Beautiful Bermuda: 1958 Edsel Bermuda

It’s an Edsel! This almost-totally-restored car is a 1958 Edsel Bermuda and it has been undergoing a restoration but the seller recently found a car that he’s been looking for, so this one is getting kicked out of his very impressively-filled garage. This beautiful car is listed on eBay with a current bid of $2,000, but of course the reserve isn’t even close to being met at that price. There’s a $24,000 Buy It Now price if you can’t wait. This gorgeous car is in Davis, California, home of UC Davis, the finest viticulture (wine) university in the country. What that has to do with this car I’m not sure, I just like wine. Thanks to Peter R for this submission!

Jeez, what a great restoration! I love the “wood“, which isn’t actual wood, of course, but man does it look great. It was professionally-applied and most of this car has been restored. There are a few things left to do, such as the headliner and door cards, and some odds and ends. They have boxes and boxes of parts, new and old, to complete the job.

This Bermuda is surrounded by two more great cars! You can’t beat that, this gentleman has impeccable taste in unusual vehicles. The Edsel Bermuda was only sold in 1958 and it was the highest trim level available. I can’t imagine a better color for a car from 1958 than this combination. 1,456 cars were six-passenger Bermudas, I wonder how many of the other 1,455 cars look as nice as this one does?

These seats are basically new, having been recovered in the original pattern material, but you can see a lot of trim work to get done. What a great winter project, though; putting this beauty back together again. This car has Ford’s “Cruise-o-Matic” automatic transmission with the very cool but sometimes troublesome push-button shift in the steering hub.

And, what’s under that reverse-opening hood? It’s Ford’s 361 V8 (Edsel E400) with a nice 303 hp and an even nicer 400 lb-ft of torque! Zoom! Yes, it’s a two-ton (4,000+) car, but that much power isn’t anything to be sneezed at, especially for 1958. With about a 9-second 0-60 time in a huge wagon like this, that’s more than decent power. This one has had the carb freshly-rebuilt. The engine could use some detailing to bring it up to the standards of the exterior, but you can accomplish that over the winter. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve seen an Edsel Bermuda, and certainly haven’t seen one in this sort of condition. Are there any Edsel fans out there?

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  1. CJay

    Auction ended….

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  2. Blyndgesser

    That’s a very nice “barn”…

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  3. motoring mo

    Hidden due to low comment rating Click here to see.

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    • Andrew

      I’m not sure sure why you would say that on a car loving website. It can always be worse. See below.

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      • Andrew

        Or this face only a Mercedes mother could love.

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    • George

      In the late 50s, all automobile styling was fantastical if not bizarre.

      Compared to some others, like 58 Buick’s, 59 Lincoln’s, and any late 50s Chrysler product, the Edsel is sedate and even regal in comparison

      Personally, I’ve always liked the styling, and felt the distinctive “horse collar” grille became an emblem of its failure, rather than its cause

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  4. Joe Haska

    Did someone just take at the buy now price? If they did, I think they did the right thing, what a great looking car. I can hardly believe I’m saying that, not too many years ago I would have LOL at anyone who thought that is a cool car. Maybe now that I’m pushing toward the mid-seventies, I’m starting to mature and realize there other cars than, 32/34 Ford hot rods.

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    • al8apex

      the seller ended the sale and cancelled all the bids, an indication that he sold it via some other method

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  5. Cubs win

    I don’t think I could call any Edsel beautiful but the AMX next to it is

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    • Dza

      Ok. I thought that’s what it was!

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  6. Puhnto

    My favorite of all Edsels. Great color too.

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  7. Mark S

    He is so close to completed I don’t understand why he wouldn’t finish it, it would only take the price up. The styling was such an exit from anything else in this time period. I’ve always liked that front end design but apparently not to many people did, the low production numbers attest to that. This is a car that I would buy if I had the means. One thing is for sure you’d be the only one with one at any car night you went to.

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    • Tim Rusling

      As a high-series Edsel, this has the Teletouch pushbutton shift – could be troublesome but was very cool when adjusted right. The low [base] wagon was the very rare Roundup. The ’58 taillights were outstanding.

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      • Keith

        Wow I’ve never even heard of an Edsel Roundup. This is what is awesome about this site you think you know so much about cars then learn something new!

