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1936 Cord 810

Nice Original: 1936 Cord 810

It’s rare that you find a car this old (79 years old this year!) that’s essentially in nice “used car” condition. This example of a truly iconic design can be found in Lake Forest, Illinois and is for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $35,000 and no reserve. The seller describes it as “the consummate barn find” and its condition is exceptional, but not pristine. Everything works, the paint is presentable although having minor cracking, and less than 44,000 miles have rolled under its wheels. The engine currently will kick over on starting fluid but the fuel tank hasn’t been cleaned yet, so the owner hasn’t run it much. Personally, I’d love to know if it would run off a bottle! What about you? This is a bonafide classic!

1962 Porsche 356S Cabriolet

Dan’s 1962 Porsche 356S Cabriolet

From Dan S – Hey there, I thought I’d share my recent find with you… I just purchased this rare 1962 356 S Cabriolet from its long time owner of 40+ years. He knew what he had and I paid a ton of money for it, but when will you find another one?! It is all numbers matching with original engine and tranny, totally complete, and runs and drives beautifully! Read more »

1912 Little Roadster

1912 Little Roadster: Antique Speed

I’ll admit it, I’ve fallen in love with our Singer SM roadster. We’ve had faster, more comfortable, and safer cars, but put the windshield down and suddenly 30 mile per hour feels incredibly fast. I think I’ve been bit by the roadster bug and for some reason I want to experience older roadsters to see if they provide that same false sense of speed and the rush that accompanies it. This 1912 Little Roadster is 103 years old, making our Singer seem like a very modern car, which leaves me wondering if it would provide a rush or if it is simply too old to be thrilling. It hasn’t been on the road for many years, so I’m sure it is going to need a lot of work before it will be providing any thrills but is surprisingly solid and complete for its age. Find it here on craigslist in Savannah, Georgia for $9,500. Thanks to Robert R for another great tip!

1962 Studebaker Lark Skytop

Studie With A Skylight: 1962 Lark Skytop

Despite having been stored for a while, this Lark is in better shape than most barn finds. It’s currently located in a garage in Mishawaka, Indiana and is listed here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $5,600 and bidding below that. I kept trying to find major faults with the car and was completely unsuccessful. The Skytop option was quite rare (although no one seems to know exactly how rare). The car runs well, stops, and is a solid car sporting original paint on most surfaces. The gray paint on the hood and fender tops is primer, and my hope would be that a sympathetic partial respray would blend the new paint nicely with the original. Chrome and stainless are said to be good and look the part. Even the interior doesn’t seem to be too bad. This really seems like a lot of car for the money to me, regardless of any value guide amount. What do you think?

1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

Apple Green Pony: 1967 Ford Mustang

It’s well known that Jesse and Josh like their Mustangs! I grew up with them as well, and we had two ’67 coupes while I was growing up. This one is located in Mount Airy, Georgia and is being auctioned here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $5,000 and the seller inviting offers. With a fairly solid body and a lot of originality (the seller bought it from the original owner’s family), this one needs front floors and a few localized repairs, but nothing terrible. Unfortunately, the 289 is locked up and it’s only a 3-speed manual. Parts obviously aren’t an issue, though, and it wouldn’t take that much to go with a completely new drivetrain. But that would lose the originality. Would you finish this one, and if so, how would you do it?

1970 Lotus Europa project

1970 Lotus Europa: Barn Racer

The Lotus Europa may not be the most handsome car, but when it’s sitting on a set of Minilites at the track, all awkwardness is forgotten. This one is going to need some work before that’s happening though. A previous owner flared the fenders and from the looks of it, was preparing things for paint. The mismatched panels and a crusty interior may not get everyone’s blood going, but I believe this barn found racer has potential. The only problem is that the seller seems to have gotten excited about their  new discovery (can’t blame them there!) and priced it a tad high. Find it here on craigslist out of Haddon Heights, New Jersey for $5,900. Also be sure to checkout the photos on the seller’s site. Looks like there were a few other treasures where this one was found. Thanks goes to Clayton H. for the tip!

1967 Porsche 912 barn find

1967 Porsche 912: Barn Find, Per Se?

We all whine about the escalating Porsche prices, but honestly who among us wouldn’t love to drag one home? Perhaps you want one to restore and drive? Or maybe just for a quick flip? It seems that most people have been opting for the later though because there sure are a lot of rusty 912s hitting the market. The 912 may have been unloved for a while there, but that appears to all be changing now. People are starting to appreciate it for the balanced sports car it is and this 1967 Porsche 912 should prove that point. Bidding is very healthy here on eBay for a project that most Porchephiles would have turned their nose up at a decade ago. It should be interesting to see what it ultimately sells for. Read more »

1973 Dodge Charger SE Brougham

1973 Dodge Charger SE: Buy 1 Get 2

With bidding at $5,000 this Charger SE Brougham might not seem like an astounding deal. Don’t get me wrong the Charger SE Brougham is quite rare, but this seems high for one that needs to be restored. However, if you read the seller’s listing you will discover this auction isn’t for just this one car. The seller has three Dodge Chargers in various conditions plus a mountain of parts that they are including in this one auction. Between all the parts and cars it shouldn’t be too difficult to build 2 complete cars, so if you love these big B-body Mopars this could be a good chance to jump start a Mopar collection. Find this bundle deal here on eBay in Topeka, Kansas.

1941 Buick Special

Pre-War Beater: 1941 Buick Special

Sure, it’s a four-door and a little rough, but there’s a lot to like about this 1941 Buick Special. It’s almost 75 years old and appears to be very original. Supposedly the car sat in storage for 30 years before the current owner cleaned up the fuel system and got the straight eight running again. The brakes still need attention as I’m sure a few other systems do, but if the rust is as minimal as it looks, this could be made to be a runner on the cheap. The seller has had a hard time moving it, but perhaps someone here will appreciate this Buick enough to preserve it. The car is located in Worthington, Iowa and is listed here on eBay where the auction is ending shortly. Anyone in the market for a pre-war beater?

1957 Porsche 356A

April 4th Jackpot Sale – Feeling Lucky?

You’d think Porsche project prices would drop with so many coming to market, but that doesn’t seem to have deterred the dedicated collectors. Places like eBay are not where you want to go if you’re looking for a bargain though. Local listings or smaller auction venues might be a better bet. This 1957 356A is rough, but it’s going to cross the block with no reserve at Lucky Auction’s upcoming Spring “Jackpot” Sale. This auction is large enough to attract many good cars, but has not turned into a circus like some other events out there. The sale will be held on April 4th at the Snoqualmie Casino in Snoqualmie, Washington and you can view the full lot listing here. See anything worth raising the paddle for? Read more »