Family Owned Since ’75: Barn Find Porsche 911E

When a car is found in a barn or garage setting, a few scenarios are possible: it’s parked on a concrete pad with a car cover; it’s parked over dirt with a cover; or, it’s parked over dirt and completely unprotected, aside from whatever trash gets tossed in said garage/barn. That’s certainly the setting for this barn-find 1969 Porsche 911E here on craigslist, which is listed on the Los Angeles page but appears to be in New Hampshire. 

There’s no price listed and very few details aside from the seller mentioning that it’s been in the same family ownership since 1975. As a pre-’74 model, this would fall into the desirable “long-hood” category of 911s, but it also is more susceptible to rust than the later cars. That, as you can see, is definitely a factor on this example, which appears to have rust blossoming from multiple locations along the body.

I’m a bit thrown off by the rear, as I thought a 1969 model would have the pretty chrome bumpers with narrower overriders attached – this appears to be a bumper from a later car. But the front end appears correct, with the vents inboard of the sidemarkers just under the headlights. Given the presence of a later rear wing, it’s possible a previous owner attempted to give this 911 the appearance of a later car.

The interior is quite messy, with a cracked dash, dirty cloth seats and a hodge-podge of mats covering the floor. The three-spoke steering wheel (a Prototipo, perhaps?) looks smart despite the rough surroundings, and that might even be an original, or at least period correct, radio. Overall, this 911 has plenty of questions and will need a lot of love to return to form, and the seller’s request for “real offers, no nonsense” may give you some sense of where his head is at.

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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Couldn’t give it to me

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  2. Anthony Rodrigues

    Huge money pit

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  3. Bingo

    Put a camper shell on the back of it

    *Highly-rated. Thumb up 24 Thumb down 0
  4. Jamie p

    Strip it. Turn it into a rallye car. Not worth saving

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  5. RoughDiamond

    My guess is parking it in the garage was too little too late. What a mess and this vehicle is one where someone would want to be on real good terms with their banker when the money quickly runs out.

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  6. Skloon

    I would suspect that the rear update was the result of an accident it was easier to find the big bumper covers and cheaper too this fright pig is probably overpriced

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  7. daniel wright

    Jack it up on super swampers, weld a light bar to the roof and give it a spray can paint job. Then take it to a car show and park it next a row of pristine Porsche’s.

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  8. JW454

    Someone left the glove box door open… bet the battery is dead. LOL

    That dash mounted radar detector was a standard piece of seventies technology required in a car like this. Another example of something that was cool then… now, not so much.

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  9. Adam T45

    I’m also suspicious of a couple of other things about this one. I am trying to work out whether that item on the floor is a rear half-shaft. Also, judging by the way the back of the vehicle is sitting up, I suspect that it may have an empty engine bay. If so, it has just become a very expensive resto!

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    • Dave Wright

      I looked at that closely too…….think it’s a jack

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  10. Bob Hess

    Rear quarters have been flared. Rear “bumper”is fiberglass race part. Whole thing looks pretty rough to me.

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  11. CJay

    LA craiglist ad, NH when you map the location, NY area code on the phone number. Maybe they are looking for a better audience to make the sale.

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  12. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    It’s a lot easier to just leave the car where its is in the corner surrounded by junk.

    You can just post extra pictures of the exposed side—what you can see of it anyway—to make up for it.

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  13. Clinton

    Wants real offers but only offers mediocre photographs. My offer would fall in the same class of his photos if I were in the market for something like this.

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  14. Joe in NH

    This listing is a scam. It has been discussed on the Pelican forum.

    Merry Christmas, Joe in NH

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  15. john C

    I believe that is not the jack, but a rough AK 47… Papers for conceal/carry included in sale. Good luck bidders.

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  16. tstout68

    email me @ please

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  17. Gary charlton Member

    Put the Medowbrook hood ornament on the whales tail and drive it around backwards.

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  18. Darren

    This thing has more holes in the sheet metal than a piece of Swiss cheese! Fugly.

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