Lucky Auctions Fall Classic

Rhode Island Amazon: 1966 Volvo 122S

1966 Volvo 122S

Submitted by John M – Just recently while driving around northern Rhode Island my eyes were drawn to a Volvo that I had been curious about for several years now. So I finally decided to stop and ask about the car and to see if it was a simple elegant classic example of Swedish engineering worth saving or just too far gone. So upon pulling into the secluded yard, in which it had resided for many years, thoughts of what could be began to flow like the Mississippi through my mind. Read more »

Muscle Wagon: 1961 Chevrolet Parkwood

Muscle Wagon

The problem with wagons is that few were ever fitted with the good engine/transmission combinations. Most weren’t even offered with the performance options because the average wagon buyer was more concerned with things like fuel economy. Every dollar counts when you are raising a family! A few sleepers still slipped through the showrooms though and I find it even more exciting to find them today than their two-door siblings. The seller of this 1961 Chevrolet Parkwood suspects that it was originally fitted with a 409 and 4-speed! Find it here on eBay in Hamilton, Montana. Read more »

Scruffy 1959 Triumph TR3

Scruffy TR3

For the last few days, I have been feeling down. The distraught feeling started right after talking to one of my good buddies, Bruce. We featured his Firebird find the other day and his Father’s huge collection a while back. Anyway, I had my eyes set on a certain small-mouth TR3 that resided in his late Father’s shop. Bruce had told me he would give me a good deal on it, but I dragged my feet and bought the Mustang instead. Well, a buyer came along and the TR3 sold. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Bruce because he has been trying to liquidate these cars for a while now. But boy, would it have looked good in my garage! Maybe this scruffy 1959 Triumph TR3A could fill the void? Find it here on eBay in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where bidding is currently at $3,800 with no reserve. Read more »

Steve McQueen’s Harley

In between our blasts around the backroads of the Oregon coast, we had the chance to meet lots of nice people at the NW Classic Rally. Josh and I have carried on plenty about how great that event was, but we forgot to mention a certain video that two guys there introduced us to. They were excited about it because they were the ones who actually created it. Well, that and the fact that it features a 1912 Harley Davidson X8E that was once owned by a certain celebrity! The story presented here is fictional, but we think you will enjoy it. Also, the bike is set to cross the auction block tomorrow afternoon in Monterey with no reserve. You can watch what it ultimately sells for on NBCSN. Thanks for sharing this with us Josh! Read more »

Oddball Truck: 1957 Tempo Matador

1957 Tempo Matador

There is nothing like discovering a vehicle that you previously didn’t know existed. Well this 1957 Tempo Matador is the first I’ve ever seen, as a matter of fact I’ve never even heard of the German manufacture Tempo. This one is in need of a complete restoration, but the seller is asking just $1,400 or best offer. This could be a really interesting and fun project, so find it here on craigslist in San Francisco, California. Special thanks to Robert J for the tip! Read more »

Fish Face: 1962 Daimler SP250


It may be an acquired taste, but I actually the looks of the Daimler SP250. Its awkward curves and fish-mouth grill make it stand out amongst a crowd of more aesthetically pleasing machines. I would love to have one, but current values and limited supply keep them just out of reach. This could be the chance to get into one on the cheap. Just don’t expect it to stay that way. Find this project here on eBay in Dallas, Texas with bidding is currently at $4,650. Read more »

Truckloads of Parts: 1962 Sunbeam Alpine

1962 Sunbeam Alpine S2

Buying someone else’s unfinished project can be a bit scary, but sometimes these stalled they can prove to be great buys. Obviously there are a lot of factors to consider, but this 1962 Sunbeam Alpine S2 might be one if them. This car looks to be solid, but it does have some rust. The seller has a lot of extra parts they are throwing in though. But before it can be called a true bargain, it will need a closer look and a more detailed description of what all is included. It is currently located somewhere in Maryland. The seller put their phone number in the listing, which can be found here on eBay. Read more »

SAAB Project Update: Ready To Move On


Can you even spot the SAAB tucked back there in the corner? Well, that is where it has sat for the past few weeks and it’s not just because I have been having more fun with the Mustang and the Miata. After fixing a bunch of small irritants and actually getting her running pretty well, a intermittent no-start has pushed the 900 to the back of the garage once again. I really want to love this much-maligned car, but man, it’s been hard work. Anyone want to take over the job? Read more »

The Hot Rod Known As Barbecue Stove Bolt!

The Barbecue Stove Bolt

Admittedly, I’ve never been much for hot rods. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the work and energy that goes into a nice rod, but they just have never really been my style. Anything that’s been cut apart, resized, and welded back together tends to make me a bit nervous. But I like to encourage other car nuts to explore and learn more about the car genres outside their normal tastes though, so I decided I needed to do the same. And I have to say, I have seen some amazing cars, especially some of the period built hot rods. I had noticed this 1921 Dodge based hot rod when it came to market a while back, but didn’t give it much thought. Well it has surfaced again and can now be found here on eBay and in Portland, Oregon and I have to say, now that I have taken some time to look it over more closely, it is actually really cool! Read more »