Looking Squished: 1959 Studebaker Lark Coupe

When you think of a 1950s 2 door hardtop with a V8 and a manual transmission, this is not likely the car you’re thinking of, but here it is. If the design looks a bit awkward… more»

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1963 Thunderbird: Rare M-Code Tri-Carb + AC!

According to the seller, this is one of only 17 28 tri-carb “Sports V8” engined 1963 Thunderbird coupes that were ever produced, and I’m sure even fewer of those had factory air conditioning. It is listed for… more»

One Driver, Then Stored For 30 Years! 1970 Monte Carlo

I know the pictures aren’t the best, and I’m sorry for that, but this car was worth posting anyway. It’s a one owner, one driver 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that has been stored for over 30 years…. more»

Unrestored Survivor: Euro-Spec ’79 BMW 525

As the owner of a genuine Euro-market BMW, I’ve grown accustomed to spotting the tell-tale signs of grey market vehicles residing in the USA. This 1979 BMW 525 is a true Euro-spec car wearing all of… more»

Real Family Truck: 1963 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire

Perhaps not the prettiest wagon ever built, the Studebaker Lark Wagonaire offered a unique and different approach on the family car that could do it all. Capable of hauling your family and a random tall object… more»

Go Commando! 1972 Jeep Commando SC-2

This 1972 Jeep Commando is the fancier SC-2 model, but it looks like you could call it the Corroded Commando and be more accurate at this point. However, the seller has spent quite a bit of… more»

Overheated & Restored: 1984 Dodge Ram 50

Not too long ago, Barn Finds writer Scotty G. found a Dodge D50 Sport near his homebase in Minnesota. That truck was a great find, with a clean body and awesome period graphics running down the side…. more»

No Reserve! 1968 Oldsmobile 98 With 46,775 Miles

What a classy looking car! Oldsmobile called their entire 1968 lineup “The Youngmobiles” in some of their advertising, and this 98 was the cream of the luxury crop, despite having, well, things that would impress your… more»

Rot-Free Frame: Barn Find 1965 Corvette

This recently discovered 1965 Corvette convertible is said to need everything, but it fortunately has a rot-free frame that will justify the expense of putting it right. The seller notes the motor and transmission are present… more»

Free To A Good Home: 1965 MGB

This once, I don’t think anyone will think the price is too high unless they’d like to be paid to haul it away. This MGB is rust free, that is, the rust is free along with… more»

Porsche 914-6 Clone Project Needs To Go!

As much fun as the 914 is, there is a lot of room for improvement with these little mid-engine sports cars. Even Porsche realized it needed more power, hence the creation of the 914-6. There really… more»

Ultimate Land Yacht: 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe

If you want the ultimate land yacht to hit the open road in, you really can’t get much larger or luxurious than an Imperial Crown Coupe! This was Chrysler’s answer to Cadillac and Lincolns massive luxury… more»

Just Needs Brakes: 1981 Corvette

It looks like this Corvette has received some custom touches, but it looks to mostly be cosmetic. The seller doesn’t offer much information, but claims it has been parked for the past 17 years. It’s going… more»