1971 Mustang Boss 351 Project


After Josh’s “pace car in pieces” Camaro story from the other day, I figured I’d better followup with something from the blue oval. This 1971 Mustang rivals that Camaro in more ways than one! It may be fully assembled and have a potent engine under the hood, but I have a feeling that its restoration may end up being just as painful. Take a closer look here on eBay to find out why. This Boss has been sitting for about 26 years and the elements have not been kind. Bidding is already over $6k, so obviously more than a few people think they can save it. Read more »

Possible Lightning Project: 1949 Willys Jeepster


Editor Note: This story comes from our newest team member, Jamie Palmer! He is quite the car guy so we are excited to have him on board. Please make him feel welcome as he has lots of good stories and knowledge to share. We are still looking for another aspiring journalist or two, so please email us if you are interested in joining the team.

Like most auto manufacturers after World War II, Willys jumped on the postwar auto sales boom. However, their initial civilian offering was, well, a little different. I’ve always wondered whether some member of management saw the MGTC’s that servicemen were bringing home and said “we can do that, but better!” The result was the Jeepster – a combination of Brooks Stevens design and Jeep CJ practicality, and you can buy one through this craigslist ad in Arizona. Read more »

911 Power: 1970 Porsche 914/6


With so much platform sharing going on between brands these days, it’s anything but unusual to learn that a manufacturer is selling a car model under one name while another automaker sells virtually the same car with some special features sprinkled in. But when Volkswagen and Porsche did it in the 1970s, it may have been a bit less commonplace – especially when considering you could buy this tiny two seat 914 with the 2.0 liter flat-six engine from the 911 mounted mid-ship. This long-dormant example was spotted here on eBay by Barn Finds reader Jim S., and bidding is already quite active. Read more »

Pace Car in Pieces: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z11

1969 Camaro Z11

When Chevy was asked to provide the official pace cars for the 1969 Indianapolis 500, they went all out for the occasion. They didn’t just build a couple pace cars, they built an entire fleet. They crafted several ’69 Camaro Convertibles that would be capable of keeping the pace on the track, plus a range of support vehicles. Of course the Camaros got all the attention, so much so that GM decided to build 6k replicas for retail. They ended up only building 3k of them though, making them quite rare and desirable today. The pile of parts you see above was at one time one of these rare replicas. Today, it is just a rusty bucket of bolts that need to be restored and put back together. If you think you can tackle the task, you can find it here on eBay without a reserve. Read more »

El Camino Alternative: 1982 Dodge Rampage

1982 Dodge Rampage

As many of you with older siblings likely know, coveting your brother’s possessions are standard rules of engagement. Despite having a fairly large Matchbox and Hot Wheels collection of my own, I still tried to barter for a few of my elder sibling’s collection, which included the extra-cool “Real Riders” edition of the Dodge Rampage, complete with a dirt bike in the bed and real rubber tires! Well, here’s your (or my) chance to own a pair of life-sized editions, find them here on eBay in California. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Drew V for spotting this twofer! Read more »

Period Nasty Boy: 1956 Austin-Healey 100


Of all the Big Healeys produced, the ones built between 1953-1956 will always be my favorites. Sure, the later cars benefited from many improvements, but the purity of the early cars just can’t be beat! The triangular grill was more eye catching than the later oval shape and the fold down windscreen made for one smooth silhouette. The looks were great, but obviously some owners wanted more oomph than the four-cylinder provide. AH tried to appease them by sticking a six in there (100-6, 3000), but a few people decided to take matters into their own hands. Find this “Nasty Boy” project located in Lawton, Iowa and listed for sale here on eBay. Read more »

Mustang Alternative: 1967 Mercury Cougar

1967 Mercury Cougar

America has had an on-again, off-again love affair with the Mustang since day one and in recent years they have become extremely popular, but with popularity comes inflated prices. Over the past few years I have watched the original Pony Car slowly climb in price, from being down right affordable to simply overpriced. As Fastbacks and GTs make their steady climb out of affordability, I’ve been looking for cheaper alternatives. Sure you can do like we did and get a base car with an inline six, but if you want V8 power you might be better off looking elsewhere. Thankfully there are a few alternatives that might not look all that similar, but can offer the same experience for a lot less coin. If you must have the real deal, you could buy a rough project like the ‘64.5 Mustang that Jim S. found here on eBay. Or you could go with this 1967 Mercury Cougar which can be found here on eBay for $3,950. Read more »

The Big Boy: 1937 Terraplane Pickup

1937 Hudson Terraplane Truck

When it comes to elegant styling, few eras have produced more flowing and classy vehicles than the 1930s did. Even work trucks received a healthy dose of Art Deco styling during the ’30s! This 1937 Terraplane Big Boy truck has that great airflow look and makes modern trucks look like big ugly boxes. This one has been in this barn for the past 30 years, so it is going to need a complete restoration. You rarely see these trucks, so hopefully someone will save this one. If you’ve always wanted an airflow style truck, be sure to have a look at this one here on eBay in Banks, Oregon. Read more »

Foxy Turbo: 1985 Ford Mustang SVO

1985 Mustang SVO

These days, the name of the game in combining efficiency with performance is to introduce turbocharging into every platform possible, from Hyundais to high-performance models like the BMW M3. While better fuel mileage is always welcome, I always feel a bit bummed that turbocharging has gone mainstream. Finding vestiges of the ‘80s like the Mustang SVO, when turbocharging was exotic and exciting is a welcome trip down memory lane. For those of you with an itch for an SVO practically still in the wrapper, this ‘85 with only 10,000 miles is listed here on craigslist with a $5,900 asking price. Read more »

Instant Wedding Car Business: 2 Austin Limos


I’ll admit it. I have thought about starting a wedding car business on occasion. I like cake as much as the next guy, but I can’t really say that I enjoy weddings all that much. The prospect of owning a classic Rolls-Royce and getting paid to drive people around in it seems like a good idea to me though. The only problem is that an old Rolls or Bentley is pricey to buy and keep and that could make the barrier to entry a bit high. Well, Barn Finds reader Ian R. just found the answer to a question you never asked. There are two Austin Vanden Plas Princess Limos here on craigslist and they have the look, but at $2,400 for the pair, lack the high price tag. Read more »