1971 Porsche 914 for $2,500


Wyoming is not a place you would expect to find many sports cars, but there are a few lurking around. The cold winters keep most rear wheel drive cars in their garages for the better part of the year so when they do appear, they usually have low mileage and clean bodies. This 1971 Porsche 914 is far from perfect, but is claimed to still be wearing its original paint and to have only covered 67k miles. Of course this will all need to be verified, but the $2,500 asking price does make it tempting. Find it here on eBay in Laramie, Wyoming. Read more »

Fall Classic Auction – Time to Get Lucky!


Back in May we ran a feature about Lucky Auctions and their spring sale. Well, summer is almost over so it is time for another auction. This is their big one though and there are some real gems scheduled to cross the block next weekend. You have probably noticed their banner ad at the top of the page. They were generous enough to sponsor the site for a week in return for a little publicity so please check them out. Lucky is a smaller venue than some of the big auction houses so you might be actually get lucky and snatch up something at a bargain price! Take a look at their site here and let us know which ones you would go for. I have included my top picks below. Read more »

Pre-A Project: 1955 Porsche 356 Continental


If you want a classic to drive, get the Sprite. If you want a classic as an investment, get this. It is a pre-A 356 and although it looks bad in the photos, there is actually a lot to work with here. The paint was stripped back in the sixties by the seller’s uncle and it has sat in the family barn ever since. Things will get very expensive before it is all said and done, but the end result will likely be worth six figures! Find in here on eBay in Canton, Michigan. Read more »

Affordable Fun: 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite


With classic car prices on the rise with no signs of stopping, it is always nice to find an affordable little project like this 1965 Sprite. The seller bought it back in 1970 and enjoyed it until about 10 years ago. They claim that the paint and interior are still original, but that it is going to need a little help to get back on the road. Unfortunately, they have Parkinsons now and would like get the car into someone’s hands who can enjoy it. Find it here on craigslist in Los Altos, California. Thanks for the tip Gil P! Read more »

Another Collection Discovered in NC

Barn Finds in NC

UPDATE 8/22/14 –So Alan was finally able to get a hold of the owner of this collection and has gotten permission to release their phone number. We don’t want the seller to get overwhelmed with spam and phone calls, so if you are interested in buying something, just email us here and we will get you the number as soon as possible!

FROM 8/19/14 – It’s only been a few months since we featured a massive collection of classics that Alan F came across in North Carolina (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Well, he has managed to hunt down another hoard of cars hiding in North Carolina. This find isn’t nearly as massive as the last one, but there are still plenty of cars here. According to Alan, the owner wants to get rid of everything. Alan offered to help sell it all on eBay, but the owner doesn’t trust computers and decided to just keep offering everything locally. The owner hopes to find homes for everything, but isn’t over the idea of scrapping it all. I would hate to see all these cars and parts crushed for scrap, but if the seller isn’t willing to sell online that might be what ends up happening. Thanks Alan for sharing your find with us! Read more »

Mystery Contractor’s Work Truck


Last week one of our readers emailed us about an International truck that they just purchased at an estate sale. Apparently it had been parked since 1968! It is solid though and has some interesting hand-painted lettering on the sides and tailgate. They have done some research in an attempt to find more information about the previous owner or the associated company, but haven’t had any luck. So, they hoped that we might be able to dig something up. Thanks for sharing this with us Sherry! Read more »

Drag Pack: 1970 Ford Torino 429 SCJ


Some occupations are perfectly suitable for car hunters – delivery men, meter readers, electricians and the like all know where a few gems are stashed. For example, this 1970 Ford Torino was found while doing some electrical work. It hadn’t been registered since 1991, but the owner was not interested in selling. They did say that they would call if they ever changed their mind though. Well, they called about a month ago. A deal was obviously made and it is already listed for sale again online. It’s a shame that the new owner didn’t do more with it before moving on, but I’m still excited for the next owner when they are finally able to fire this beast up! Find it here on eBay in Canastota, New York. Read more »

The Best Worst Car Ever: 1986 Yugo GV

1986 Yugo GV

The Yugo has been called many things over the years, but I highly doubt the words best and Yugo have ever been in the same sentence. I may be the first to ever include both words in one sentence, so here it goes! This 1986 Yugo GV is the best looking one I have ever seen! For all of its flaws and short comings the Yugo has soldiered on as basic transportation for countless masses across the globe. Most have been driven into the ground, resurrected, and driven into the ground once more. It is rare to find one in this immaculate and original of condition, so if you’re interested in owning or simply want to take a closer look at the Best Worst Car ever be sure to take a look at it here on eBay or find it in El Cajon, California. Read more »

My Secret Dream Car: 1972 OTAS Grand Prix

1972 Otas Grand Prix 820

From the first time I drove a Fiat, I have been a fan of Italian company and all the oddball cars they have built over the years. I have since had the pleasure of driving a number of different Fiats, but there is one that I yearn to drive but so far has eluded me. That car isn’t one of their early cars or even one of the Abarth tuned rally cars, although these did come in Abarth flavor, it isn’t even really a Fiat. It is the OTAS Grand Prix 820, also known as the Abarth Scorpione and the Giannini Grand Prix, and while it might not be a true Fiat, it is based on the Fiat 850 chassis and drivetrain. This 1972 OTAS 820cc isn’t one of the highly desirable tuned versions, but is still quite desirable in my book. It has been in storage since the ’80s and has just recently pulled from storage. It is now located in Austin, Texas and can be found here on eBay. Special thanks to Jim S for the tip! Read more »