Split Personality : 1983 Datsun Maxima Wagon

Nissan Motors applied the Datsun brand name to its cars for many years (originally to distance the company from the fact that Nissan was a major military supplier during World War II). The Datsun name was,… more»

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One Owner Survivor: 1979 Ford Thunderbird

They don’t come much cleaner than this one! This 1979 Ford Thunderbird’s original owner died about 10 years ago, but his wife didn’t get around to selling his two cars until recently (more about the other… more»

Parked Since 1974: 1965 Triumph TR4A

Although the seller describes this as a 1964, it’s clearly a Triumph TR4A not a TR4, which makes it a 1965-1967 model. The last time it was licensed was in 1974, and while there appears to… more»

Airplane Heritage Find: 1952 Bristol 401

I have heard the term “gentleman’s express” used to describe Bristols in the past. When an airplane company decides to build cars, they typically go their own route to some extent (ask Saab owners), and Bristol… more»

Forgotten Type 1: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Many things can be said about the Volkswagen Beetle, its history and popularity. Although developed in the late 1930’s the Beetle was a successfully sold automobile up until production ceased in 2003. Known for their simplicity, and… more»

From The Past To The Future: 1981 Tri-Magnum

Looking for all the world like something out of a science fiction movie, this 1981 Tri-Magnum doesn’t look like it would take much to put it back on the road. It sounds like it’s being sold… more»

M3 Killer: 1993 BMW 320 SS With Ecotec Power!

Engine swaps are not uncommon around here. We have featured many American engined European cars, but this could be the first BMW. It may not seem like the most obvious candidate, but someone took it upon themselves to see… more»

Caged Cat: 1979 Mercury Bobcat

Like so many other corporate twins, the Mercury Bobcat was simply another rendition of Ford’s Pinto. Over the years, as the Pinto has become more obscure, the Bobcat has seemingly sunk into oblivion. This late-production 1979… more»

Award Winning Patina: 1959 Porsche 356A

Patina can be an interesting topic as some are for it, some are against it, and there is definitely a grey area on what is and isn’t suitable patina. What if I were to tell you… more»

Plain White Wrapper: 1968 Corvette 427

The seller has wrapped this battered Corvette in white, but this is how it actually looks under the plastic wrap. It’s listed on craigslist in Chesterfield, Michigan for $15,000. The frame and body structure are said… more»

Massive Volvo Stash Found In Sweden

From Bengt E in Sweden – Do you need a hood for a Volvo 444, perhaps a 121 trunk lid, some rubber parts to freshen up your cherished 140 – or maybe even a whole car?… more»

No Reserve Driver: 1974 Porsche 914

I recently came across and featured a sweet little Porsche 914 survivor, but the seller must have gotten an offer they couldn’t refuse and they ended the auction early. Thankfully, for those of you that are… more»

Dusty Gold: 1963 AMC Rambler Classic 550

Dust is such a damaging substance, especially for vehicle finishes. Yet, when a dusty, dirty vehicle shows up for sale it can command more money seemingly because of showing that dust still on it. This may… more»