Inexpensive Wagon: 1965 Plymouth Fury

Long-time Barn Finds readers know I love big old station wagons, and this Fury is certainly one of them. I find a large wagon incredibly useful and miss the fact that we don’t currently have one. Yes, there’s a minivan in the family–shame, shame! This car looks like a really solid, usable Mopar wearing it’s original paint for not a lot of cash. The Fury is located in sunny Petaluma, California and is for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $995 and a buy-it-now price of $1,395. The 318 V-8 and 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission are out of the car, but the seller is willing to install them for shipment. There are some readily available parts missing, like a carburetor, distributor, and radiator, but at this price and if it were in North Carolina, I’d be hitting the buy-it-now button right now. Let us know you do!

1976 Westfalia

1976 Volkswagen Westfalia: California Bargain?

This 1976 Westfalia was in a barn in Nevada for 20 years. It has the usual dings and scrapes, but appears to be rust free. The new owner has done a lot to revive it including a new tent, brakes, all hydraulic and vacuum lines, fuel injectors and more. It still has a few things that need attention, like having the fuel injection set up, but what might make this a real bargain is it is a 1976 and in California it needs to be smogged, but in another state perhaps not? It is listed here on eBay with no reserve and the bidding is at only $2,550 so far. This could be a really nice camper for someone who is looking for a low priced Westfalia. Some would want to redo the cabinet doors and it needs the touch of a VW specialty shop and probably new tires, but it’s almost ready for fun. I guess some would want to make it like new, but it is just a camper. It’s in my area, so if someone out there is really serious about it, I’d be glad to have a look for you! Read more »

right front

1978 Datsun 280Z 2+2: Worth Saving?

Nissan used to called their cars Datsuns in America and when the first Z car was introduced, we dubbed it a 24 ounce Datsun. This 280Z has sat for 12 years. Is it time to bring it back to life? Is $2500 cheap enough to make it worthwhile? It’s said to be rust free, but I see a fender that doesn’t match and is that fender liner missing? Could this be a badly repaired Z? Was the damage to the doors part of the same accident? It’s shown stored inside, but the piles of leaves might indicate it was stored outside for a while. These 2+2 cars sell for much less than the coups, but perhaps someone would like to take their family along. It’s said to start and move under it’s own power. If the non op fees haven’t been paid, this could be a rather expensive car if it stays in California. It’s listed here on craigslist and is located in Sacramento. Read more »


Family History: 1949 Dodge Coronet

When Barn Finds reader Mike D. sent in this 1949 Dodge Coronet found here on eBay, the story behind it was almost more interesting than the car itself. You see, Mike’s grandfather bought the car new and it’s been in the family ever since. It has traveled coast-to-coast and has been driven at one time or another by every aunt and uncle on his dad’s side of the family! The car has been off the road for over 40 years, so there is a significant amount of work needed to bring this Coronet back to life (including rust repair and a new interior thanks to the critter colony that lived in the garage where it was stored), but you can’t buy this kind of history much cheaper than the current bidding. Mike notes, “This car has traveled from Dartmouth to LA, Washington Island to Hunstville, Alabama.” Great story and good luck on the sale, Mike!  Do any of our readers have similar cars that have been in the family since new? We would love to hear about them!

Diesel Fintails

Pair of Mercedes 200D’s for $3,750!

For the old-school Mercedes diesel fan, your ship has come in! Here on eBay right now, you can buy a pair of manual transmission-equipped Heckflosse fintails for less than $4,000! One is running and the other is a parts car, but these old girls are fairly stout – and with the purchase price being so low, you’d be forgiven if you tried to get the other one running before pillaging it. Aside from the bargain basement pricing, these cars also appear relatively complete. They don’t look rusty or accident-damaged, the chrome and glass looks decent, and even the interiors are livable. I’m not sure what the catch is, but I’m not seeing it. The cars are located in Atlanta and the official Buy-it-Now is $3,750. Who’s going to grab these beauties?


German Collection: 21 Garage Finds for 5,200 Euro

Wow! Kudos to reader Olaf E. for this very unusual find! Located in Oschersleben, Germany, this huge collection of cars is for sale here on eBay Germany for 5,200 Euro ($5,702) or best offer. Consisting of 11 Trabants (!), 4 Wartburgs and 6 Ladas, the collection is just amazing in it’s depth. Most of the cars look complete or near complete, and the seller will not split the collection. At least one of the Trabants is said to have a restored body and just awaits assembly. The advertisement says the cars have been in this dry “hall” for years. I’m guessing it will take either a dealer or a consortium of German car enthusiasts to purchase all of these; I don’t know where you’d find the room to store that many cars as an individual! Any of our European readers interested? How about a single-marque Trabant race series?


