1926 Fiat 509 Torpedo

1926 Fiat 509 Torpedo: Italian Barn Find

When most of us think of Fiat, images of compact cars come to mind, but this 116 year old company hasn’t always built small cars. At one time, they were the Ford of Italy and produced just about every type of vehicle imaginable. Take this 1926 509 Torpedo, which could almost be mistaken for a Ford or Chevy of similar vintage. It has been parked in this barn in Sicily, Italy for the past 50 years, yet looks to be complete and solid. I love the Torpedo body, although a spyder might be a bit more fun! These cars were known for their luxury and surprisingly enjoyable steering. This one is going to need to be restored, at least mechanically, and really deserves to be preserved! You can find it here on eBay with a BIN of $15,500 and the option to make an offer!


Torino Project: Help Us Create A Plan!

One of the best aspects of a new project is getting to dream about all the things you want to do to it. Well, since we now know our Singer is going to sell, we have been spending some time thinking about what we would like to do with our next project. Our 1969 Torino GT runs good, but could use a little attention. We want to include all of you on this one though so I have listed all our ideas below and invite you to respond in the comments section below. I have a feeling that by collaborating on this one, everyone will feel a sense of ownership and we will all have a lot more fun! Read more »

American Iron Collection

Collection Of American Iron For Sale

Nestled away in the heart of West Virginia is a collection of classic American Iron, the owner of which has decided to sell. They have listed their collection here on craigslist, but other than a few photos and a phone number, they offer absolutely no information about their cars. They don’t even provide a list of what all they have. Clearly, their interests have been focused on American muscle cars from the mid ’60s all the way up to the early 2000’s. I see all kinds of interesting cars, from Corvettes to AMXs and just about everything in between. I would love to know the full story behind this collection, or even just a complete list of what all is available! So how many of these cars can you identify? Special thanks to Robert R for this find.

1950 Ford F1

Barn Beater: 1950 Ford F1

This old truck looks like it just came out of the outback or something! The body is rough and the engine may be seized, but after going through the drivetrain, this could be one eye catching cruiser. Just think what it could be like with a hotted-up flathead, reupholstered bench seat, and ratty exterior. Some would say it could then be classified as a rat rod, but I propose a new genre – the barn beater! Some may not like the concept, but this is still a cool truck no matter how you look at it. This was the first generation of Ford’s now famous F-series line and it has some nice surprises under that well-worn exterior. The base engine in the humble half-ton F1 was an inline-six and it was normally connected to a 3-speed. This particular truck has the optional flathead V8 and a 4-speed transmission though so as far as early Ford trucks go, this one was very pretty well-optioned. It’s located in Paris, Missouri and is listed here on eBay for $3,000!

1973 Oldsmobile Toronado

1973 Oldsmobile Toronado For $795!

The other day Josh and I looked at a second generation Toronado that was for sale locally. It was big and ugly, but there was part of me that wanted it badly. The seller had it priced way too high so we ended up walking. The thought of having a 455 Rocket strapped to the front wheels is still alluring though. This Olds may ride on the same platform as the Cadillac Eldorado, but it offered unique styling, many cutting edge safety features, and personally I would rather have it than a comparable Caddy. This particular car runs and drives, but the brakes and fuel system need work. Luckily, the seller is a little more realistic with their pricing. The car is located in Scottsburg, Indiana and it’s listed here on eBay for $795!

Siata Spring

1970 Siata Spring: Topless Oddball

We last featured a Siata Spring in May, 2015 and that one gave clear indication that these cars can rust underneath while looking fairly solid on top. That makes me very cautious looking closely at this find from Jim S, which is for sale here on eBay. The Siata is located in Carlsbad, California, and has a buy-it-now price of $7,000 but the seller is entertaining lower offers. These cars were built on the contemporary Fiat 850 platform but with a very different body. This one is showing rust on a lot of edges and some previous bodywork around the nose. The side curtains are missing and although the engine turns freely, the car does not run and has been off the road for about 10 years. The seller is the third owner and states the second owner, a friend, used the car to travel around Hollywood back in the 1970’s; I can see where this car would be well-suited to that task. The fact that the pictures include jumper cables, a removed air filter and a fresh electric fuel pump lead me to believe someone tried to start the car but was unsuccessful. I’m thinking the buy-it-now price is high for the car, but who knows what kind of offer the seller would accept? What do you think this find is worth in it’s current condition?


