1946 Plymouth P15S Deluxe

1946 Plymouth P15S: Run It Or Rod It

For nearly 70 years this Plymouth P15S Deluxe has stayed in the care of the same family. The original owner purchased it brand new in ’46, drove it for a few years and then in ’55 gave it to their nephew. Over the past 60 years, the nephew has kept and maintained it. It currently runs and drives, but it needs new tires and would likely benefit from a tuneup. It has seen one respray, but is an older one. Given its age and condition, I would hate to see it modified, but it would make for an awesome period correct hot rod. Check it out here on eBay in Clarkston, Washington. So would you keep this Plymouth as is or would you bolt on a few upgrades? Special thanks to Jamie P for this tip!

Almquist Crosley

1948 Almquist Crosley: Lightweight Fun

At first glance, this micro car might look like a mini Corvette, but it is so much more than that. This little car is a 1948 Crosley with an Almquist body strapped to it. If you haven’t ever heard the name Almquist, then you don’t know about one of this country’s greatest speed pioneers – Ed Almquist. He built all kinds of interesting parts and upgrades, but the Almquist Crosley might be one of the more interesting and unusual products to come from Almquist Engineering. This tiny and lightweight sports car has been in storage for several decades and is currently housed with several other interesting little sports cars. The seller needs to make room, so they have listed the Almquist here on craigslist in Tallmadge, Ohio for $8,900. Thanks to Dan M for this tip! Read more »

Subaru 360s

Seven Subaru 360s With Extra Parts

There seems to be something special about the number seven and collections of small project cars. After featuring a group of seven Fiat 850s that are for sale, Amanda A contacted us about helping find a new home for her and her husbands collection of ’69 and ’70 Subaru 360s. They have acquired a small fleet of these micro cars, but they need to find a new home for the entire collection and all the spare parts they have accumulated. If you are interested, you can contact her here via email. Read more »

1925 Ford Model T

1925 Ford Model T: One Family for 90 Years

Between 1913 and 1927, Ford produced over 15 million Model T’s, and the “Tin Lizzie” is widely credited for the popularization of the automobile in America.  It speaks volumes for the design that so many have lasted so long, which actually keeps collector values down—many have been passed down through the family rather than sold off. After seeing the ad for this car, I started wondering why a family would sell a car after keeping it for 90 years. I’m sure there’s a very good reason, and maybe this is an opportunity for a Barn Finds reader to purchase their own family heirloom and start their own tradition. Painted black, of course, as Henry wanted it (although Model T’s were sold in other colors), this survivor is located in South Lyon, Michigan and is offered here on craigslist for $10,000. Read more »


1959 Porsche 356A Barn Find

Back when I designed the Barn Finds logo, I had no idea that the Porsche 356 would ending up being in some of our most visited features. There is just something exciting about finding one of these rare sports cars in a barn. Unfortunately, rust proofing was not a big priority back then though, so they are almost always rusty after an extended sleep. This particular 356 has the prerequisite rust after sitting for 32 years and is fitted with a “Super” engine from a ’58. The seller mentions that it is a “good restoration candidate”, but I think that all depends on who is restoring it. So, do you think you’re up for the challenge? Take a look here on eBay where it is being offered for $39k or best offer. Read more »

1937 Packard Club Sedan

1937 Packard 115: Patina Or Rust

I love the look that only time can produce, we often call it patina. There is however a fine line between patina and just being rusty. This 1937 Packard 115 Club Sedan is on the fence. It has patina but is almost to the point of just being rusty. It will need extensive work to the interior and engine, but would look fantastic left as is (well if the rust isn’t too bad at least)! The seller claims the floors and trunk are solid, so it might be possible to leave it looking aged and worn. Find it here on craigslist in Wallingford, Connecticut for $8,500. This tip comes from Robert R! So is this Packard covered in patina or is it beyond patina now?

1956 Pontiac Star Chief Safari

1956 Pontiac Star Chief: Safari Ready

While this might not wear a Chevy Nomad badge, this 1956 Pontiac Star Chief Safari is for all intents and purposes a Nomad wagon. It actually is based on the same two door wagon platform as the Nomad, but with different badges, side trim, and grille. This Safari is complete, but is looking a bit rough. It has surface rust throughout and some serious looking rust underneath. The 316 cui V8 currently runs, but only off of a gas can. I know this isn’t the more desirable ’57 body, but is still well worth saving. The question is what is it worth in its current condition? Have a look at this Safari wagon here on eBay in Concord, New Hampshire with bidding almost to $8,000.

1971 Pontiac GTO

1971 Pontiac GTO: Barn Fresh

For Pontiac fans, model #242 means one thing, the Goat. The designation #242 was given to the GTO after it became its own separate model from the Tempest/Le Mans. This 1971 Pontiac GTO was discovered just days ago in this barn and it has all the correct numbers, including the 242 designation. It has been parked for the past 34 years and is going to need lots work after all these years. The original owner supposedly drove the car into the barn, so hopefully that means the motor is still good. Sadly, it is the 400 instead of the more powerful 455, but it will just have to do! On the plus side, it has the optional 10 bolt rear end and was originally painted in the rare two tone Cameo White and Castilian Bronze combo. Find it here on eBay in Carterville, Georgia.


Surf And Turf: 1968 Amphicar Project

We try not to feature finds with inflated prices, but Amphicars are so rare and unique that I thought this one deserved a mention. It’s a 1968 model and even though there aren’t many around, I bet you have heard of the Amphicar. In a stroke of genius or maybe a bit of insanity, a German designer named Hanns Trippel decided that the world needed a car that could not only drive down the road, but that could navigate the water. It wasn’t really good at either function, but the novelty of the thing made it interesting then and collectible now. Find this project here on craiglist with an outrageous asking price of $27k! Remember, #4 drivers go for about $30k. Perhaps with a little prodding the seller will come around and price it more accordingly? Thanks goes to Bob R. for the tip!

1970 Opel GT

1970 Opel GT: Baby Vette

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of Opel GTs and one thing I’ve noticed about these slick looking coupes is that you either love them or hate them. I personally find the styling to be quite attractive, but I’ve yet to drive one and can’t make a fair judgement about them either way. I know they have often been called the Baby Vette, because of their styling. Since I haven’t ever had the chance to drive one, I will have to leave it up to you guys to review this little Opel! Find it here on eBay in Minneapolis, Minnesota with bidding still under $500. So do you love or hate the Opel GT? And be sure to let us know why!