Stacked High: 1968 Triumph GT6

1968 Triumph GT6

Oh the unusual places and conditions we find cars in! We have seen cars stored in some interesting locations and in peculiar arrangements, so seeing this 1968 Triumph GT6 stacked like Tetris blocks to the rafters of this barn isn’t all that unusual for us. We can only assume it has been left like this simply because floor space was limited and the bonnet needed to go somewhere. The seller doesn’t provide much in the way of information, so we can only speculate about its history and what goes along with it. It has been listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $200, so be sure to take a look at it. Thanks to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

The Starlet is Sorted and Ready to Go


UPDATE 6/10/14 – The auction ended last night with a high bid of $1,925! Steve from Ohio was the winner and he plans to keep it as original as possible. He has quite a collection of Japanese cars, so we are happy that it is going to a good home!

FROM 6/9/14 – After receiving a much deserved wrist slap from one of our readers, I decided to address a few of the Starlet’s small issues before the auction ends. If you didn’t already know, we are selling off our little parts runner here on eBay and the auction ends tonight. I hadn’t done much to the car besides drive it, so I was feeling a bit guilty because I like to leave my cars better than I found them. So, I have spent the last couple days sorting out a few of the small problems and am happy to say that it has a made a big difference. I even learned a thing or two so keep reading for a few tips that might come in handy with your own project. Read more »

First Dibs: 1951 M.I. Special Roadster

MI Special in barn

Last June we featured a roadster that had been built using instructions and designs from the 1951 Mechanix Illustrated magazine. We haven’t seen or heard of another one since then, but recently John K got on and posted a comment about his. So we decided to see if he still had it and if he would send us photos. He quickly responded with these pictures and more information. He has a lot of other projects going on right now, so he has decided to let this one go. Since it’s a barn find, he thought our reader’s deserved to have the first chance to buy it. It needs some work, but comes with all the pieces to put it back together. He is asking $4,200 or best offer, so if you’re interested in having this interesting little roadster, you can get in touch with John by sending him an email here. Read more »

Big Dreams, Bad Idea: 1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang

We all have big dreams, if we didn’t we wouldn’t all be on the hunt for barn finds. Seeing the potential in a car that has been parked and left untouched for decades requires being a dreamer, but it also means being realistic and realizing when a dream has gotten to big. Jim S came across this 1968 Ford Mustang here on eBay that is going to require a dreamer to sell. It is going to take an even bigger dreamer to put it together the way the seller had hoped to. They dreamt of installing a 460 cui big block V8 in it, which wouldn’t be all that crazy if this car had originally come with a V8. Being a six cylinder car means this one will need most of the drivetrain, suspension, and brake system upgraded to handle the added weight and power, making this an expensive and unlikely dream. We have to give it to the seller though for dreaming big and for throwing the engine and transmission in this no reserve auction. Read more »

First Fuelie Corvette Factory Racer Hits the Market

1957 Corvette Fuelie Race Car

While surfing eBay recently, I came across a listing for the first fuel injected Corvette race car. The lack of photos made me question the authenticity of the listing, as the very car has graced the pages of this site in our In the Barn series. What really grabbed my attention though was the price. If you’re standing, you might want to take a seat. They are asking an astronomical $6.5 million for this historic race car. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the historical significance of this particular car, but is it really worth that much? It’s a well-documented car that raced at Daytona and Sebring and it does have an interesting story as a barn find, but it is hard to fathom it being worth so much. The seller has since updated their listing with more photos and if you’d like to take a look for yourself, find it here on eBay. Read more »

Hemmings Find: 1957 Aston Martin DB MK III


While browsing the classifieds, we stumbled upon this 1957 Aston Martin. We love AM barn finds and have featured a few over the years, so we figured this one deserved a mention too. It was supposedly parked sometime in the seventies and was just recently pulled out. After a tune-up, it runs, but is still in dire need of a full restoration. The quarter-million dollar asking price puts it out of reach for all but the most well-heeled of us, but it sure is fun to dream. Take a look at the ad here on Hemmings or continue reading for more photos. Read more »

Flathead & Hardwood: 1948 Mercury Sportsman

1948 Mercury Woodie Station Wagon

Well it’s Wednesday and we all know what that means, it’s Wagon Wednesday! While hunting for interesting wagons, we realized it had been a while since we featured a real Woodie. So, when we came across this 1948 Mercury Sportsman Wagon it seemed like the perfect car for today. It was found on the second level of an old barn, where it had been parked for 30 or so years. The previous owner was an avid Mercury collector and had put the car in the barn to protect it from damage. In 2013, it was pulled from the barn and the process of getting it running was started. Now that everything has been gone through, it is running and driving. They have now decided to put it up for sale and have listed it here on eBay. The seller admits it is going to need some structural and cosmetic work, but is solid overall. Read more »

Muscle or Super?: 1969 Ford Torino GT R-Code

1969 Ford Torino GT 428 Cobra Jet

As gearheads we sure have a lot of titles and classifications we use to distinguish groups of cars. We have hot rods, rat rods, muscle cars, imports, exotics and supercars. The most incredible part of our labels is how fiercely some will protect their genre of interest. For example, if I were to label this 1969 Ford Torino GT 428 Cobra Jet as a Supercar, I have no doubt there would be those that would call me various names for incorrectly classifying it. If we think about what really makes a supercar so super, it isn’t about origin (although that seems to be a major part of the label today), but about superior performance. Well if you ask me, this Torino performs far better than any standard street cars of the era, so wouldn’t that make it a super car? While looking at the listing here on eBay, I sure felt like I was looking at a supercar. Read more »

RWD Supermini: 1982 Toyota Starlet


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to our trusty parts runner. Since our recent acquisition of the Miata, our little Toyota doesn’t get much action so we feel it would be better to get it into hands of someone who will use it rather than let it sit in the driveway. We will miss it, as it has been proven reliable and actually entertaining to drive. Take a look at our auction listing here on eBay where we have started the bidding at $200 with no reserve. We are just going to let it go and see what the market thinks it’s worth. This should be interesting. Read more »