Hacked Up: 1974 Porsche 911


If I had to guess what happened to this poor 911T Targa, I’d say someone either decided to cut the rear fenders out to install flares like those on the Turbo cars or it had some serious rust issues. Either way, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen one of these with the work started, but not finished. It’s actually quite sad that someone cut it up, as it’s a 2.7 with the 167 horse fuel injected engine and was originally painted Irish Green! It’s going to need a massive amount of work now, but if you’ve been on the hunt for a matching numbers 2.7 project, this one can be found here on eBay in¬†Baarle Nassau, Belgium.


The seller has already gotten the¬†Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and it shows that the engine is matching numbers, but someone has removed the CIS injection system and installed Zenith carbs. That could be a big problem, as the fuel injection system is what makes it desirable. I’m sure if your willing to go on the hunt, you can track down all the parts you’ll need to make it fuel injected again, but it won’t be cheap.


Complete replacement rear quarters are available for it, but you might be able to get away with just using repair panels to fix the rear wheel arches. I’d return it to original, but if you want the wide body look, the work of cutting the fenders out has already been done for you.


This could be a beautiful car one day, but it’s going to take a lot to get it there. With Porsche prices how they have been, I actually think you could fix it up and not be in the hole, that is of course if you can find a fuel injection system for a reasonable price. Whether you restore it to original or customize it with wide fenders and some engine upgrades, it sure would be a fun driver! So would you go with the Turbo look or return it to original?

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  1. Luki

    That is a 1973 not a 74. Big difference in price.

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  2. blasphemy

    How about $19.95 if they throw in a pocket fisherman and a bamboo steamer?

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  3. rojo

    I have a 73 911 and the second owner. It’s been stored in my garage for almost 30 years. It was last ran in 1987 but I keep it high and dry. The inside is like new and it’s a mechanical fuel injected. The last offer I had was $50K. Hard to hang on to one at that price…but I will.

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  4. Rustytech

    Why do some people cut stuff up, sell the good parts and then want someone else to pay for the privilege of figuring out how to put it back together? It would cost half a fortune just to get this into the US and get it titled! Not for me thanks.

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    • Luki

      Yes. Someone changed a more valuable long hood car back to stock fender flares at the expense of this one. They could have cut up a mid year for the rears and no one would have cared. Too bad.

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    • brakeservo

      You’ve never imported a car have you?? If done right, can cost less to ship across the ocean than across the country.

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    • Mark S

      Look at the bright side to this chop job turd it is now more attainable for average DIY guy working on a budget. A would think that the missing metal is readily available in reproduction form. Now someone can cobble together an affordable driver. If I wasn’t so financially embarrassed I would love to take this one on, oh a couple of knee replacements would help a lot too. Nice find.

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      • KeithK

        Financially embarrassed ! I love it. Well,don’t love it . But I do love the phrase because it perfectly describes me too. After putting in 30 years I thought I was close to retirement and would have my own barn-o-treasures . Instead I’m rid of all my toys and forced to use one as my daylie. Let’s hope someone at least makes America good again.

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      • Mark S

        Keith I don’t envy you your choices down there south of the border. As Canadians we’re on the side lines watching and wondering how your most difficult decision will play out on all our economy’s Almost all our elections are decide in the east up here and my fellow Canadians have elected a crazy man that is putting us into 50 years of dept. I wish you well sir.

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  5. Brakeservo

    Keith, I’m with you, probably about the same age and economic condition. How on earth anyone with even half a brain or a heart could be duped by the big New York conman and sexual predator! He’ll destroy social security and let lots of us die by taking away our health care!

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  6. Luki

    Um, Polical Rants in progress..,,,,,

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  7. KeithK

    Sorry , didn’t mean to start in on politics. I’m just frustrated by how this used to be,for me a website about finding and buying barnfinds. Now it’s just a dream page. Not the fault of the people who run thing just a statement of my own inadequacies. 30 years service in the car business buys you foreclosures,empty 401k’s and back to living hand to mouth. But hey , those postings are great. Keep them coming.

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  8. David Miraglia

    good parts car

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    • brakeservo

      Not after you figure the shipping and import costs!

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