1971 Chevrolet Corvette Sportwagon

Station wagon conversions on vintage American cars are not unheard of, but they aren’t always easy to come by. Thanks to reader John B. for sending this one in! I have seen a ’65 Mustang wagon… more»

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2 Door Hardtop Survivor: 1956 Oldsmobile 88

“Two door hardtop” may very well be the magic words that gets so many people’s attention. I admit, I like all of these cars, but you just can’t beat the styling and looks of a two… more»

Soon To Be World’s Nicest? 1979 Dodge Colt

The Dodge Colt didn’t quite have the baggage that the Dodge Challenger did during its captive-import Mitsubishi era. Both were made as rebadged Mitsubishis, but the Dodge Challenger version came just a shop teacher’s handful of… more»

Bargain ‘Vette? 1960 Corvette Project

This unrestored 1960 Corvette is in surprisingly good condition compared to a lot of similar project Corvettes out there. It is also largely complete, as far as exterior trim goes. With prices for restored Corvettes of… more»

BF AUCTION: 1969 Corvette Stingray

Update 8/18 – We just heard from Tim with a bit of an unexpected surprise. He felt bad about the condition of the paint on his Corvette, so it’s at the paint shop being prepped for… more»

BF AUCTION: 1970 Chevelle SS 396/4-Speed Convertible!

This Chevelle may look familiar. Hot Rod Magazine ran an article about it last spring and I thought it was pretty awesome then. Well, fast forward 5 months and Paul, the owner, has asked us to help… more»

WWII P-47 Belly Fuel Tank….Street Rod?

Although it was built recently, the seller has certainly tapped into traditional street rod style on this one. It’s not a perfectly restored ’32 Ford, but I wouldn’t exactly call this a rat-rod either! The seller,… more»

“One Of A Kind” – 1995 Replica

If you’re tired of blending in with everyone else on the road with that black / white / silver / gray melted-bar-of-soap-looking car that you drive to work every day, here’s your chance to stand out… more»

Ran Great Until The Fire: 1939 LaSalle Touring

Undriven since suffering an engine fire, this classy 1939 LaSalle Touring Sedan, offered on eBay from Marion, New York, awaits a new caretaker to put her back on the road. Before the fire, this Cadillac-built classic enjoyed upgrades… more»

Can You See It? 1966 Mirage One-Off

I love automotive dreams! Without folks that are willing to put the hard work into turning their ephemeral visions into metal and fumes, the automotive enthusiast world would be a much less fun place to participate… more»

Shark Eyes: 1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder

Being Mercury’s base model for 1965, this 1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder is one sweet car. I’m sorry to use/overuse the word sweet, but I already overuse the words cool and fantastic. All three fit here. This… more»

Wait, What!? 1941 Ford Coupe 4×4

Ready for a car show or mud hole near you, this 1941 Ford coupe runs and drives including a functional vintage Willys 4×4 system. The eBay listing from Clinton Corners, New York offers two options:  $8,100… more»

French Flames: 1961 Vespa 400

The Vespa motor scooter is an icon of cheap, stylish, Italian motoring. The Vespa 400 minicar, alas, wasn’t destined to become quite so iconic—and it’s not even Italian! Built instead in France by a partner of… more»