1972 International Travelette: Room For Days

In an era of pickup trucks that are seemingly oriented more towards luxury than utility, it’s refreshing to find an old girl like this 1972 International Harvester Travelette here on eBay. It also goes to show you that extended cabs with comfortable back-seat accommodations are nothing new, and this Travellete combines a stretch-your-legs-out interior with a huge bed that looks like it could swallow dirt bikes and snowmobiles with ease. However, before you take this long wheelbase pickup over hill and dale, there may be some rust issues that would be wise to address sooner than later; but overall, it’s not so far gone as to cause any serious worry. Of course, that depends entirely on what the reserve is set at! Which would you choose – a new $50K (or more) Dodge Ram or a classic hauler like this International?


1972 Mini: Outlaw Style

Once in a great while, I get the hankering to own a Mini. Then I tell myself the thrill would wear off quickly, from being cramped to being invisible to big SUVs, and just generally tiring from the lack of power. But every now and again, an example like the 1972 model pops up on eBay – fully outfitted with modifications that should more than make up for the modest power plant. From the lowered suspension to fender flares tacked on over wide wheels, it’s obvious that this Mini is not stock; however, this is the case of a car I’m not sure I’d appreciate if left in original form. To me, it’s just begs for what the seller has created here, a raucous little upstart of a commuter car with attitude in spades that doesn’t sacrifice the qualities that make it so obviously a Mini. The asking price is high, almost high enough that I’d look towards buying a car with the popular Honda K20 motor swap already done – so hopefully, the seller has some room on the nearly $15K asking. How would you spec out your perfect classic Mini?


A Pair of Hawks: Two 1963 Studebakers

As the final update to the seminal Loewy-designed 1953 Starliner Coupe, the Hawk Gran Turismos are one of the more successful cosmetic refreshes ever. The clean lines and Mercedes-esque grille and features just add to the sophisticated look, and illustrates how closely Studebaker and Mercedes were working together at the time. Pure class! Thanks to reader Robert R for this great find! The two Hawks are located in the East Bay area in California and are for sale here on craigslist for $6,450 for the pair. The seller describes the gold car as being the one they would start working on as it runs and drives, as well as having some recent work done on both drivetrain and brakes. The gold body is solid with one spot of rust, but the paint is faded and the interior and badges have seen better days. The white car has not run in 25 years, but the trim, badges and interior are excellent. The seller recommends using the good cosmetic parts on the white car to improve the gold car, but I see a parent-child project here with both cars ending up back on the road. What do you see?


1969 Velorex: Three Wheeled Rarity

The popularity of the recently re-imagined Morgan 3-wheeler has spurred a new generation of owners who throw caution to the wind to practically sit on the ground with the handling qualities like only a 3-wheeled vehicle can deliver. But did you know Morgan wasn’t the only game in town? The Velorex, like this 1969 example here on eBay, hails from Czechoslovakia and features a 350CC chain-driven 2-stroke motor. It is comprised of a variety of materials, from steel to leather to plywood. Experts say there are less than 10 in the United States, so this Canadian find is quite rare indeed. Growing up in the Hudson Valley region, I saw one of these distinctive cars every now and again, owned by a very eccentric man and his wife. Given they lived in a castle he built himself in a rural area,  I suppose a Velorex was quite the suitable car for him! Do any of you have memories of driving a Velorex or know where one is hiding? Let us know in the comments below.

1972 Corvette Stingray

1972 Corvette: Power Bulge

I love cars with rare, odd, and unusual features, but typically cars like the Corvette were what we might consider cookie cutter cars. They offered a few different engine options and a number or color combos, but for the most part each car was identical. However, there were a few years that they offered some special visual elements you could add to make your car stand out from all the other Corvettes on the road. One of the most notable has to be the L88 hood, which was offered separately from the entire L88 performance package. This Vette has been off the road since 1982 and will need work before it will be ready to cruise again. It appears to be a base model car that was either optioned with the special hood or had it installed at a later time. Whichever it was, I don’t know, but I do know that I like the way it makes this car look! If you just happen to agree with me, you can find it here on craigslist in Owensboro, Kentucky with an $8,500 asking price. So do you think this car was ordered with this hood or did someone add it at a later date?

1951 Henry J

1951 Henry J: Forgotten Classic

Does anyone else remember the Henry J? This 1951 Henry J looks pretty solid, although it does have a few problems. Doesn’t it just look like a character from a children’s book or one of those Car movies? It looks all sad and lonesome, like a child who has been put in time out. Rather than being put in the corner it was put in this barn, back in 1976 and never let out. What character will it play in it’s new life? It could be left as is, restored all shiny and new looking with it’s old Jeep engine, or perhaps turned into a sleeper with a Chevy small block hiding under the patina. It could even be an all out gasser! The old Henry J looks complete and it’s mostly stock, although there is a road viewing hole in the passenger’s side floor. Personally, I’d fix the floor, the mechanicals, and leave the patina. It’s listed here on eBay in Monument, Oregon with a BIN of $6500. So what would you do with this Henry?