Totally Redeem Yourself! 1965 Skat-Kitty

Like my varied and somewhat scattered list of favorite vehicles, I have a pretty eclectic list compiled for my favorite movies. Citizen Kane is my favorite movie and has been for the last three decades –… more»

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One Year Model: 1974 Datsun 260Z

This 1974 Datsun 260Z presents as a dusty yet clean example of a one year-only model of the famed Z-car lineup. The 260Z actually represented a bump in displacement from the previous model, and one would… more»

What Lies Beneath: 1972 Porsche 911

Like so many other classics, the Porsche 911 has, at one point in its depreciation curve, approached throwaway car status – especially among early air-cooled models. This 1972 911 has the unfortunate fate of not only… more»

Preserved Commuter: 30K Mile Honda Civic

The fourth-generation Honda Civic was arguably the platform that put Honda on the map for good, eliminating any doubt that the Japanese company could build an impressively durable commuter car yet still deliver a highly engaging… more»

What Is That Thing? 1959 Tempo Rapid

This thing looks for all the world like the love child of a Volkswagen Type 2 pickup and a catfish! It’s actually a Tempo Rapid, possibly the only one extant in the U.S., and while it… more»

Ordered That Way! 1979 4-Speed Malibu With AC

Visually, this 1979 Malibu is almost identical to the the one I took driver training in back in 1979 (no, it didn’t have rally wheels, it had some of the ugliest wheel covers of all time)…. more»

Funky Farmer: 1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road

Most of us have seen Crosley cars of one variety or another and some of us have seen Crosley pickups, but have you seen one of these? This is a 1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road and it’s listed on… more»

Mystery Pagoda — Less Than 15,000 Miles?

Imagine uncovering a 1971 Mercedes 280 SL in a garage to find it only has 14,600 miles! Great surprise, right? What I don’t understand is why the seller is excited enough to ask a super high… more»

Big Bimmer, Big Bucks: 1972 BMW Bavaria

How do you know when a higher price than you’re expecting is a sign that a car is increasing in value, and not just a sign that a seller doesn’t really want to get rid of… more»

Low Mile Twin Cam: 1975 Cosworth Vega

Typically when we discuss a car that has low miles, we are under the impression that the car is in very nice shape. Clean with 12,000 miles, the owner of this Cosworth Vega purchased the car… more»

Late-50s/Early-60s David Bradley Ice Scooter

Who’s ready for snow?! Guys?  Ok, bear with me on this one. Any of you who are into powersports: motorcycles, minibikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc., you know that it’s usually the thing to do to work on… more»

Big Nasty Fish Project: 1970 Plymouth AAR Barracuda

Project cars are our bread and butter here at Barn Finds. We remain steadfastly committed to the nuts and bolts of owning cars, you know, the fun part. Part of that fun, of course, is whatever… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1959 Chevrolet Viking

Update 7/19/17: I just heard from Todd, the seller, and he has lowered the price on this Viking down to $3,900! Seller Description: 1959 Chevrolet Viking 60 1-1/2 Ton (16,000 GVW) Flatbed Truck. Recently rescued from… more»