Is It Really Worth This Much? 1966 Corvette


I’ve been wondering ever since I saw this dilapidated Corvette convertible why it’s listed for so much money. The auction is here on eBay, and it’s located in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Maybe there’s something special about this car that I don’t know?


When I first saw the lead picture, I thought perhaps those were racing stripes across the hood–but they weren’t, that’s just the shadow of someone’s truck rack. Perhaps this ‘Vette has the rare privacy rear window option? Nope, just an old, tired, top. Maybe the car went so fast the paint back here just blew off? No, this car isn’t going anywhere right now–look at the next picture!


As a matter of fact, this car hasn’t gone anywhere in a while! That’s right, there’s no engine or transmission! Come to look a little further and there’s a lot of other stuff missing as well! The seller actually uses the phrase “there are a lot of parts that haven’t been robbed.” Ouch!


Yup, that’s rust underneath. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a Corvette isn’t all¬†fiberglass. Actually the seller is very forthcoming here and explains that not only is the frame rusty, it’s actually missing the rear section all together! How did that happen? Was it a rare factory weight reduction program for increased performance? Naw, I doubt that. The seller tells us that they have a C2 rear frame section to include in the sale, but it’s¬†rusty on the bottom as well! What IS good about this car?


The floor has been cut at the shifter hole and also behind the seats in small areas (for a roll bar, perhaps? Maybe it is a race car after all? Just kidding). The seat tracks are rusty and you can see the damaged seat upholstery in this shot. So why does someone think this car is worth so much money?


This is that rear frame section they are including. The seller also tells us that the headlight assemblies will have to be replaced as well. All in all, there’s a lot to be done here. What do you think this car is really worth? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Blindmarc

    Another dreamer…..

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  2. Myron

    Hidden due to low comment rating Click here to see.

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    • Warren Johnson

      The C 2 corvettes you are referring to are special order, NCRS top flite, original, unrestored, L 88 optioned engine, probably triple black, tank sticker and numbers matching.

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      • skloon

        Come on lets not obscure things with facts

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      • Dolphin Dolphin

        Assuming this 1966 car, or what remains of it, is no more than L79, the auction prices paid recently have been about $55K in Barrett-Jackson sale condition. And with all the stuff you have to find for it before you even get to serious restoration work, you can’t get there from here.

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    • chris lawrence

      Is this opposite day?

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    • Skip Middleton

      I don’t know where you get “the highest price for a Gen II Corvette is over $25 million.” The most desirable of all Corvettes, not to mention C2, the Grand Sport, has sold for about $10 million. A ’67 L88 convertible (20 built) sold for $3.4 mil 3 years ago. This is no L88. This, at best is a $75,000 car, if that.

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  3. Warren Johnson

    It’s amazing what some people think that just because it’s a corvette, that it’s worth an ungodly sum of money. There is nothing special about this corvette that could garner is asking price even if it was completed and running. No original engine, or transmission, and a rusted frame. Definitely a dreamer!

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    • Mtshootist1

      Looks like a candidate for a demolition derby.

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      • Prowler

        Must be magic beans in the glove box
        Looks like another situation where about $75,000 will get you a nice $50,000 car

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  4. Doug

    It’s a survivor. They always bring more money!

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  5. Alan Brase

    In a straight auction, perhaps $6,000.
    My gut feeling is the market is heading down on Corvettes of that vintage. Too bad, they are really nice cars once you get used to their foibles.
    BTW, those curved aluminum shoes and other parts in the front view, could be sold on Ebay and certainly go for something. probably $100-$200. They are part of a conduit or pipe bender.

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  6. Paul

    The Lewisburg area just suffered massive flooding. Wonder when the pictures were taken.

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  7. ccrvtt

    It has a nice steering wheel. I’ve seen nice steering wheels go at auction for well over six figures…

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  8. racer99

    It’s worth what someone will pay and I bet this sells. I could see this ending up as a resto-mod where lots of the current issues won’t matter. Yes, I know it’s a ton of money for a turd but someone will see dollar signs and go for it.

