1925 Ford Model T: Dump Truck Find

This old truck sat from 1939 until it underwent a 2 year long frame off restoration. It’s listed here on craigslist for $12,000. That may seem like a lot of money, but surely it’s less than the cost of the restoration. This truck is a great example of how the value of old cars, 1930s and older, have dropped. It would make a great fun toy, but there’s not really a lot you can do with something like this. Model Ts are great fun to drive once you get used to your right foot being the brake instead of the gas, but this would be interesting to park! Perhaps a sand and gravel business might like this for a promotional vehicle? It would make for a fantastic parade truck!

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1968 Buick LeSabre: Repo’d Survivor

Barn Finds reader Alan in Michigan gave me a new distraction this week when he sent in this find: a 1968 Buick LeSabre found on a website called Repocast.com.  While not overflowing with vehicles, there’s enough here to compel you to dig deeper and see if there are any hidden gems among the appliances and other junk people have stopped making payments on. This LeSabre could potentially be a super low mileage find – or it could be a case of odometer roll-over. It looks clean enough to at least be a genuine survivor, with original-looking tires still in place (and cracking) and a generally unmarked interior. The body has suffered its share of dings and dents, but that’s to be expected on a land-barge like this, especially if it’s been trapped in the tight confines of a garage. Do you think it’s a sub-3,000 mile find, or just a case of a well-loved specimen?

Something Missing: 1972 Aston Martin V8

Barn Finds reader Michael M. sent in this interesting find from Melbourne, Australia. It’s a 1972 Aston Martin V8 that’s missing a few…well, a lot of body panels. It does, however, run and drive. What a go-kart! It’s up for sale here on CarandClassic for 24,990 British pounds. I can’t help but wonder what this would look like fitted with some version of Lotus Seven-like bodywork. It would be lighter than the original, that’s for sure. Even with right hand drive and an automatic, I think one could have some fun, don’t you? Let us know what you would do with this Aston Martin in the comments below!

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The DuPont’s 1929 Ford Model A Woodie Truck

This truck began life as a “Woodie” station wagon when purchased by the DuPont Family. They had it converted into this unique pickup truck. It served the DuPont family for many years until it was retired to the DuPont’s family museum. It is very original and has been indoors most of its life. Bonhams auction will be selling this truck at auction with no reserve October 5th at the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia. It’s estimated that it will go for between $3k and $5k, which seems like a decent price for a survivor with such interesting history. So what do you see happening with this truck? Do you think the next owner will preserve it as is or will it be fully restored? And even if you aren’t interested in this truck, be sure to check this auction out! With a name like “Preserving the Automobile” it’s sure to be a spectacular event!

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1 Of 8 In USA? 1963 Rochdale Olympic

It appears that only 8 Olympics were shipped to the US and Canada, at least according to the Rochdale Owners Club. Of the 8, only 3 others are known to have survived. This is said to be a 3 or 4 owner car. The original owner shipped the car over to Chicago after a 6 week European tour in 1963 and then sold the car in the summer of 1964. From there on out, the history is a bit fuzzy. The current owner has decided to sell it and have listed it here on eBay in Dallas, Texas with bidding just at $995.

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Running 1971 Triumph Stag At No Reserve

As covered on this site before, there are frequently Stags for sale. However, they aren’t manual transmission, almost rust-free, running ones up for sale often like this one here on eBay at no reserve! It’s been donated to a charity that is selling it on as-is. It’s located in Ventura, California, and bidding is currently at only $1,200! It looks like someone has put a 4-barrel conversion onto the stock Stag V8, which I’ve heard isn’t a bad thing (although I’m one of the few British car folks around that likes the original Strombergs). The interior is serviceable, although the driver’s seat needs a little work, and even the padded dash and wood don’t look too bad. If it were close to me, I’d be bidding! No, it’s not a perfect car, but I’d love to drive it while I worked on it a little. How about you?

