Estate Sale: 1973 DeTomaso Pantera

This 1973 DeTomaso Pantera is claimed to have covered just 8,315 miles since new. The seller also states that it has been in the possession of the same owner since 1974, but beyond that they do not give many details. There is a number listed though, so you had better give them a call if you are in the market for a Pantera. The car is located in Fort Worth, Texas and is listed here on eBay with bidding at $25,100.

The listing seems a little fishy, but it might be a great find if it is legit. Any ideas what that is sitting behind the Pantera?


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  1. Jeff S

    Excalibur Series IV.

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  2. keith

    wow, just 1 foto to view but 18 bids

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  3. Jeff

    WOW is right! If legit.

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  4. dino7

    Jeff is right. It’s an Excalibur. But I think it is a V not a IV.

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  5. mike s

    OMG I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Italian engineering with a Chevy 350 as a motor so you get the beauty of Italian design and the reliability of an american V8

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  6. craig vachon

    what’s an Excalibur?

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  7. alan

    What r u guys talking about an Excalibur?? Those alloy wheels are magnesium,made by campangalo.looks real 2 me …l have a 72 & a 73

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  8. Bear

    Love Panteras!!
    Looks good from any angle!!
    I passed on an opportiunity to buy one a few years back & I still regret that decision.
    But I can only imagine how many additional speeding tickets I would have by now if I’d bought that machine.
    A buddy of mine had one for many years.
    He used to add a couple of bags of sand to the front compartment whenever he was planning on doing a “performance run”. Evidently the front end tends to lift at high speeds.

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  9. Dan C

    Almost bought one in Kansas City in 1978 at a Ford dealer. Asking price $10K. Should’t have passed but was 25 at the time.

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  10. Tom S.

    I got to ride in one when I was a teenager, maybe ’75 or ’76. So cool.

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  11. J. Pickett

    I’d check that Pantera for the usual Italian rust. but the Ford engine should be good. Transaxle parts are said to be getting hard to find. The other car is easy, 1980′ Panther Deville. English retro vehicle based on Jaguar components and made by Panther Westwinds.

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  12. Jeff

    So cool, correct if wrong, production was from 70′-74′, I think they used the BOSS 351 engine (330hp) vs 300hp for the typical Cleveland. My buddy in Fl had a mid 80’s GTS, it looked badass with the wing, jet gloss black, 335/35/? tires. Was it revived by a private company in the mid 80’s? Italian looks/American muscle at its best!

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  13. n.kroon

    cool car, but the listing looks too suspicious I would say

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  14. Jay

    My Dad told me a story about driving one back in the early ’70’s when I was a kid. We lived in Macon Georgia at the time. He had a friend that “dealt in stolen goods” and came by the house driving one. He asked my Dad if we wanted to take it for a spin which he did of course. He said it was the only car he has ever driven that scared the crap out of him. He said he had it up to 140 with plenty of pedal space. He had told me the story originally in the ’80’s when I was in high school but left out the part about it being hot. He told me that a few months ago. After I finished laughing, he said he was lucky he didn’t get caught driving it but it had been a hell of lot of fun.

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  15. Dolphin Dolphin

    Well this one is going to be fun…..

    When it was first listed the car’s location was Ft Worth, TX. Now it’s in Gazelle, CA near the Oregon border. If you’re East of TX, that’s only another 2000 miles to transport it.

    Who knows where it will be when the auction ends?

    Proceed with extreme caution with this one.

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  16. Jeff

    $29,957 (24 bids), 1 day left 😉

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  17. mikey

    351 Ford 4V heads early cars. No, not a Boss 351. No, they didn’t come with Chevrolet engine. And lastly I have no idea what an Ex……what ever you guys wrote.
    Every guy I know that has owned one…………no longer owns one.

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  18. Mike

    Panteras look great, my father bought one new in 74, they break very easily like any other exotic and would cook you ! extreme heat from the mid engine made it no fun in about 10 min…..but he still has it and will not part with it!

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  19. Natale

    I totally agree that this whole story with this Pantera is fishy. Did anyone notice that if you blow the picture up on the Painters, you can clearly see very visibly bullet holes on the rear engine lid?

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  20. Frank

    Did you know that Elvis had one That is a fact and he shot it full of holes with a 45. when it did not start one day for him. They later found out the battery was dead.Put a battery in it fixed a few things and it ran . They never fixed the bullet holes. I love that car but i can not buy it i just bought a car not too long ago.

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  21. Robert

    Well maybe a little late on this reply but since we are talking history i to have ridden in one and it was actually Ricky Nelson s car he loved it and well i got the h… scared out of me to i was of course only around 12 yrs old but to this day i still want one and will hopefully have one one of these days iv worked on a few in my days since im a full fledge certified technician for thirty years now and i can tell you this yes they are tempermental and they do run hot and parts are hard to find and if you dont go around and tighten it up every now and again ,,,,well then you got a rattle cage that irratates the heck out of you and you fastly dislike the car quick…there rattle cages if you dont take care of them. AND REMEMBER ONE THING (THERE THE CHEAP MANS FERRARI) and Mr Ford didnt stay with the idea either so should tell you a little something ,,think about it and at todays prices yr 2014 you can buy a car in prestine condition that is modified and still pay the max price of 43k unless it has a history of like a movie star own type thing but averagew price today is still 28k to 38k and well a ferrari is what 100k to 500k go figuer…Really….

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  22. Zompano

    Had a race engine business. .73 Pantera new paid $10500. Drove 23000 miles in 7 months. Stored since then as it never started in the rain. Now installing a 4.6 four valve.
    What’s interesting I sold my 67 fast back 427 vette $5099 less engine and trans to buy the Pantera. The vette was sold a few yrs later just south of $75000 . The Pantera languished in the low $20000 for yrs.
    Finally lots of Aftermakket parts. Can’t wait to red rice the car 42 yrs later

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