Bargain Wagon: 1978 AMC Matador Wagon

This is another original, time capsule! The 1978 AMC Matador Wagon shown here is listed on eBay with a current price of $1,953 and five days left on the auction. It’s at a dealership in Levittown, Pennsylvania and… more»

Reader Find: 1968 Mercury Cyclone

Now this is a Barn Finds‘ Exclusive! Reader David C found this Mercury Cyclone by chance while he was hunting for some parts! You won’t find this deal anywhere else. I’ll let David tell you more… more»

16,015 Careful Miles: 1986 Camaro Z28

Why would you own a car which, at the time it was new, was one of the most admired cars on the road, and only drive it 16,015 miles? I don’t know, but it’s going to… more»

Super Original : 1959 AMC Rambler American

Who knew that there were so many nice, old, original Rambler Americans left?! This 1959 AMC Rambler American Super is listed on eBay with a current bid of $1,967 and it’s in Highland, California. There is… more»

Second Take But Different: 1963 Studebaker Champ Pickup

Thanks to CJS1872 for this cool Studebaker truck find that’s a little different from the one we featured less than a week ago. It’s been mildly customized with an earlier Studebaker car dashboard and a universal wiring… more»

Sequestered Since 1993: 1979 Ford Mustang Pace Car

I remember these so well when I was in high school! The Mustang pace cars with the TRX tires were the hot ticket back then, either in 2.3 turbo or 5.0 V8 form. This particular one… more»

Mopar Speed Boat: 1972 Chrysler Conqueror

Living in an area where we are surrounded by water on the coastline, there has been no shortage of boats being rolled out on trailers at the warm weather inches its way back (sad to say,… more»

Sign Of The Cat: 1970 Mercury Cougar

  Thanks go to reader Michael K for sending us news of this intriguing 1970 Mercury Cougar for sale on craigslist in Birmingham, Alabama. The seller does not provide extensive or detailed information about the car, but… more»

Jeep CJ5 Original Find With 15,643 Miles!

With only 15,643 miles showing, this 1960 Jeep CJ5 hasn’t traveled a lot of miles. However, the plow on the front and the rust showing up in most of the seams have me wondering whether I… more»

26,882 Miles: 1977 Dodge D100 Adventurer

You would think that a truck with the name “Adventurer” would have racked up a few hundred thousand miles and be on its second engine by now, wouldn’t you? Well, in the case of this 1977… more»

Bunker Find: BMW R35 Motorcycle

The individual selling this BMW R35 motorcycle here on eBay is a man (or woman) of few words. We do not know much, but what we do know is intriguing. The bike is referred to as a “bunker… more»

Every Kid’s Dream: Fairmont Speeder

In keeping with the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles theme here at Barn Finds, here is a nice Fairmont Speeder for your consideration. It’s listed on eBay with a price of $2,000 and it’s located in Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada;… more»

Motorhome Master: 1974 FMC 2900R Motorhome

Summer’s almost here, it’s time to load the family into the motorhome and head out on the open road! This original 1974 FMC 2900R Motorhome is listed on eBay with a price of $2,025 and there are… more»

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