located in Ishpeming right outside of Marquette…

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    • Howard A

      Hi Eric, you beat me to it. That place is great. I believe the Buick is on a Suburban chassis. Big Gus, the “2 story Outhouse”. I had a feeling Scotty was going to check that out. Their motto is “Don’t give a yooper a welder and a free weekend”. Ironwood on the British cars, you say? About 1.5 hours from me, any TR-6’s?

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  7. Birdman

    Am I the only one who, at first glance, that that was a cloud of exhaust behind the VW Fastback?…and yes.. I know better now..

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    • Joe Nose

      Fastback gakked all over the road…

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  8. Todd Zuercher

    Nice looking Bronco. It’s a ’77 – the most desirable year for many people. Protofab front prerunner bumper.

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  9. Steven C

    Oh god the Audi’s! Somebody save one! Spent all day working on my 1987.5 Coupe GT.

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  10. Paul

    I don’t think the MGB has an engine in it.

    Last fall when we were up visiting my son at Michigan Tech, we saw a ’60s Challenger, I believe, in a lot in Bruce Crossing. Didn’t get close to it but the nose was unmistakable.

    I love the google maps picture of the car lot. You can clearly see the two Midgets, B, and Spitfire. I wonder when that was taken?

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    • Rspcharger

      The “Street View” looks almost exactly the same as the pics above & it was taken last October.

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  11. jim s

    i keep rolling when i travel but glad others stop to take photos. great finds

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  12. Howard A

    You never know what you’ll see in da’ UP. Once, on a back road ( come to think of it, they’re all back roads in the UP), someone took a really nice ’59 or ’60 Pontiac convertible, chopped it all to pieces and made a makeshift “Batmobile” out of it. I could just hear some Poncho fan screaming, “NOOOOO”!!

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  13. D J McQuaid

    Marquette, My home town. Were you here picking up a Barn Find ?? Just got back from a road trip to North Dakota and saw all the same stuff on my trip…

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