Cheap Humpback: 1937 Ford

With a promising appearance, and no information, this Ford looks like a deal! Looking to be complete, and having a Flathead V8 under the hood, we don’t think you can loose on this one. Priced at… more»

Smokey Yunick Approved: 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

Smokey Yunick is a legend on multiple different levels, so what better a way to pay tribute to the man than with this 1966 Chevelle Daytona 500 replica. Decked out with a big block 454, a… more»

$3,900! 1982 Chevrolet C20 Scottsdale

This stunning truck is a 1982 Chevrolet C20 Scottsdale and it’s in surprisingly nice condition. It can be found on craigslist with an almost-too-reasonable price of $3,900! You can’t get much for that price anymore and… more»

Well Grown: 1969 Oldsmobile 442

Thank you Pat L for sharing this 442 with us. It’s listed on craigslist in Chattanooga, Tennessee for $4,000. It must have been beautiful in its original silver, but now it’s rusty and tired, but because… more»

1970 Plymouth Superbird In The Basement!

I’ve had more dreams about discovering a Superbird or a Dodge Daytona hiding in a barn than I care to admit, but I don’t think I could even dream up something quite as incredible as this… more»

Mystery Meteor From Down Under

It is always fascinating to find a mysterious automobile whose manufacturer is unknown. Bulbous with a pinch of deco styling this “Meteor” automobile is a curious machine. Little is known about this automobile other than its… more»

Mighty Mitsu: 1980 Dodge Challenger

Every now and again, the odd period of time in which the Dodge Challenger was actually a Mitsubishi in drag gets brought up on these pages, or we choose to highlight the equally confusing Plymouth Sapparo…. more»

Glassy Eyed: 1937 Lincoln Zephyr

While it’s easy to remember the Chrysler Airflow as the first mass produced car to make a low drag coefficient an actual talking point, the Lincoln Zephyr wasn’t exactly a slouch when it came to slicing… more»

37 Years Garaged! 1965 Pontiac GTO

This 1965 Pontiac GTO was disassembled in 1979 and hasn’t moved since–which means it’s been in dry storage and, according to the seller, is rust free! This is your chance to purchase the car and put… more»

1st U.S. Sports Car: 1951 Crosley Hot Shot

So, you think you’re a hot shot, eh? Well, then you need this 1951 Crosley Hot Shot. This cute little bugger is listed on eBay with a current bid price of just over $4,500 but the… more»

’58 This Time: Another Ford Country Sedan

It doesn’t look too bad, does it? Since you Barn Finds readers liked the 1957 Country Sedan we recently featured, this 1958 was a shoo-in. And this one even runs! It’s located in Irvington, Alabama and… more»

BF Exclusive: 1963 Studebaker 8E40E Transtar

Now this is one cool old truck! In my opinion, Studebaker built some of the best looking trucks around, especially in the late ’50s and early ’60s. Their Transtar series of trucks ranged in size from a… more»

1967 International Relisted For $1,850!

This 1967 International Harvester 1100B Pickup might look familiar and that’s because we’ve featured it once before, but the seller has lowered the price enough to get excited. They are now asking $1,850?! Yes! And, it… more»

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