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  8. Graham (Australia)

    In one of the pics, there is a yellow bonnet (sorry, ‘hood’ for you guys) leaning against the wall…..what brand car would that belong to? I was thinking early 70’s T-bird, or similar, but can’t get me head around the image of a yellow T-bird!

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    • Jamie Jamie Staff

      I believe that’s actually the hood from a Mercury Montego or Cyclone like this one:

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      • Graham

        I should have been more specific: pic #7 on the eBay ad shows the hood with a very prominent snout, in the background against he wall.
        The Mercury is the red car in the background on some of the other pics?

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      • Jamie Jamie Staff

        No, I was talking about the yellow hood 🙂 That’s from a Montego. Look at the pictures, scoop and hood.

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      • Graham

        Thanks Jamie
        I couldn’t see the pic(s) that you attached (I presume) to your first response.
        Anyway, I Googled Montego this time – and I now see what you mean!
        Cheers 🙂

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  9. Jim Petersen

    I have one of these.. Has AAALLL the ultimate in beach funky americana styling. It is FANTASTIC !!! Such a blast.. Wife loves it so much we took our brand new baby home in it from the hospital.. Hope whoever bought it restores it to mint..

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  10. Steve H

    An Edsel Woody wagon… talk about rare. Didn’t even know they existed!

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  11. Allan Kay

    Another one, not for sale.

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  12. z28th1s

    Very cool car!

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  13. David Miraglia

    The modern day Edsel is the present Lexus design. Lexus’s sucking a lemon.

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  14. Mike Williams

    What a beauty, to bad someone already snatched it up. and only the big series Corsair and Citation (come with big motor) weigh more than 4000. This top of the line wagon comes in at Curb Weight (lbs): 3,853

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  15. Steve H

    I love the “reverse-direction” tailights on ’58 Edsels. Pointing left while turning right!

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  16. Tim Rusling

    These wonderful taillight treasures were sometimes used by guys customizing other cars. Back when customizing meant a lot more than screwing on things from the auto parts place.

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  17. Jerry HW Brentnell

    the thing I get a chuckle out of when these car were new ford dealers couldn’t give them away! nobody wanted them, i remember one ford dealer had 6 58 edsels in 1960 stuck in the back row of his used car lot! never sold! wrong car at the wrong time! ford had 2 many upscale cars, mercury, lincoln monarch in canada, some thing had to go! guess what got the axe?

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  18. Gary charlton Member

    There is a late ’50’s Ford Rancharo with an Edsel front end on it here in OKC. Looks pretty cool. I would post a photo but I can’t seem to find it. In fact, I have an Edsel front end that I plan on putting on a ’57 Ford 2 door wagon but it’s way down on the list of things to do.

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  19. kenzo

    Just google’d Edsel Roundup. Some cool pics in the photo section. Especially a red sedan delivery. I imagine the took a 2 door wagon and filled in the glass. Looks grrrreat

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  20. starsailing

    The old man brought home the exact Edsel Bermuda wagon in same color. It also had the necessary for us…car top carrier! I had one ride in it as dad broke the tires loose off the line and grinned….We loved it for the day until loudmouth neighbor came over and made fun of it. It was an automatic, easier for mom to drive…But dad had to bring it back and brought home the 59 Ford Country Sedan 9 pass. wagon with 352 c.i. and 300 hp..3:90/3:89 3 spd stick.
    Dad had the fastest car in the neighborhood for years…
    We had about a 21 yr old Blonde Elvis drive up the street on his way home everyday.. in a 58 Edsel 2dr hdtp, same aqua and white color, glass packs…..Next door to us..Mrs Peasely used to sit on front steps smoking a ciggy just to watch him drive by….How she thought he was so handsome….He would sometimes do a simple rev of the motor as he passed by her….which thrilled her..she was acknowledged….

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    I was just at an estate sale that had 1958 and a 1959 Edsel 400,s ??? both were very restorable and were driven to the auction building.I sat in both of them and was not very impressed with the cheap plastic flip switched on the dash. The cigarette lighter had a flip switch attached to it. Also, both had antenna switches on the dash but non had antennas or radios ??? Back in the 60,s, My 1958 Ford Fairlane with the 352 interceptor special engine, And the dash control layout was far superior to the Edsel.

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  22. Mike Williams

    The Danbury Mint did a very nice diecast of this model in blue, red and even a McDonald’s tribute car.

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