1966 DRAG-U-LA Munsters Coffin Car


What better way to kick off Halloween than to feature a car from the TV show The Munsters? This dragster was built using a real coffin that was purchased illegally. Apparently, you needed a death certificate to buy one at the time. We bet it really goes like stink too because the coffin is fiberglass and the power is provided by a 302 V8 with dual quads. It is offered by The Volo Auto Museum without a price, but we bet that the number of zeros is frightening! Read more »

Untouched 1932 Chevy Confederate Roadster


It still amazes us when we come across a pre-war barn find that is solid after being parked for decades. Take this 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Roadster for example. It is not only solid, but runs and drives. The seller found it in this red barn, pulled it home, and got it running again. It could use some work, but can be enjoyed as is. If you’ve been looking for a pre-war roadster project, you can find this one here on eBay out of Torrington, Connecticut. Read more »

Adult Pedal Car: 1953 Mochet CM-125Y


We aren’t sure why, but there is something appealing about vintage microcars. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are quirky or maybe it’s that they are so easy to work on. When we came across this Charles Mochet 125Y, we knew it deserved a closer look. We had only ever heard of Mochet, but never actually seen one. There aren’t many left, especially here in the States. Take a closer look¬† here on eBay with a BIN of $6,500 or the option to make an offer. Read more »

Double Stars: Mercedes 190SL Projects


UPDATE: The seller took down the original auction and has relisted it.

After our Gullwing sighting the other day, we had a hankering for something with a three-pointed star on the grill. Well, Jim S. delivered when he sent in a link to this eBay auction for a pair of 190SLs. They both need lots of work, but the ’58 looks promising with a rebuilt engine. We would rather have its big brother, but with 300SL prices in the stratosphere, this project pair looks like a bargain at $59k. Thanks for the tip Jim! Read more »

Missing Duesenbergs Found


Who doesn’t dream of pulling back a barn door to discover not just a collection of cars, but a collection of extremely rare and highly sought after classics? Can you imagine the rush that had to be felt when this door was opened only to reveal this¬†1932 Duesenberg II Dual Cowl Phaeton? It is believed to be one of the two missing Dual Cowl Phaetons the seller has been hunting for the two missing cars for nearly 23 years and finally found not just one, but both of them hiding in this barn in Upstate, New York. They were able to buy both cars and are now selling this one to help pay for the restoration of the other. It can be found here on eBay. Read more »

Supercharged Sharknose: 1939 Graham 97


With its raked lines, flush headlights, and supercharged power this Graham was one special car. The Spirit of Motion design won many awards and much praise, but consumers were not as enthusiastic so finding one today can be a challenge. Luckily, they do show up on occasion though and w just found two. The first one can be found here on eBay with bidding at $1,500 with no reserve. It was owned by the seller’s father and has been in storage for around 20 years. The second car is good for parts and is also on eBay with a BIN of $1,500. Thanks goes to Robert J. for the tip! Read more »

Storage Unit Find Revealed


If you guessed that the mystery car from earlier was a 1969 Intermeccanica Italia GT, than you guessed right! The seller of this Italia has owned it since the mid ’70s and parked it in 1975. The front end was damaged and someone began repairing it, but never finished. It will need a complete restoration, but with bidding still under $10k, it could turn out to be a great project. Take a closer look at it here on eBay. Thanks again to Jim S. for the tip! Read more »

Citroens in a Wisconsin Barn


We have heard stories of the incredible barn finds hiding in Wisconsin, but never did we think we would come across a barn like this. It is full of European cars, including several seemingly out of place French built cars. When we think about it, it makes sense that the cheese capital of America would relate well to French automobiles. These cars are practical and handle well whether they are on snow, gravel, or pavement, plus Wisconsin and France share a love for all things cheese. The owner of this collection has decided to clear out their barn. Their 1972 D-Special DS can be found here on eBay and their pair of Citroen wagons can be found here. We will be keeping an eye on this seller, to see what else they have parked in their barn. Read more »

Another Trailer Find


A couple days ago we featured a DeTomaso Pantera which was in amazing condition, that had been stored in a truck trailer. Well, we just received an email from Robert J about another car that has also been stashed away in a trailer. But, instead of an Italian exotic, this rare American classic has been parked in its trailer for the past 35 years. The current owner is thinning out their collection and has decided to let it go. Can you guess what it is? Find out below or check it out here on eBay. Thanks to Robert for the tip! Read more »