Electro Wedge: 1974 Vanguard CitiCar

Vanguard Citicar

When we car nuts talk to those who are less than interested in the history of the automobile, we often get frustrated by those who think electric and hybrid cars are some novel new bit of technology. Yes the technology used in modern electrics is extremely advanced, but it is by no means a new idea. Some of the earliest cars were electric. In fact, back in 1901 Ferdinand Porsche built the first hybrid! Yet the combustion engine has soldiered on as the most economical form of propulsion. We won’t get into a debate of which is better, as both have their strong points. Controversy aside, it’s rather interesting to look at how far electric propulsion has come along and how some things haven’t changed much at all. Take a look at this 1974 Vanguard CitiCar, here on eBay. Read more »

1973 Chevelle SS 454 Wagon!


Yep, you read that right. This Chevelle wagon is fitted with the 454! It only happened for one year (1973) so we doubt you are going to find another one around. It may not be as “unmolested” as the seller has attempted to project in their listing, but because of its rarity, we will let that slide. We really wanted the Yenko inspired wagon that just sold, but this might do. Find it here on eBay with no reserve! Read more »

Questionable Authenticity: 1948 Morgan 4/4

1948 Morgan 4-4

They say when something is too good to be true, it probably is. Well looking at this 1948 Morgan 4/4 project, we can’t help but wonder if that is the case here. The seller has listed it as a true Morgan, but can’t provide the VIN or any other signification source of proof. If it turns out to be real, it could prove the old saying wrong, but without the seller providing the VIN it’s a big gamble to take. VIN or not, it looks a bit off to us. Then again we are known to be overly critical. Check it out yourself here on eBay and let us know what you think! Read more »

1969 Porsche 912 to 911 Conversion

1969 Porsche 912

We have seen a lot of engine swaps over the years and if done properly they are typically a worthwhile upgrade. There are however certain cars that are better left alone. Take upgrading a six cylinder Mustang to a V8, sure it can be done, but the cost of doing it right would exceed the cost of buying a car that originally came with a V8. So what about upgrading a Porsche 912 with a 911 six cylinder? Unlike a Mustang, a 912 doesn’t need the brakes and suspension upgraded to keep it safe after the swap. But just because it’s a relatively easy swap, does that make it a good choice? Well a previous owner of this 1969 Porsche 912 decided to find out and installed a 911 engine in it. It has been parked for a while, but the seller claims the motor was run about a year ago. Take a look at it here on eBay. Thanks to Jim S for this tip! Read more »

Weekend Reader Finds: April 7, 2014

Reader Finds 4-7-2014

It’s time for some spring cleaning, which for us means it’s time to be on the lookout for a great find. As people start clearing out the clutter of the winter, they tend to clean out their garages, barns, and sheds. Based on the variety of user submissions, we are going to guess that some people have already been busy. A few of these submissions are projects, but most are ready to be enjoyed. We typically prefer our cars in two door configurations, which there are plenty of here today, but we don’t mind a good four-door. The 1973 Mercury Comet might have four doors, but it also has a 302 cui V8 and is in great shape. If you like your four-doors a bit newer and sportier; there is a nice ’86 Shelby GLHS. On the two-door front, we have an interesting mix, ranging from an oval window VW Beetle to a Lancia Flaminia. If neither of these is quirky enough for you, be sure to check out the Ford Pinto Runabout. It has already had all the major work done and is ready to drive. If you’d like a VW, but the oval window is out of your price range or on the wrong continent, there is a Karman Ghia project. If you’d like a higher end VW, be sure to check out the Porsche 912, but be aware that it had an engine bay fire and needs work. There are a lot of great low-mileage drivers in this group, so be sure to take a closer look at all of them below! Read more »

Sliverstone’s Barn Finds and Projects Auction

1970 Aston Martin DBS Series 1

Summer is nearly here, officially it already is, but the snow outside my window says otherwise! With summer comes finishing project cars, major auctions, and car shows. It seems like summer hasn’t really started until there have been a few major auctions and events. Well, Amelia Island has already come and gone, so we were trying to decide what would be the next big event worth checking out. As it happened, Callum at Silverstone Auctions contacted us to let us know about a special auction they are holding this weekend and it took us by surprise! They have sold a number of barn finds over the years, but this is the first time they have held an auction featured nothing but barn finds and project cars. The Restoration Show Sale will be held on April 12th in the UK. They do accept online bids, so don’t let the distant stop you if there is a car you must have. We do have a lot of readers over in the UK, so if any of you are able to attend please let us know how it goes! Read more »

Morbidly Intriguing: 1948 Chrysler Sedambulance

1948 Chrysler Sedambulance

We aren’t sure why old funeral and ambulance cars are so fascinating. There is something about them that is both intriguing and disturbing. We find this 1948 Chrysler Sedambulance to be especially interesting, as it was designed to serve as an ambulance/funeral car and a day to day sedan. We aren’t sure about hauling a corpse in the same car we haul our groceries, but if utility is a major concern then this is the car for you! Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $1,200. Thanks Mike J for the tip! Read more »

Two of a Kind: 1961 Autobianchi Bianchina

Pair of Autobianchis

Things here at BarnFinds have been going well lately. We have a lot of awesome plans in the works, we get to meet new enthusiasts every day, and best of all we get to do what we love! Yet, after writing countless emails every day, we can get a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, the cure to our daily grind is getting to hunt for great finds! So when we spotted this pair of 1961 Autobianchi Bianchina, they brought a smile to our faces that only a Fiat based micro car can. Check out this pair here on eBay and hopefully they can get you through the grind too! Read more »

Texas Warehouse Collection For Sale

Texas Warehouse Collection

While exploring Southern Texas, Jesus Garcia stumbled across this small collection of cars. Being a college student, he doesn’t have the money to buy finds like this himself, but he loves to chase them all the same. When he started talking to the owner of these cars, they mentioned that they were looking to sell everything and understood he didn’t have the means to buy them, but offered him an amazing opportunity. The owner asked if he would be interested in helping find new homes for all 21 cars. He is still a little shocked that they would give him the chance to do so. If there is anything your interested in or would like more info on, please send Jesus an email. Read more »