1992 Muff Mobile: One Of One

As we all know, shop promotional vehicles can be a bit whacky, but they can also provide great value by becoming a community favorite while serving as advertising for its owner. How could you not love a car shaped as a gigantic muffler? I come from a marketing background, and I long for the days when oddities like this Muff Mobile here on eBay were the norm. Today, advertising has moved into the digital arena where cars like this just don’t play. Although I’d like to see the Muff Mobile continue in its duties as a conversation starter for a local muffler shop, its days as a sales tool may be coming to an end. My personal favorite ad-cars are the air-cooled Truly Nolen VW Beetles – complete with ears and tails, what’s not to love? Hopefully, someone feels the same way about the Muff Mobile. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Doug N. for the find.


Rotary Motorcycle: 1975 Hercules W-2000

This motorcycle falls into a category of vehicles I really like–let’s call them “enhanced survivors”–where the vast majority of the vehicle is clean and original, but the necessary maintenance and repairs have been done to put the machine into excellent running condition. No, it’s not a concours-winning show example, but it looks like it’s been loved and cared for since birth. Since I’m a big rotary engine fan as well, this Chicago, Illinois find courtesy of reader Jim S really piqued my interest. The Hercules is advertised here on eBay, with bidding currently at $4,750 but the reserve has not yet been met. The presentation by the seller is superb, with numerous beautiful photographs of both general views and details. They have also included more information about the Hercules Wankel 2000 than I thought available, including such minute details as how many with red tanks were in the initial shipment to the US distributor. The seller maintains a collection of rotary motorcycles; I would imagine they would be able to answer pretty much any questions you could come up with. What do you think of this unusual motorcycle?
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What An Ad! 1973 Capri Survivor

Thanks go to Barn Finds reader Herb for alerting us to this find! It’s rare that you find an early Mercury Capri that isn’t completely rusted away. This one does have some issues, especially on the driver’s side rear fender, but that’s original metallic blue paint you are seeing, and apart from a spray-on roof replacing the original vinyl I would classify this car as a survivor. The Capri has 77,690 miles (and for once I believe it hasn’t turned over) and is offered here on craigslist in Seattle, Washington for $4,000. I have to say, however, that the real star in this case is not the car, although I like Capri’s, but the verbiage in the ad. The story told about the car and the lives it’s touched so far was extremely enjoyable to read but wasn’t hyperbole. If you have a few minutes, it’s really worth the read. I ended up hoping that the seller keeps the car! If you read the ad, let us know what you think in the comments.


’80s Luxury Liner Trio: Low-Mileage Specimens

This may not be the world’s sexiest collection of barn finds, but this discovery by Barn Finds reader Robert R stands out for how unusual it is to find 3 ordinary, vanilla cars in preserved, showroom condition – all with the same owner since new. Listed here on craigslist with prices ranging from $6,500 to $12,000, you have your choice of an original Oldsmobile Cutlass, Caliase or Cadillac Eldorado. Mileage is low across the board – 41,000 on the Cutlass, 51,000 on the Calais and a mere 21,000 on the Eldorado. It’s not hard to figure out which was the driver, the good weather car and the weekend-only vehicle! While not exactly collectible at this point, I could get behind the Cadillac as a comfortable classic that’s cheap to own and insure, without being too worried about the value and using it for highway travel. Which one would you pick?

Moldy XK120

Rare Classics Rotting Away!

Once a race car driver, then a fashion designer, now a classic car dealer in Dusseldorf, and full time eccentric, Michael Fröhlich bought 50 classic cars from the 1950’s and created a sculpture park on his land not far from his dealership. Some are very rare cars that should be in museums or on the street. Yet they languish in the wilderness to decay and rust. He wants to show that nature can defeat technology, as the cars rot away. Among the cars is a Jaguar XK120 that Fröhlich used to race. He is said to have smeared yogurt on the Jaguar to make it decay quicker. Some of the cars were running when they were parked and at least one, a Buick Special, had just been restored. The most unusual part is that he doesn’t allow public to come see his collection of sadness. Read more »

front left48

1948 REO Speed Wagon: Tougher Than The Band!

When Ransom E Olds sold his company to General Motors, he agreed to not use his name on another company. He named his new company REO, for Ransom Eli Olds, building cars and trucks from 1905 to 1975. Mr. Olds was actually the first car manufacturer to use the assembly line, ahead of Ford. There’s no information on the history of this 1948 RIO Speedwagon. The body has said to be in good shape with very little rust. The owner has been working on reviving this truck for 2 years, mounting the REO body on a more modern truck, a 1991 Dodge. The owner has driven this 15,000 miles since completing it, so it must be somewhat sorted. There are numerous items to be completed like turn signals and glass. It’s for sale here on eBay with a BIN of $20,000.00 and bidding up to $5700 not meeting reserve. What use do you think the new owner will make of this truck? And what do you think would be a reasonable price? Read more »

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