Collision Leaves Merger: Film At Eleven


What I think we’re seeing here is the result of a perfectly timed and placed collision between a 1951 Ford and a 1993 Mercury Cougar. We don’t know if either driver survived, but the merged car is for sale in Latta, South Carolina with an ad here on craigslist. As reader Brice T. remarked when he sent this one in, “This belongs in the oddball collection…LOL.” Wink, wink!


Look at this! Some of the Ford components made it all the way to the front of the car! Wow, that must have been some impact! Apart from some misalignment of the hood, it appears that somehow the body panels and even the paint survived the collision.


From the rear, it also looks like old Dearborn steel beats new, as the trunk portion of the ’51 blended in nicely with the greenhouse of the ’93. I guess the glass used in the newer car must be stronger, probably because it’s bonded in and used as a structural member.


It’s amazing that the heat from the collision must have melted the paints together as well. The two spotlights on the roof pillars are the only remnants above the beltline of the Ford, while the Mercury mid-section also looks like it survived largely intact.


It’s pretty clear that the Mercury interior survived almost completely intact, with only some wear on the driver’s seat giving hints to what must have been a cataclysmic accident. I’m surprised there aren’t some dark stains as well!


We know the induction system is from the later car, but who knows what survived under that mess of vacuum hoses and plastic? Is it from the shoebox Ford or the later Mercury?

Okay, yes, we know there is a kit out there to graft the front and rear components onto a 1990’s Thunderbird or Cougar, which I’m sure was used in this case. I hope you are enjoying this edition of Barn Finds April Fools posts!

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  1. MH

    I personally like the bull better then any car I’ve seen on here today. I think there should be more “REAL BARN FINDS” like that.

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  2. JW454

    I’ve seen a few of these and I think I like the ones that used the Thunderbird better. I prefer the sloped rear window over the formal roof line of the Cougar.

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  3. Fred

    I prefer the ’57 Chevy version…nice lines for a kit modification.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Those are built on Corvette chassis, right?

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      • Jamie Jamie Staff

        Actually, it’s late model Camaro. See link below.

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  4. John K

    Doc Brown’s first attempt at time travel using only 1.20 gigawatts had horrifying results…

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    • Jamie Jamie Staff

      Love it, John! Thanks for getting the spirit of the post! Happy April Fool’s Day, and look for more “interesting” posts later today…

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  5. tyler

    i liked it better as a cougar

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  6. glen

    nothing like ruining a perfectly good 1957 Chevy i guess that why they say in the eye of the beholder

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    • Jamie Jamie Staff

      Glen, I’m pretty sure it’s one of these kits, not a real ’57.

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    • Keith

      That’s a kit you can buy and graft onto a Thunderbird

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  7. Joe Nose

    He calls it a ’51 Hot Rod. Well, the VIN calls it a ’93 Cougar.

    So who wins? NOT the buyer.

    But at least “IT…HAS AIR CONDITION”.

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  8. LD71 :D

    In North Carolina, the politicians are arguing where it needs to go for an oil change, Ford dealer or Mercury dealer? LD71 😀

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  9. 67coopers

    I drove past this car 3 hours ago! I just arrived in Myrtle Beach. On the ride here I noticed it in a driveway. Small world.

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  10. Wayne

    Front and rear look great. Shame about the side on look.

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