Barn Racer: LeGrand MK 22 Formula Vee

LeGrand MK 22

Aldin “Red” LeGrand probably isn’t a person most of us know about, but Red played an interesting role in racing history. He was a pioneer in his day and went on to build a number of single seat race cars, ranging from Formula A to Vee. His cars saw a lot of victories and plenty of failures, but no matter their successes, his designs were simplistic and impressive. This LeGrande MK 22 Formula Vee is one of the two ever built and has been in a barn for a number of years. Have a look at it here on eBay where bidding starts at $4,000. Read more »

Li’l Red Express Survivor

1979 Dodge Lil Red

If you were to ask the average car guy when the muscle car era ended, they would likely tell you that the days of fire breathing big blocks ended in the mid ’70s. What would you say if we told you that end didn’t really happen until 1979? To really answer that question you have to define what makes a muscle car. Most would agree that it could be any American production vehicle with a high performance engine shoe horned under the hood and perhaps some visual upgrades. Based on that definition, it seems that Dodge’s Li’l Red Express Truck could be considered the last muscle car. It had a tuned V8, visual enhancements, and even suspension upgrades. The one you see here is a survivor and has been in storage for the past 24 years. Find it here on eBay. Read more »

Reader Finds: February 6, 2014

Reader Finds 2-6-2014

There are plenty of interesting projects on the market today. Most of the ones sent in today are optimistically priced, but there are a few potential bargains too. If it turns out to be solid underneath, we would probably go with the ’51 Chevy Delivery. The seller is asking $2,200 and it is located in California. Maybe I’m partial though because I drove a Fleetline through high school. Mine had a V8 in it. Anyway, keep reading for the list of links to today’s reader finds. Thanks for the submissions guys! Read more »

Jaguars in the Wild

Liams Mk I

Liam W is always on the hunt for interesting finds. One day, while he was driving along, he spotted something out of the corner of his eye hiding in some overgrowth. He had to take a look and see what was hiding under all those vines. There he found a car lying dormant, it wasn’t just any old car, but a Mark I Jaguar. These big cats are known to be found in small packs and sure enough, nearby were two more. One is an XJ Series 2 and the other an XJS. He knew he had to track down the owner so these could be saved, or at least freed from the overgrowth. Read more »

Reader Finds: February 5, 2014

Reader Finds 2-5-2014

Everyday we receive emails from our readers containing links to smoking hot deals. We would like to feature them all, but it is just not possible to research and write that many posts. Plus many sell before we can get to them. Instead, we are going to release a summary each day of the best reader finds submitted in the past 24 hours or so. Please let us know what you think of the idea. Here is today’s recap: Read more »

Fishbowl on Wheels: 1975 AMC Pacer

1975 AMC Pacer

After our Know When to Say No post, we got a lot of interest in the AMC Pacer that Jesse had contemplated buying. While there were a lot of great comments about the Pacer, we thought it was time that we did a proper post about this unique automobile. Jim S was kind enough to tip us off to a pristine ’75 Pacer that is for sale on eBay, so we thought we would use it as our focal point. It’s a great example of the Flying Fishbowl and with a BIN of $3k, we think it’s a great deal for a driver. Read more »

Baby Bus: 1969 Subaru Sambar

1969 Subaru Bus

There is a special place in our hearts for micro cars, not because we are concerned so much with fuel economy, but because of how unique they are. When we spotted this 1969 Subaru 360 Sambar here on eBay, we had no idea how small it truly was. It doesn’t look that much smaller than a VW bus in the photo, but when you see a person standing next to one you will see that it is a fraction of the size. We don’t think you can get much more unique than a micro bus and as much as we hate to say this… it’s just so darn cute! Read more »

1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 Roadster

Porsche 356 Super 90

In its day, the Porsche 356 was one of the best sports cars on the road. It wasn’t the most powerful or the fastest, but it handled like a dream and when it was first introduced it could get through a turn faster than just about any car on the street. Even with phenomenal handling, what driver doesn’t want more power? After the success of the Speedster, Porsche learned to listen to its customers, so when owners asked for more power they introduced several higher output options. Any 356 with one of these optional motors is desirable. So when you add in the convertible top, this 1960 Porsche 356 Super 90┬áRoadster has a lot going for it. Take a closer look at it here on eBay. Read more »

Parked for 45 Years: 1954 MG TF

1954 MG TF Midget

Sure this 1954 TF would look more elegant with a nice shiny paint job, but we think it would catch more attention left as is. Obviously there are some areas that are going to need serious attention before it will be ready to drive, but it definitely has potential. The seller claims it has spent its entire life in Southern California, where it has been parked for the past 45 years. Take a look at it here on eBay, where the seller is asking $12,950. Read more »