Weekend Reader Finds: March 31, 2014

Reader Finds 3-31-2014

This weekend we had lots of great reader submissions, with an impressive amount of variety. You guys sent in everything from pickups to oddball sports cars and just about everything in between. On the oddball front, there is a Fiberfab Banshee, a McLaren ACS Mustang, an AMC Pacer DLX Wagon, and a VW Ventura. The seller of the Fiberfab claims it is one of 12 built, so we would assume that means it is one of the few factory built cars. The Mustang and Ventura are both newer than what we typically feature, but are both such unusual finds that we thought we could over look their ages. If you didn’t get your Pacer fix after the last one we featured, this one should do the trick. It was recently serviced and had about $5k put into it, so it should run great! If none of those are quirky enough, be sure to check out the Volvo 445. What’s more unusual than a Volvo two door wagon? There is also a very nice Studebaker Lark that we think would make for a great daily driver. We also like the ’40s Cadillac and Ford Sedan, both are bright blue and wearing some interesting patina. Of the two we would rather have the Cadillac, but the Ford might be a better buy for those on a tighter budget. Speaking of patina, the Studebaker pickup is rusty, but it appears to primarily be surface rust and it gives the truck a nice look. If you’d like a truck that’s not as rusty, be sure to check out the Ford F100, which still wears it’s original paint. And for those that want something with a bit more muscle, let’s not forget the AMC AMX. We love the diversity, so keep them coming guys! Read more »

The Pioneer: 1960 Dodge Dart

1960 Dodge Dart

We love looking at cars from the past and examining how they have evolved over the years. While most cars have very little if nothing to do with their predecessors, it is still interesting to seet how a particular car’s style and technology improved and adapted to the market. When we came across this 1960 Dodge Dart here on eBay, we hadn’t really given the evolution of the Dart much thought. When we think of the Dart, the first image that comes to mind is the budget muscle car of the ’70s, but before it was tearing up the quarter mile its predecessors were laying the ground work for its image as an affordable yet sporty car. Read more »

Reader Finds: March 27, 2014

Reader Finds 3-27-2014

After posting yesterday’s Pacer Wagon, we received a number of wagon submissions. We haven’t done a Reader Finds feature for a while and we thought with all these great finds, we better do one! Besides the wagons, there are some other very interesting submissions, including a McLaren tuned Mustang 5.0, a lot of three MG Midgets, a collection of Mopar projects, and a lot of eight Nash Metropolitans. We aren’t sure why so many collections have recently come to market, but we are glad to see them getting saved. Even if most of these cars turn out to be good for nothing more than parts, at least they are helping to keep other cars on the road. We see more than a couple here that we wouldn’t mind having and a few of the submitters suggested their finds as the next BarnFinds.com project car. We still haven’t decided on what our next project should be, but we are open to suggestions! So are there any finds here that you would like to see us tackle? Let us know and if there isn’t anything here that jumps out at you, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section below. Thanks to everyone that shared their finds! Read more »

Estate Sale: 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300SL


We know how some of you feel about Gullwing Motor Cars, but when we noticed this 300SL in their inventory we had to give it a mention. They claim that it came out of an estate where it had been with the same owner for the last 40 years. There is some deterioration, but this car does have the potential to be one of the most beautiful things on the road. It will cost you though, as they are asking an astonishing $925,000! Read more »

Muscle Cars in England


After featuring Liam W’s massive find, he promised to send us another one of his recent discoveries. As promised, here it is. This one features even more American cars, including a number of muscle and drag cars. Unlike the owner of the previous collection, this one’s willing to sell everything. If there is something you’re interested in buying you can contact Liam here for more information. Just remember that these cars are in the UK. Read more »

The Big Small: 1978 AMC Pacer Wagon

1978 AMC Pacer

UPDATE: The seller just lowered the BIN to $1,500. Someone buy it before we do!

It might not be the best looking or performing car, but for some reason the AMC Pacer has slowly been growing on us. Perhaps it the quirky shape or the fact that they can usually be had on the cheap. While we would rather say it’s because we can pick them up cheap, we have to admit that it has more to do with that bulbous shape. Sure we love the smooth flowing lines of an Italian sports car or the low brutish shape of a British roadster, but those cars won’t grab the attention of every person on the sidewalk like a Pacer will. If you’ve been looking for a cheap driver that will get some looks, have a look at this 1978 Pacer here on eBay where it is being offered with a BIN of $1,800 and the option to make an offer. Thanks Jim S for this tip! Read more »

Johnny Dark’s Woodill Wildfire

1953 Woodill Wildfire

We have seen a few Woodill Wildfire kit cars, but this is the first confirmed factory built Wildfire we have ever come across. There were only about 15 complete cars to leave the Woodill facility, with another 200 or so as kits. Not only is this one of the original 15, but it is also one of the 3 used in the classic movie Johnny Dark. It has been in storage for a number of years and the seller claims it is all original and unrestored. Be sure to take a look at the listing here on eBay where bidding is getting close to $20k. Read more »

Assembly Required: 1953 Singer 4AD Roadster

1953 Singer 4AD

We love the rare, unusual, and odd cars that are often overlooked by mainstream collectors. If we weren’t so into oddballs, we would have likely overlooked this interesting little roadster. Of all the British cars we have featured over the years, we don’t think we have ever featured a Singer. This 1953 Singer 4AD is rather rare, but sadly a previous owner disassembled it for restoration in the ’70s and it has been sitting in pieces ever since. Putting it back together could be a challenge, but the seller has the previous owner’s disassembly notes and a couple of Singer manuals. As an added bonus, they have a number of extra parts that go along with the car. Have a look at this Singer project here on eBay. Read more »

V8-Powered Bugeye Sprite


We have been tempted to join the Nasty Boys before and this 1959 Austin Healey that Jim S just sent in has rekindled the flame. We know it goes against everything we stand for. The concept of preservation goes out the door when you shove a big V8 in a car that was originally designed to house much more humble propulsion. Hey, if Carroll Shelby could do it with a British car, why can’t we? Take a look at this project Sprite here on eBay out of┬áCollegeville, Pennsylvania for $4,000 obo. Thanks for the tip Jim! Read more »