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  9. 68 custom

    Small block C-2 are not the million dollar corvettes you see at Barrett/Jackson. at least with this one you can easily peel the paint off by hand.

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    • dave

      nothing special here, no drivetrain, rotten frame…about 12 Gs+ over priced

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  10. Michael

    Some sellers are optimistic – a/k/a “insane.” No way this dog sells at that price.

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  11. Jay M

    You could sink 100k into this car and still only have a 50k car, because it’s so far from original.
    What used to be considered parts cars are now being sold as project cars.
    People compare the selling price to restored cars selling prices, but don’t take into account what it actually costs to get there…

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  12. Bill

    Zero bids and with a ridiculous opening price. It’ll stay that way. All that’a missing is a comment by the seller “I know what I’ve got.”

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  13. Art Fink

    About $2500 in useable parts as she sits !!!

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  14. Van

    It’s the latest craze, how much money can I wast on a restoration
    Call it upside-down rod.

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  15. tri5

    “18.5 cash talks” …… ha ha and BS walks …

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    • SamM

      I think my 18.5 would probably say “NO”

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  16. JagManBill

    and to think, I turned one down in this shape 20 years ago for $300…..

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  17. Gary Merly


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  18. Peter R

    @ccrvtt – six figures for a steering wheel?? unless it came with a car I think you’ve misplaces a couple of decimals –
    I have a friend with a beautifully restored ’65 Vette – including all the orginal parts and he can’t get bids over $65K and he has won awards at Corvette shows. Only a few vettes of this era get into the $100k+ class and yes, a couple have sold for over $1m. but this will never be worth even close to $100k with so many of the original parts missing. You can buy really nice ones for $50-60K.

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  19. JagManBill

    from what I’ve been able to find, this was a 327 3spd car. Last two digits of the VIN I am pretty sure are 41. It might have been a 4spd car but its really hard to extract engine/tranny data on the early cars. Not until 68 did the VIN include an engine/pkg code. If thats the case, then $$ per Hagerty starts at $25,200 for a fair condition (thats a daily driver w/visible flaws) up to $77,500 for an NCRS Top Flight car. BUT…if it is a 3spd car, deduct 20%. So with no engine/tranny and the other “flaws”, me thinks the asking price is just that, an asking price and the seller has no intention of selling.

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  20. Redoakboo

    I thi nk JagManBill hit it on the nose; $300!

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  21. john C

    It’ll be a nice automobile when a few missing parts are reinstalled, and with a good wax job….. Nice the way the car was protected from the elements all these years too… Some of these vehicles sure do bring out the wit and humor in BF followers!

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  22. MikeK

    Yeah, ummm…. no.

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  23. Fiete T

    “Thank you, Miss Fleming, you call me when the shuttle lands…”

    Classic line applies here-

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  24. Bruce

    It has lovely “patina”, make it safe & drive it like it is !!!! (tongue in cheek !)

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  25. Rando

    Ok, sweetie, I’ll sell it. It’s on ebay right now. Are you happy? No I don;t know why no one is bidding on it. I put a fair price on it. It’ll sell. Or we’ll keep the dang thing if we can’t get our price…

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  26. Tom Hodina

    Sorry people. It’s a parts car only, and not many of those. I have a 63 that has been restored, so I know what it costs. The person who said you’d spend 100k to have a 50k car hit the nail on the head. The only other hope I see is for someone to buy it for a couple thousand dollars and turn it into a resto or drag car, and then keep it and use it for years. There’s no hope of making money on this car at the present time.

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  27. JagManBill

    at the right price, it would make a great platform to build a vintage racer. Too far gone to “restore” and I always cringe when I see a really nice complete car stripped out to build a racer out of so its perfect.

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  28. Loco Mikado

    The owner also needs to take 5th grade spelling class over again as well as a reality check.

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