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1968 Mercedes 280SL

Teutonic Convertible: 1968 Mercedes 280SL

Mid-60’s Mercedes have a well-earned reputation of being rock-solid and reliable, if not overly dynamic. The “pagoda-roof” convertibles (so named because of the unusual hardtop profile shown in this picture) are no exception, and they also come with attractive styling to boot. It’s hard to believe one could get run down like this 280SL, but after being stored for many years, this car located in Akron, Ohio is up for auction here on eBay at no reserve. Read more »

1965 Bizzarrini 5300GT Corsa

Track Monster: 1965 Bizzarrini 5300GT Corsa

For many of us, discovering a barn find remains a wish; discovering a car we covet in a barn requires an even greater stroke of luck. But discovering a forgotten classic with those two criteria intact and the added bonus of being an incredibly valuable and sought-after piece of history requires unfathomably good odds. While there’s little known as to how this enormously valuable Bizzarrini 5300GT A3C (the “C” standing for Corsa, or Competition) was found, one thing is clear: with four days left here on eBay and bidding over $95,000, this car remains as desirable as it was when it first lit up LeMans in the mid-60s. Read more »

1965 Mustang 289

C Code Survivor: 1965 Mustang Coupe

While the C code Mustang coupe might not be the most sought after of Pony cars, these base 289 cars are starting to gain in value. This black ’65 C Code coupe looks to be in fantastic shape and the seller claims it is all original, with just 40k miles on the clock. Given how shiny the paint is and how clean the interior is, I would want to inspect it closely to make sure there aren’t any signs of an older restoration. If you want to check it out closer, find it here on eBay in New Vienna, Ohio. Read more »

Face Off Willys VS Chevy CK

Face Off: ’73 Chevy C/K Special VS ’46 Willys CJ2A

In our second installment of the Barn Finds Face Off, we set our sights on the coming warmer months and thoughts of meandering through the wilderness with a sturdy camping vehicle as our trusty companion. That’s why we chose these two bastions of rough roads with proven brush-busting abilities: a 1946 Willys Jeep with a Bantam trailer for hauling extra gear, and an original 1973 Chevrolet C/K 2500 Camper Special that’s just a camper shell away from being ready for a night under the stars. You’ll find the Willys here on eBay with the reserve unmet and bidding at $2,600, while the Chevy C/K hasn’t yet garnered a bid at its $300 starting price, but can be found here on eBay. Read more »

1959 Porsche 356A Coupe

Beyond Patina: 1959 Porsche 356 Coupe

I often come across finds that, while they are somewhat interesting on their own, what is parked in the background is considerably more intriguing. Well this 1959 Porsche 356A is one of those cars that is fascinating to look at, but what I’m really interested in are the cars parked around it! The seller clearly has a taste for fine European automobiles, but sadly this rusted 356 is the only car in their collection currently listed for sale. You can find their listing here on eBay, where bidding has already reached $27k. Read more »

1971 Plymouth Duster Twister

Grandma’s Sleeper: 1971 Plymouth Duster Twister

One of the more enjoyable aspects of being a car buff is having an appreciation for all sorts of makes and models, especially those that elicit a particular memory. The original Plymouth Duster has always held a warm spot in my heart because my mother’s first new car was a Plymouth Gold Duster, a car she still speaks lovingly of. For someone who’s not particularly concerned with what kind of car she drives, it’s fun to hear her talk about the options she chose and how my dad felt the V8 would be too much car! Anyways, that’s why I enjoyed reading about this 1971 Duster Twister for sale here on eBay sent in by reader Jim S. There’s only one bid so far for $5,000 with the reserve unmet. Read more »

1960 Ford Ranchero

Low Mileage Parts Hauler: 1960 Ford Ranchero

We’ve talked about the larger early Ford Rancheros recently on Barn Finds, but I have a soft spot for this smaller, Falcon-based version. In my favorite period Wimbledon White color, this would be the basis for my perfect shop truck. Some of you would undoubtedly like to leave the patina as-is, but I have my own ideas. The Ranchero is currently in Phoenix, Arizona and is being auctioned here on eBay at no reserve. Read more »

Koepke Collection

The Koepke Collection

I’ve often wondered at what point car collecting turns into hoarding and what exactly causes this impulsive need to amass cars, parts, or any other random junk. I’m sure there are lots of potential reasons, but after hearing about the story of Bob Koepke and his massive collection of cars I can’t help but wonder if some of the impulse stems from a need to hold onto the past. Bob amassed an incredible collection of cars, parts, and all things hot rod. Sadly, he passed away suddenly and left his collection to his son, who turned to VanderBrink Auctions to handle the estate. The auction isn’t set to happen until April 10th, but since it’s in Titusville, Florida and many of the parts are being offered onsite only, I thought some of you would want to know early so you could mark your calendars and make reservations! Read more »

Breadvan wannabe

Can You Identify This Kit Car?

We have all seen a lot of VW based kit cars over the years, but this one caught my eye when one of our readers sent it in. I’m not sure what the creator was going for when they laid the fiberglass body, but I personally think it looks like a crude squared off version of the famous 1962 Ferrari 250 GT “Breadvan”. Read more about the breadvan here and see for yourself. Ok, so maybe you have to squint a little to see that, but this is probably the closest any of us is ever going to get to that beautiful shape. Find it here on craigslist out of Las Vegas, Nevada for $1,500. Thanks for the tip Chuck F! Read more »

Ford Model A and Montclair

Over 50 Cars in Florida Estate Sale!

I feel more than a tinge of sadness when a find like this shows up. A collector in Florida has died, and his collection is being sold off by a dealer; the first ones have appeared on eBay. But then I started looking closer at the auctions, and the different places the pictures are taken started me wondering. Looking through this dealer’s offerings on their website, they apparently specialize in estate sales, and may have combined collections to come up with this many cars and appear to be taking offers on the entire dealership inventory. Either way, it’s sad to me that there’s no one in the family that wants to keep these classics. Thanks to reader Mark H for these finds! Here is the entire slate of eBay auctions, all located in Lakeland, Florida. Read more »