Lionel Train House Find: 1946 Chevy Panel Truck

French's 1946 Panel Truck

There is just something incredibly fascinating about old work vehicles. Perhaps it is the hard lives they lived or maybe it is how scarce they are becoming? We aren’t sure what it is, but we can’t help but be intrigued by them, especially ones that still wear their old signage. This 1946 Chevrolet Panel Truck was used by “French’s” Lionel Train House and has that aged look that can only be acquired after years of hard service. The fact that it was used by a toy train store just adds to the nostalgia factor for anyone who grew up playing with toy trains. Sadly, at some point in its past someone painted over the original paint and logo. The logo is still visible under the newer paint though. The seller claims this truck runs and drives great. Be sure to take a closer look at it here on eBay. Read more »

Poor Man’s Ferrari: 1961 Fiat 2300S


It may not look like much in the photo, but this is a very special Fiat. With a powerful inline-six and luxurious seating for four, this Italian was built for high-speed jaunts through the Alps. You may not recognize it though because few were built and even fewer made it to North America. This 1961 Fiat 2300S has a body by Ghia, luxury accommodations inside, and Abarth bits under the hood, so we thought a few of you might be interested. Find it here on craigslist in L’Orignal, Ontario, Canada for $5,500. Thanks Richard B for the tip! Read more »

Name That Car: Mystery SUV


The other day one of our good friends, Bradford,¬†emailed us this photo. He had spent some time trying to identify it, but decided it might be easier to just ask for our help. He knew that our reader’s automobile identification skills are second to none. So, what do you think guys? We have cracked ones a lot harder than this so let’s not let him down. Good luck!

1959 Lancia Appia Berlina for $5,500!


We haven’t featured a Lancia here for a while. That doesn’t mean we haven’t found any, it’s just that the good ones seemed to priced in the stratosphere. Most collectors are hunting for the Aurelias or Flaminias to take on high dollar road rallies. While we would like to do that as much as the next guy, the cost can be prohibiting. Well, Robert J just sent in a link to a Lancia that most people could actually afford to buy and run! It may not be as good looking as its siblings, but the high quality and unique engineering are both still there. Find this 1959 Lancia Appia here on craigslist out of San Francisco for only $5,500! Thanks for the tip Robert! Read more »

James, James 1967 Bond GT4S

1967 Bond GT4s

We’ve never been bashful about our love for quirky oddball cars, so whenever we come across a rare sports car that just happens to share its name with our favorite British secret agent we tend to get excited. Now we understand if you haven’t ever heard of Bond Cars, as there just weren’t many brought to our shores, but we think they are a car worth learning about. Sure they aren’t that fast and they don’t have a loud V8, but they are just such fascinating little cars. There aren’t many cars as rare as the 1967 Bond Equipe GT4S that you can still find all the parts for. It is the perfect car for someone wanting something unique, but doesn’t want to break the bank in the process. This one has been listed here on eBay with a $4k starting bid. Read more »

Picture Perfect: 1965 Pontiac Tempest Convertible

1965 Pontiac Tempest Convertible

Whether the car hiding in this barn is your dream car or not, there is no denying that this is the kind of find we all dream of! Who doesn’t dream of finding a drop top classic in a barn that is not only ready to be driven, but looks great? Anytime you come across a barn find where even the barn it’s housed in has been well cared for, you know you’re in for a treat. Well this 1965 Pontiac Tempest Convertible is in immaculate condition and the seller claims it to be a true survivor. One glance and you know it has been babied since new. It could use a good cleaning, but other than that it’s ready to be enjoyed! Be sure to take a closer look at it here on eBay. Read more »

Hoarders Thursday?

Chevy Hoarder

We recently received several great submissions from David C (aka eBayholic), one of which includes a large number of old Chevys. Seeing as this seller could be considered a hoarder by some, he proposed that we make Thursday Hoarders Thursday. We think it’s a great idea, as we can see more cars at once this way and pay tribute to all those individuals who have hoarded cars over the years. Without them, we wouldn’t have nearly as many classics still around. So let’s pay homage to those who make our hobby possible the best way we can, with photos of gloriously rusty cars and plenty of banter! So take a look at the seller’s ad here on craigslist. Read more »

1966 Pontiac GTO: Confused or Crook?

1966 Pontiac GTO

Since starting this site, we have seen some questionable car descriptions. We have seen sellers list cars incorrectly in every way imaginable, we have found listings where the seller is clearly lying, and we have even seen one’s that have left us confused as to what we just read. When we came across this 1966 Pontiac GTO here on eBay, we were a bit puzzled by the seller’s description, specifically the cars location and where all it’s been. First they claim it’s a Texas barn find, yet it has a Tennessee title. That bit isn’t all that hard to figure out, but the statement that the core structure is a rust free Californian car is rather interesting giving the amount of rust we see. And then to add to the confusion, the eBay listing shows the car as being located in Jensen Beach, Florida. Either this GTO got around or the seller is a little confused. Read more »

Lucky Collector Cars Spring Auction Coming Up!


You have probably heard of the LeMay Car Museum, but you may not know about Lucky Collector Cars. The auction company was formed by the son of Harlod LeMay, Doug LeMay and Evan McMullen from Cosmopolitan Motors. Originally they handled the sale of surplus cars from the museum, but have now grown large enough to hold two auctions per year. One in the spring and one in the fall. Well, the Spring Classic is coming up next week and they have some interesting lots up for grabs and many will be sold with no reserve! Find a full list here on their site, or continue reading for our tops picks. Read more »