Last Chance: 1/2 Priced Memberships & Free Caps!

This is just a reminder that our half-priced club membership deal expires this weekend! To get the discount you need to sign up for a yearly membership and use the coupon code CLUBKIT at checkout. You will receive all the club benefits plus a free Barn Finds baseball cap and sticker! If you are already a member and would still like the cap, just login and add a year to your subscription (be sure to use the coupon code above too). It will save you money and you’ll get the gear. Click here to signup or add a year to your existing membership!

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  1. St. Ramone de V8

    I’ve been trying to sign up, and take advantage of your offer, but it won’t accept my user name. I’ve tried altering it, but no luck. Any idea what’s going wrong?


    • St. Ramone de V8



  2. Don

    We live most of the year in Italy and I enjoy rcvng the daily posts and hope that someday I’ll actually jump on one-I’ve had 4 tbirds (55,56&57) in the past n just maybe will jump on another-we have IN THE BARN a 1970
    Fiat 131 US spec one owner( my wife..) that keeps telling me to get rid of but I can’t just yet
    I’ll send a pic next time I go up to the barn-
    By the way it is in NORTHERN ITALY-we brought it over with us back in ’86, drove a few yrs on Ohio plates till it got too tricky not to plate it Italian so we parked it in the early 90s..


  3. Smittydog

    Get Bent.


    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      What’s your deal Smittydog?


  4. Bruce Member

    I was able to sign up with no issues, but there was no spot to put my street address to get my hat and sticker. They are pretty cool perks and I would like to have them.


    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks Bruce! We plan on shipping the hats to the address provided on everyone’s payment info.


      • Bruce Member

        Perfect, thank you!


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