One Family 1969 Camaro

1969 Chevrolet Camero Front Corner

When searching for a classic car to buy, there is nothing better than finding a car with documentation and only a few previous owners. Well we found this 1969 Camaro with a 307 that comes with complete history and has been in the same family since new. After being parked in the garage of the original owner’s daughter for the last 5 years, it is being offered on eBay with a current bid of $15,200 and no reserve.

1969 Chevrolet Camero Front

The original owner bought the car in December of ’69 and drove it until ’78, when she let her granddaughter use it to drive to college. In ’80 her granddaughter stopped using it and the original owner’s daughter began using it to drive to work. The car was driven on a regular basis until 2007, when it got parked in the garage.

1969 Chevrolet Camero Interior

This Camaro is completely original and every things looks to still be with the car. The driver’s seat needs to be reupholstered, but the rest of the seats look great. The dash looks great and doesn’t have any cracks or tears and the original pieces are still in place. The seller pulled up the driver’s side carpet and there is no rust or holes in the floor pan.

1969 Chevrolet Camero Engine

This Camaro is a base model, but came with the 307 V8 instead of the I6. It is a well optioned car and would make a great daily driver as is. The car does have some rust and previous body damage; however it looks like most of it has been repaired. We would take a magnet to the body to check for bondo.

1969 Chevrolet Camero Rear Corner

This car will make a restoration project or you could just drive it as is. It will be interesting to see what the new owner does with the car, but we just hope someone enjoys it instead of letting it sit more in the garage.

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  1. nathan

    how much $ ??

  2. Lame-o

    Ha. Although I like the worn out appearance of the paint, overall its another 67-69 camaro to blend in with the other million. Rarely does a day go by I dont see one of these on the road. Big yawn.

  3. Pat

    No such thing as a v6 in a chevy in 1969 Straight 6 was what was in them.

  4. Barn Finds

    You caught us. They were available with an inline-6 not a V6.

  5. carguy455

    That would make a sweet sleeper, freshen up under the hood, build another small block and get a factory 4 brl air breather, make it look stock, leave em all in the dust at the traffic lights !

  6. Thomas

    “This Camaro is a base model, but came with the 307 V8 instead of the I6.” I don’t see where anyone said it was a non-V6 car, the text clearly said “I6”. Nice car, though.

  7. Barn Finds

    We updated the post to clear up the confusion and maybe it just caused more…

  8. Sean Bush

    That’s a $5K car AT BEST. Currently bid into “stupid money” range.

  9. Michael

    factory air, and a console. Unusual options for a base model. HNice car love the “patina”

  10. Joe S.

    The sellers buddies must all be bidding. That car is maybe 8500ish at most. To be at the current bid, it would need to have a 396 and 4 speed. Or something besides a a base car. In this market it has to be something special to bid that high and still needs a resto….

  11. Pete

    WHo in their right mind would pay over 15k for this car ? This needs to be driven as a stock from-the-factory car, not ANOTHER “big block, jacked up Z-28” clone.

  12. psint

    I’ll buy all of these, in this condition, you can find for $5000. I was thinking LS-1 and a 700R-4.

  13. Scott

    15K for this? I bought a ’70 Chevelle for 600.00 in better shape than this when I was in high school in ’89. She was a turn key hot rod. I had it repanited and thru on a set of Cragers!

  14. psint

    A 70 Chevelle isn’t nearly as valuable as a 69 Camaro but I’ll buy any of those you have laying around for $600 also…..


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