Introducing Our New Mustang Project Car

BF's Mustang Project

Yesterday we hinted at a new project car that might be joining the Barn Finds fleet. Even with only a single photo of the fender, most of you were able to guess what it was. You know you are amongst real car guys when all they need to identify a car is a curve! Anyway, Josh and I picked her up last night and as you can now fully see, it is a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang. It’s a little worse for wear, but we are excited to tear into it and hopefully save it from uncertain doom. Read more »

The Next Barn Finds Project Car?


It has only been a week since the Starlet shipped out and we have already been on the hunt for our next project car. Well, we may have found the perfect one today! We had originally planned to limit our budget to what we sold the last project for, but decided this one what worth splurging a little. The car runs and the seller has agreed on the reasonable price of $2,800. Instead of just announcing what it is though, we wanted to see if you guys can guess it from this photo. Many of our readers have questioned my preference in cars lately, so we went with something a little more conventional. Don’t worry though, we will take a unique angle on it. Now, any guesses?

Finally Letting Go: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

After having this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner parked in their garage for 21 years, the owner has come to realize that since they haven’t finished it in the past 21 years chances are they never will. As they say, sometimes the best thing you can do for something you love is to let it go. In the case of this Road Runner, the seller knows its best chance for seeing the road again is to let it go to a new home where it can be finished. This one is a bit rough and we typically don’t like finishing other people’s projects, but it got us thinking about the thought processes behind keeping an old car parked in your barn or garage. We will get into that later, but if you’re interested in giving this Mopar a new home and a chance at life again you can find it here on eBay. Special thanks to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

3/4 Scale Woodie: 1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon

1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon

At first glance you could easily mistake this wagon for one of the big American station wagons built in the ’70s, with boxy styling and simulated wood grain. In reality, this wagon isn’t anything like those grocery haulers. This one wasn’t even built in America, but it certainly was styled like it was. This is a 1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon with the wood grain option. Reader Chuck F sent this one in and thought it would be fun to take to your local car shows to see how many people mistake it for one of the big American wagons. This rare Japanese wagon can be found here on craigslist with a $2,600 asking price. Read more »

Corvette Graveyard in Upstate New York

Upstate Corvette Graveyard

Growing up in Upstate New York, reader Tim S remembers riding his bike along the railroad tracks near his home. One day while riding with some friends, he spotted several Corvettes parked in a field. At the time, they were still fairly new looking cars and he can only assume they must have been wrecked and not abandoned. A few years later he got a job at a shop just down the road from this Corvette graveyard and all the cars were still there like they had been when he was a boy. Time went by and he forgot about these Vettes, but he just recently had a run in with them once again. Read more »

Pre-Wednesday Wagon: 1959 Impala Wagon

1959 Chevy Impala Kingswood

It might not be Wednesday yet, but this 1959 Chevy Impala Kingswood Wagon is running out of time. It has everything we love in a ’50s wagon. It has fins, a V8, massive windows, lots of chrome, and great patina. It was pulled from a barn in Kansas 10 years ago and has been in storage ever since. The current owner has cleaned it up and started prepping it for restoration, but has decided to part ways with it. It will need work, but has been listed here on eBay without a reserve. Read more »

Super 7esque: Dutton Melos

Dutton Melos

Until today, we hadn’t ever heard of a Dutton Melos, but we think we should have. At one time the Worthing, England based Dutton Car Company was the number one producer of kit cars in the world. They built everything from Lotus 7esque kits to amphibious SUVs. This Melos is closer to a Super 7 than an off-roader, but that is likely because Dutton based their design off of the Lotus. The Melos was an evolution of their first kit the P1, which was nearly identical to the Lotus. To differentiate their car from all the other Lotus replicas, Dutton redesigned the kit and renamed it Melos. We don’t know how many, if any of these were sold new here in the states, but this one looks to have been imported before being put into storage. It is a right hand drive car and still wears it’s European plates. Chuck F (aka Chevy55) stumbled across this and since he hadn’t ever seen one, he thought we would be interested in having a look. Find it here on the Mobile, Alabama craigslist with a $6k asking price. Read more »

Rare Cars in Iowa: Noel Mast Estate Sale


If you live anywhere near Clarence, Iowa, then you need to be at this auction tomorrow morning! Clarence may be a small town with a population of just under 1,000 people, but someone there had a fine taste in automobiles. The Noel Mast Estate Sale will be held at the old creamery and the cars will start selling at noon. We think you will be surprised because besides this Jensen GT, there are a couple of other very rare cars going across the block and we bet there will be some bargains to be had! Thanks Skip J for the tip! Read more »

1930′s Ford Collection in Canada

Ford Model 40 Barn

We come across a lot of unusual listings for cars. Some are odd simply because of how they were listed, some are unusual cars, and others are unusual as a result of lacking information. We stumbled on this listing here on eBay and the seller’s asking price, images, and lack of information all combine to make for a somewhat odd listing. They have a barn full of 1933 and ’34 Fords of varying condition. Their listing is somewhat confusing, as they don’t state whether all of these cars are for sale as a package deal or if they are simply trying to stir up interest. At one point they state, “Thought I would list to see the appetite out there”. So perhaps they are trying to drum up attention, which might explain the asking price. If it turns out they are actually selling all the cars and parts as a package deal, this might be a great buy for any Model 40 fanatic who is looking to expand their collection. Read more »