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750 Mile… Geo Metro?

Well, I never thought I’d see a Geo Metro on these pages, but here it is! Most of these 3-cylinder econoboxes were driven into the ground long ago, so it was a shock to find one with so few miles. It could be the nicest Metro I’ve ever seen. The condition of the interior makes the the odometer figure believable, but rims did throw me off a bit. Luckily, the seller does have the full story on what was changed by the first owner. This Geo is located in Thurman, Ohio and is listed here on eBay. These cars were known for their excellent fuel economy, so it would be interesting to know if the people bidding are looking for a commuter or if there are actually Metro collectors out there. What do you think? Thanks goes to Jon for the tip!

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1938 Willys Sedan: Hot Rod Potential?

As you know, most of these Willys have been made into dragsters and hot rods. This one, listed here on eBay, has been stored since 1960 and is in original condition. This one looks complete and there’s not much rust showing. With a BIN of $15,000 and bids starting at $9,000, perhaps the seller is asking too much. I hope someone buys this one and restores it, rather than the body being used for another project. It’s in Morganville, NJ. Oh and is that a Porsche 356 parked behind it?

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1967 Fiat Dino: Swap Candidate

The Fiat Dino has perpetually been a car that introduces a conflict: its undesirable affiliations with the Fiat brand, combined with the sonorous and valuable qualities of a Ferrari-derived powerplant, certainly can pull your brain in opposing directions. So, this 1967 Dino Coupe here on eBay reduces the struggle a bit by coming with no engine or transmission, as those have both been removed by the seller. The relative rarity of the Dino should keep this one from falling further into parts car status, but you would have to be a true brand fanatic to stick your neck out for this rough project car, filled with spiderwebs and God-knows-what-else. Do you see any potential here?

1965 Honda S600: Rat-Ready

These Honda S600s always seem to be completely restored or completely taken apart. I’d say that’s due to the fact that finding parts for these cars is so difficult that it pays to keep up with the maintenance, or for the same reason, the car falls increasingly into disrepair. I don’t know what happened to this 1965 example Barn Finds reader Jim S found on eBay, but it definitely falls into the latter category. The interior is a mess, the body is rusty, and the motor and transmission are long-gone. Of course, if anyone has watched a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where a guest swapped in a high-strung motorcycle engine, you might see this as a project with some serious potential as a rat-rod. What would you do?

1969 Olds 98s: Two Or Four Doors?

I must be getting old but I love these big old sedans.. This Olds four door listed on craigslist near Minneapolis sure looks nice! And Brian found a gold treasure, this two door near Seattle can be found here on craigslist. They both have the 455 cid 365HP engine with a 4 barrel carb mated to a “jetway” aka hydra-matic transmission. They are loaded with all the amenities of a barge of the era, including a rear makeup station in the four door, and everything works. On the four door, the owner has done all the mechanicals including tuneup, coolant and a starter to get it roadworthy. $6,500 seems like a reasonable asking price to me for a four door with just 59,000 miles. The two door with only 31,000 miles is a bit more pricey at $95oo, but it is a two door. They both seem ready to cruise down the boulevard, burning up those dinosaurs! Which would you choose, what’s your style? Perhaps the green one with more doors, a makeup station, vinyl roof and cloth seats for a bit less money and a few more miles? Or perhaps you prefer Brian’s find, gold, fewer doors and lower miles for a few extra thousands.

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1955 Chevy Bel-Air: Coral Over Gray And Rust

This Chevy is listed on craigslist in Buchanan, NY. It’s been hidden away for 35 years. The seller only provided a few pictures, but they certainly make it look incredible. Are those rust spots on the paint though? If they are, I wonder what does the rest of the car looks like? The asking of $18,500 is a lot of money for a 4 door, but perhaps if it’s really this nice it might be worth it. Or, of course it could have a lot of rust hiding underneath. So do you think this one is worth a closer look?

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Grandma’s 1959 Simca Aronde Oceane Convertible

There were a few Simcas imported into the States during the ’60s, but not many. I remember mostly boxy little compacts, but a few were smooth little coupes and convertibles. This rare Simca was purchased new in 1961 and after being driven just 44,000 miles, it was put away in 1976 in a garage in California’s dry central valley.  It’s in St. Louis now and listed on eBay. It should be pretty peppy with it’s little 1.3 liter engine. The sale includes manuals and the service history. The bodywork and paint are far from perfect, but there’s no sign of rust. The top might need repair, but perhaps this little roadster could be driven and enjoyed just as it is. It will be interesting to see how high the bidding goes.

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What’s In Jack’s Barn?

From Jack R. – I’m a big fan of your e-mails and thought I’d share what’s in my garage – as part of the “can you identify these 4 cars?” series.

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1969 Kaiser Jeepster Commando: $5 Rust?

There’s no way to know just how rusted this Jeep listed on craigslist near Knoxville really is from the pictures, but the $4,250 asking makes it sound reasonable. It is a 4X4 and looks complete except for the top and a bumper. The sheet metal is said to be in “good shape”. There’s no word on the condition of the “Dauntless” V6 or the mechanicals or of the possibility of a top. In this case “going commando” might mean you have to go topless, but at least you can wear your shorts (Sorry, could not resist that)! And in the strangest decision from a seller we’ve seen in awhile, they placed a five dollar bill over a rust spot for one of the photos, take a look at what I’m talking about below!

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Can You Spot The MGB?

Now, I’m not recommending that anyone purchase this car, but the photo was so hilarious that I thought it deserved a mention. The seller is realistic when they state that this MGB is a total restoration project. Their asking price of $2,900 may not be quite so realistic. One interesting aspect though is that someone already installed a Mazda rotary engine in it! Take a look at the craigslist ad here. Thanks goes to Olaf E. for the submission!

WANTED: Cab for 1985 F250, Bugeye Sprite Project

Here’s a couple of items that our readers are looking for. If you have any of them for sale or know someone who does, please contact them. Also, be sure to send in your own want ads. We only charge $5 per listing and you can email us here if interested. Thanks guys and happy hunting!

  • Solid 4-speed cab for 1985 F250 (Ryan: Email)
  • Bugeye Sprite project (Jesse: Email)

1954 Chevrolet Corvette: Original Paint

There are some project cars that just have the right stuff going for them. The right amount of patina, the right about of original components, the right amount of rust (none) and a seller who knows what he is talking about. To me, this 1954 Corvette listed on eBay, sent in by Barn Finds reader Peter R, is a solid investment due to its originality and rust-free chassis. With the matching numbers engine and confirmation that it isn’t completely frozen, there’s even a chance this first-generation ‘Vette will run under the power of its original powerplant once restored. I dig the vestiges of a flame paint job in the picture above, a sure-sign of the era in which this car lived. Bidding is already north of $30,000 and there’s 2 days to go – where will it end up?

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