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Inspect Cars For Fellow Barn Finders!

With the recent and unfortunate demise of Jewel or Jalopy, we’ve decided to put together an inspection service for our readers. Buying any car online can be scary, but being able to have a fellow barn finder check out a car first could help ease some of those fears. It might be a good way to earn a little cash too! We are still working out all the details, but you can express your willingness to be an inspector now.  Just fill out the form below to get started!

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Luggage History? 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Reader Edd J. sent in this rather unusual four-door Chevelle that’s been decorated in Louis Vuitton logo’s. However, if you look past the strange paintwork and anachronistic wheels, this actually seems like a pretty solid car for the price. It’s located in Rocky Point, New York and is for sale here on eBay for a buy-it-now of only $1,450, and even lower offers being entertained. I’m hoping the decals can be peeled off; that would only leave the oddly painted headlight surrounds, the hole in the trunk lid (cut for access? It was in a police impound yard…) and the dent in the driver’s rear fender to deal with. Oh, and the fact that it doesn’t currently run. That being said, I don’t see any real rust apart from the cut and dented areas, so this might be a good buy after all, especially if you don’t mind the four-door body style. Would you give this car a new life?

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BF Exclusive: 1962 Jaguar S-Type

Reader Mike N was asked by a friend if he could help them find a new home for their Jaguar S-Type. Since he wants to see this car find a good home, he’s turned to this community to see if anyone here would be interested in giving this old cat a new lease on life. Here is what Mike has to say about it: As per the owner, it is a 1962 RHD 4 speed car making it quite rare in the US but perhaps more appealing to someone in the UK that wants to repatriate this car. It was last driven in 2007 and has been sitting outside since. The temporary storage shed caved in and is still around the car.

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1966 Riley Elf With A Surprise Under The Hood!

This Riley Elf hides a surprise under the hood. Instead of the more common BMC A-series four cylinder, there’s a Honda VTEC! I realize that will offend some purists out there, but this conversion was done professionally with a lot of effort placed into keeping the car looking as stock as possible. Thanks to reader M. Patterson for this find! It’s up for sale here on craigslist in Royston, Tennessee for a pricey $29,000. I have enjoyed my drives in regular Mini’s, but I’m guessing this would be an entirely different experience. How do you feel about restomods like these? Let us know in the comments below!

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1970 Citroen Mehari: Humpty Dumpty Truck?

The word Mehari means a racing camel, but even though it only weighs about a thousand pounds, don’t expect too much from the 32 horsepower (or would that be camel power?) VW Mehari. This little Citroen doesn’t look like much, especially in the first picture of it here on eBay. But, there’s not much to it and it would go together easier than it looks and remember, the body is made of ABS plastic. Also, these Citroens were designed to be worked on by a farmer and are very simple. There is lots of documentation and a lot of manuals included. It looks like there is surface rust on the frame, so be sure to take a closer look at that. With 2 days to go, bidding is at about $1,700 and it has not met reserve. These aren’t worth much, perhaps $10,000 unless it is really nice. This doesn’t look like an opportunity for a flipper, but if the bidding stays below $3k, perhaps one could put this together and have a fun warm weather cruiser! Wouldn’t this be a fun little car to run around in, especially on a farm or ranch? It would be like having a street legal quad!

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1969 Camaro Z/28 Left In A Field

In our never ending pursuit to find interesting and incredible finds, I recently stumbled across a rather amazing find that was posted a few years back here on camaros.net. Dennis, aka new2camaro, discovered the kind of find we all dream of! A high performance and highly desirable 1969 Camaro Z/28. It wasn’t found in a barn, but parked in a field. Even though it was left out in the elements, it is surprisingly solid. The windows were broken out at some point, the paint is worn thin, but it is all original and quite complete. It turned out that Dennis purchased the car from the original owner not being sure if it really was a Z/28, but with the help of a lot of Camaro fans he was able to determine that it is the real deal!

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