Behemoth British Stash – 23 MGs Plus More!

British Stash

When the British Invasion hit our shores, it brought with it more than just shaggy hair and groovy music. It brought with it the British Roadster. Alright that’s not completely true, they had already been on our shores for a number of years before the Beatles showed up, but the Invasion pushed the likes of the MGB, Mini, and Spitfire into the spotlight. These small, but fun cars gained considerable followings during the Invasion and went on to become classics. Of all the British cars to make it big here, few are as iconic as the MGB. With a production run that spanned nearly 20 years, it’s no wonder they are still plentiful. Richard in Palm Springs sent us a link to this stash of British cars he came across here on craigslist. The vast majority are MGBs, but there are also a few Triumphs, Jensen Healeys and even a couple of Volvos thrown into the mix. Read more »

French Garage Find: 1964 Jaguar E-Type

1964 Jaguar E-type in France

BarnFinds has become a truly global community, with readers all over the world. When we started this site, we had no idea we would make friends with people on every continent. We love to hear from all our BFF’s (Barn Finds Friends?) no matter where they are located. The language barrier can be a bit troublesome at times, but so far we have been lucky and been able to piece things together. We recently received a great submission from Thierry D for an amazing Jaguar that is set to go to auction in Fontainebleau, France. This was one of the times that we got lucky, as the listing is both in French and English. Even if you are thousands of miles from this 1964 Jaguar E-Type, it has some very interesting history and is definitely worth a look. Find it listed here on where is will hit the block on June 22. Read more »

Lots of Potential: 1932 Auburn Speedster

1932 Auburn Speedster

Looking at this pile of parts and rusty metal, you wouldn’t recognize that what you’re looking at is a rare and valuable gem with incredible potential. Seeing how little of the body is left, it might be hard to tell what exactly you are looking at, but at one time this was a beautifully crafted 1932 Auburn 8-100A Speedster. The seller doesn’t provide details on how it came to be in this sad condition or any of its history, but given how rare these are, we hope it turns out to be the real deal! Have a look at the seller’s listing here on eBay where bidding starts at $200. Read more »

Mystery Fiberglass: 1959 Corvette Clone

1959 Corvette Clone

We aren’t typically fans of replica cars, but when Richard B tipped us off to this fiberglass car pretending to be a 1959 Corvette, we took notice. At first we laughed but then we became curious as to its true heritage. Simply painting it like a Corvette and installing a few badges doesn’t change the fact that the body isn’t all that similar to the Corvette. Sure it has a few similar styling elements, but if this was meant to be a Corvette clone it was a very poor attempt. Truth is we don’t think this was originally built to be a copy. The body looks well too crafted to have been a home job and the styling is too far off for a Vette, which leaves us with the question of what this fiberglass bodied car really is. We have a few guesses as to what it might be, but nothing we can think of matches up perfectly to this one. Take a closer look at the seller’s listing here on craigslist and then let us know what you think it was before pretending to be a Corvette in the comments section below. Read more »

Chevrolet Wagons And Their Many Names

Wagon Wednesday's Chevys

Nomad, Yeoman, Townsman, Kingswood, Handyman… Throughout Chevrolet’s history, they have given their wagons many different special names. We aren’t sure if they simply felt their wagons deserved interesting names or if it was an attempt to change their image with each iteration. Some of the versions went on to become icons while others were quickly forgotten. While hunting through eBay for wagons, we noticed just how many different names Chevy gave their wagons, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of them for Wagon Wednesday! Read more »

1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Garage Find


UPDATE 6/13/14 – The seller, Marcus, reached out to us to let everyone know that he mistakenly listed the title as being a salvage title. It actually has a clear title and he has updated his listing to accordingly. This deal might have just gotten a lot more interesting!

FROM 6/11/14 – This 1967 Pontiac Firebird has been in the same family for a few generations now, but has been sitting for the past twenty years. The current caretaker did have it running about 8 years ago, but ended up parking it back in the garage soon after. With a 400 cubic inch V8 residing under the hood, we think it is time for this Firebird to see the light of day! Find it here on craigslist out of Caldwell, Idaho for $8,500. Read more »

Open Top Wagon: 1963 Studebaker Wagonaire

1963 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire

So what’s better than a Studebaker Wagon? How about one with a V8, three speed manual, A/C, and a retractable roof? If you’ve been on the hunt for a station wagon that checks off all these boxes, than this 1963 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire might just be the one for you. The seller claims it’s original and that it even runs and drives. It is going to need work, but we think it will be a worthwhile and fun project. Be sure to check it out here on eBay out of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Read more »

Melting Pot of Style: 1964 Facel Vega Facel III

1964 Facel Vega Facel III

French cars just have a certain character and flare that not even Italian cars can claim to have. Of course they aren’t fast, loud, or high strung stallions like what comes out of Italy, but they are quirky and unique. Facel-Vega was one of the few French brands that aimed to build a French car that could rival the Italians on the style and class front, while still retaining its French character. This 1964 Facel III is highly original and was under the same ownership for over 40 years. It needs some work, but looks to be in solid shape. It is one of only a dozen or so in the States and is definitely worth taking a closer look at.  Be sure to check it out here on eBay. Read more »

SAAB Project Update: Digital Detective Work


Now that the Starlet is sold, we need to turn our attention back to the SAAB. If you have been following our project updates then you know that we have been trying to track down a few gremlins. Fuel injection and emissions systems consist of a series of electronic sensors and valves, so we just assumed that the rough idle and stalling was attributed to an issue there. Well, after taking some advice from our readers, we pulled out my trusty multimeter and a shop manual and started doing some detective work. We think you will be surprised by what we found. Read more »