Oklahoma Field of Dreams

1974 MGC GT

I recently wrote a story about the large number of classic cars that seem to be hiding in the state of Oklahoma. Well Jim S has sent in even more evidence to support the claims that it is home to a treasure trove of classics in need of saving. Jim sent me a link to an MGC GT, which can be found here on eBay, with the suggestion that I look at the seller’s other auctions and the background of their photos. I’m not sure if the seller ran a salvage yard or if this is their own personal collection, but one thing is for sure, they have a lot of interesting cars in need of saving! Read more »

Ready For Fun: 1967 Abarth 1000 OT Spider

1967 Fiat Abarth Spider

With the reintroduction of the Abarth 500 to the States, interest in the Abarth brand has increased greatly. While it is nice to finally see the name back on American shores, the new Abarths aren’t anything like the ones from yesteryear. Sure they are fun little micro cars, but they lack some of what made the old ones so great. Whether it was on an all-out race car or a street going convertible, each modification served a purpose. In those days Abarths weren’t just about gaudy stripes and scorpion badges, but about handling and performance. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at this 1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 OT Spider here on eBay, which lacks all the flash associated with modern Abarths. Special thanks to Jim S for this tip! Read more »

35K Mile Survivor: 1966 Pontiac GTO


The seller of this beautiful black GTO claims that it is a survivor car. They seem honest in their assessment of the car, but they are also a dealer who needs to turn a profit. There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t expect to score a bargain here. Then again, few GTOs show up in this kind of condition with such a long options list. Take a closer look here on eBay and let us know if you think it’s a legitimate survivor. The car is located in Columbus, Ohio and has a BIN price of $59,000. Thanks goes to Jeff A for the tip! Read more »

Barn Finds Mustang Is At Auction!

BF's Mustang Project

Update 10/13/14 – With only an hour left, bidding has stalled at $4,450. Do you think that is the end, or are we going to some last minute action?

From 10/8/14 – After announcing that our project Mustang was on the market, we received many emails from interested parties. The most serious ones were on the other side of the country though so transportation cost was a deterrent. That’s unfortunate too because a few of these potential buyers caught our vision for the car and even planned on entering it in a few rallies over in their neck of the woods. As I had mentioned before though, if we didn’t find a buyer among our readers within a week, I would go ahead and put the car up for auction. So, here it is on eBay with bidding starting at $200 and no reserve. The car will sell for whatever the market feels it is worth! This should be interesting… Read more »

Finds in Oklahoma

1955 Chevrolet Tree Find

I have heard stories of the incredible number of classic cars hiding all over the State of Oklahoma. They always seemed like reasonable enough stories, but having not spent much time in the State, I had no idea whether they were true or just rumors. Well Chuck F sent me this link to the Tulsa Oklahoma craigslist and if it is any indication of the rest of the State, it is a land full of classics waiting to be saved! Even if there isn’t anything particularly valuable or rare, it looks like this could be a good place to go to see some interesting sights (like this “three on the tree” Chevy) and to pick up some parts cars. Read more »

Before and After: 1957 Morgan 4/4


We all love to see before and after photos of project cars, so when Barn Finds reader Dan K sent in some shots of this¬† 1957 Morgan 4/4, I knew we had to share them. Here is what he had to say, This Morgan does not belong to me. It is a customers car. The Morgan was dug out of a storage building and the new owner sent the car in for a complete restoration. In the middle of the restoration the owner died and his wife hesitantly¬†decided to finish restoration. I don’t have any other information that I can share other than that. I just thought you might be willing to show it on your site. Read more »

The 6,686 Mile Miata


The seller of this 1990 Miata purchased the car back in 2013 from a craigslist ad. The original owner had put fewer than 1k miles on the car and was keeping it in tip top shape in anticipation of it becoming a collectable. Apparently their patience ran out a few years short of that happening so they decided to sell it to someone who might enjoy it. The story is a good one, but the new owner committed one major sin. Take a look at this pristine roadster here on eBay and I bet you will spot the mistake immediately. Read more »

Collection of American Iron in France

American Cars in France

It is rather rare to see classic American built cars outside of North America. Ford and GM both had factories abroad, but they typically built models that were targeted for that specific market. The cost of exporting massive and heavy American cars to Europe made it price prohibitive. Manufacturers and dealers couldn’t justify large scale exportation, making this collection of 250+ American cars in France an extremely rare sight! The seller didn’t offer much information in their ad on leboncoin.fr, so I contacted them in hopes of getting more photos and an inventory list. Unfortunately, the listing was removed before I heard back. It still might be worth a look to see if anyone knows more about the collection and if the cars are still for sale. Special thanks to Michael B for the tip! Read more »

Splity Project: 1963 Corvette Coupe

Blurry Corvette Coupe

Starting an eBay listing with a blurry and poorly shot photo is never a good choice, especially when the car you’re selling is as desirable and sought after as this split window Corvette Coupe is. Of course if your car is as rough as this splity, then maybe you would want to use a blurry photo too! I shouldn’t be too hard on the seller though, they are actually honest in their description about the condition of this project. It is going to need everything, but at least they are up front about that fact. You can take a better look at it here on eBay in Tavares, Florida. Read more »