1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon

1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon: 4 Door Classic

I know this isn’t a ’57 Nomad, but there is just something that I like about the 4 door Bel Air Wagon. It’s the kind of car you want to load the whole family up in and go to an old time diner for hamburgers, fries, and a shake! This particular wagon has some issues that might keep me away from it though. The worst of those issues is the rust. It isn’t the worst rust I’ve ever seen, but it does make me nervous of what might be hiding underneath. The other big issue is the lack of an engine. Now some of you might look at this as a plus, as it means you can stick any number of V8s in the engine bay. Personally, I’d rather have the original 283 V8, but I guess a 327 or a 350 would make things a bit more interesting. If you would like to take a closer look at this Bel Air, you can find it here on eBay in Yukon, Pennsylvania. I can think of a lot of cars I would call All-American classics, but when it comes to family wagons the ’57 Bel Air Wagon has to be my favorite! So what is your all time favorite American station wagon?

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

FWD Beast: 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

Front wheel drive cars don’t normally do anything for me. One that I wouldn’t mind having though is a first generation Olds Toronado. They are handsome in their own way and having a big block hooked up to the front wheels has got to be interesting. This one has the 425 cubic inch Super Rocket V8! With a name like that you know it is putting out some serious power – 385 horsepower and 475 foot pounds of torque to be exact. That’s a lot of power to put to the front wheels, but somehow GM managed to build a robust and compact package that got the job done. This particular example has been parked for the last 12 years. There’s some body damage and a little rust, but it does run and drive. So, as long as bidding here on eBay doesn’t get too wild this might be a good buy for someone who is okay with doing a little bodywork. Just think of the crazy burnouts you could do with this beast! Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!


1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan…Pickup?

I never realized the late Lincoln Blackwood had a predecessor! This non-factory but highly crafted converted Lincoln has been off the road since at least 1965, but was converted before then as it was registered as a Lincoln truck at that time. It’s a true barn find that has been sheltered for years waiting for someone to put it back on the road. The Lincochero (yes, I couldn’t resist) is located in Ahoske, North Carolina and is for sale here on craigslist. The asking price is $15,000 obo, but the seller says they are ready to sell, and with a clear title I’ll bet lower offers will be entertained. Read more »


Roll-Over Special: 1941 Ford Sedan

Well, here’s a first for me: a 1941 Ford is listed here on eBay in the wheels-up position – complete with the damage suffered from the unexplained roll-over. The words “stunt car” are mentioned in the heading and then never uttered again, which only makes me even more curious as to what happened! The seller claims it ran and drove fine prior to the incident, which seemingly also included the ignition key being stolen by 3 guys in New Jersey (see the questions and answers at the bottom of the listing). Pictures reveal a damaged roof and driver’s side, along with a ratty interior. These features haven’t had much effect on bidding, which is up to $1,450 with no reserve. What do you think happened to this black ’41?

1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible

1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible: Fun To Drive?

Unlike some car guys, I actually like inline-sixes – especially when they are sitting behind a good gearbox. That could explain why this 1964 Plymouth Valiant that Jim S. sent in caught my eye. Up until 1964 all Valiants only came with one of two slant-sixes. The larger of the two, the 225, was even cast in aluminum until ’63 when it switched to steel. That proves that Plymouth looked at this engine as more than just a cheap base engine. It put out a decent amount of power and made the Valiant a successful seller. This particular project has supposedly been parked since 1975. It’s dirty and will probably end up needing a full restoration, but the $1,000 starting bid here on eBay does make it tempting… Read more »

1969 Buick Electra 225

1969 Buick Electra 225: Beast Of A Convertible

If you have a yearning for a big convertible, this could be your, uh, project. It’s a 1969 Buick Electra 225 with a numbers matching 430 CID stuck engine. The owner claims that even though it’s in Detroit, the capitol of the rust belt, its solid, “floors, frame, rockers and quarters & trunk floors”. Perhaps that just means there’s more steel than rust? The price seems reasonable, at $5500. Or even better, if you have a 1981 or ’82 Corvette you can’t sell, he’s willing to trade. It would be nice to know more about the rust situation. But can you just imagine cruising along in this beast with the top down? Find this beast here on craigslist. So, who among you is brave enough to resurrect this Buick after 35 years in a barn?

1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

4-Speed Full-Size: 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

When you think of Impalas, you probably envision big cruisers with powerful engines and automatic transmissions. Well, you’d be right for the most part, but Chevrolet did offer many drive-train options in their full-size. You could get an anemic inline-six all the way up to a fire-breathing 427! Multiple transmissions were offered too including the prerequisite automatics and even a couple of manuals.You can read more about all the options here on Hemmings. This particular Impala may not have a big block, but the 327 found under the hood was nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, when attached to a 4-speed Muncie, like it is here, it was actually a lot of fun to drive. This one is located in Independence, Ohio and is listed here on eBay. From the questions and answers section I get the feeling that the seller thinks they may have struck gold, so it will be interesting to see if bidding even hits the reserve. Either way, this is one cool full-size! Read more »

The Trailers

Trailer Queens: An Amazing Discovery!

From Jersey Joe – Please find the time to publish this so your readers might make things a little easier when showing a car for sale. I have a bit of a story here, but it should be worth the time. I put a few pictures together (in order?) of today’s experience, here goes: I finally made the time to go look at a alloy body XK120 Jaguar that a friend will be selling soon. I got in early, before it gets advertised. She’s kind of a mini “Holy Grail” car to me. Well, what a frustrating day. First we have to find what trailer she’s stored in. Read more »

1966 Lincoln Continental

1966 Lincoln Continental: Storage Orphan

As I looked through the photos of this 1966 Lincoln Continental project here on eBay, I noticed a familiar sight: storage lockers in the background. You know, those handy storage centers that seem to be popping up wherever there’s a vacant lot. Without fail, after they’ve been there a few years, a few vehicles begin straddling the fence line, pushed out of their enclosed storage unit cocoon, making room for old TVs or bureaus or who-knows-what. This Continental bears the scars of a weather-beaten exterior but the interior is surprisingly clean and pleasant in appearance, which makes you wonder if this car was once a bit more treasured than it now appears to be. Of course, the next question is if this is a case of an owner with too much stuff or a vehicle left behind when the storage unit fees went unpaid. The seller does not explain whether the car is currently running, so is a $4K Buy-It-Now a fair asking for a straight Continental with some major unknowns?

1960 Edsel Villager

1960 Edsel Villager: Rare Family Wagon

Reader Eli R came across quite the interesting station wagon! We don’t often see this Edsel Villagers, as they didn’t build many. This one has supposedly only seen 1,800 miles since new, although it sure has moved around a lot over the years. I thought I would let Eli tell you a bit more about this car since he is the one that spotted it! From Eli – I am an avid Barn Finds browser, as well as a huge fan of Edsel’s, as they are my favorite cars, so when I saw this posting come up here on eBay, I couldn’t help but shoot you guys an email. It is one of 216 produced, and I personally find these 1960 models very interesting, because of how much they vary from the past year. But then again, each of the Edsel years the styling changed so much. Well I hope you get to this and find it as interesting as I did! I cannot express how much I love this site, I’ve been browsing it for probably two years now, you guys are great!

1949 Pontiac Streamliner

1949 Pontiac Streamliner: Fastback Classic

Sometime in the sixties I found a dark green car just like this 1949 Pontiac in a barn on a friend’s farm where it had been sitting for years. His parents told the typical story: it was grandpa’s car and they just left it in the barn after he died. My friend’s parents said he could drive it if we could get it running. We tried jump starting it with a tractor and got it started and running. We did a tuneup and oil change, as well as scrubbed lots of pigeon poop off it and it turned out to be a great car. This 1949 Pontiac also shows lots of potential and it even seems reasonably priced, with an asking price of $5500. The car was stored in a dry building, so hopefully there’s not much rust. It’s definitely a different look than most cars of the era. I can just imagine someone chopping and dropping this on bags, which would be sad in my opinion. Wouldn’t it be great to just clean this up, do the mechanical necessities and drive it? Those flathead eights and automatic transmissions were very dependable. Perhaps as money becomes available, do some interior work, then possibly a little body work. What would you do with Pontiac? It’s listed here on craigslist in Dumont, New Jersey.

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

Assembly Required: 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

When the guys at Pontiac dreamed up the Judge, they envisioned a Road Runner fighter. It was going to be something basic and cheap. You know, the rubber mat and steel rims kind of thing, but with serious muscle under the hood. In the end, the Judge became more of an option package for the GTO than anything. That doesn’t mean it was a bad thing though. The Ram Air III 400 engine was standard and the visual upgrades really gave this goat some sizzle. I’d love to have a 1970 model like this all done up in Orbit Orange! Unfortunately, this one is going to need some reassembly before it can be enjoyed. The seller is optimistic though claiming that everything is there except the linkage hardware for the hood scoops. I am always leery of these kinds of projects because you won’t really know what’s missing until you start rebuilding it. That doesn’t seem to have deterred some people though as bidding seems quite active here on eBay. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!