Another Double Bubble: 1958 Abarth 750 GT Zagato


The Abarth 750 GT Zagato is one rare little Italian hot rod, yet we have come across a number of them over the years. Another one has just surfaced in California and it can be found here on craigslist for $35k. It is going to need a complete restoration and some important parts are missing, but we have hope that someone with deep pockets will have mercy on it. Thanks goes to P. Trout for the tip! Read more »

Abandoned VW Dealership


The guys over at Hooniverse recently posted a video depicting a Brazilian VW dealer that shut down in 2001. Even though the doors are closed, the owner still goes in everyday to clean and watch after a few of his favorite cars. One of the Beetles supposedly has never been driven and the other cars inside look pristine as well. This one might not qualify as a barn find just yet, but we predict that the contents of this old building will go up to auction sometime soon. Watch the video and let us know if you think the story is legit: Read more »

An MG to Remember

MG Magna Barn Find

Today’s In the Barn story is about the unexpected discovery of a long lost MG. Not just any old MG either. It was written by Kris Palmer and was first publish in The Cobra in the Barn. It is republished here with permission for your enjoyment. Be sure to pick up a copy of the full book through Motorbooks or Amazon. Also, be sure to send in your own find stories because one is going to make it into Tom Cotter’s next book! Read more »

GTI Project Update: On the Road Again


It has been almost a month since the last update on our 1984 Volkswagen GTI project, so we thought we had better bring everyone up to speed. We have been very busy cleaning, polishing, and wrenching on our little Rabbit and we are glad to say that it is now safe to take around the block. Well, at least we feel a little safer than we did on that first voyage. Here is a list of summary of the areas we have addressed so far… Read more »

Credit Card Classic: 1972 Triumph GT6


The Triumph Spitfire/GT6 is a great choice for a first time classic. The parts are dirt cheap and the engine is easy to access because of that flip up clip. Just make sure there isn’t any rust because that would take the project to a whole new level of expertise and expense. This particular 1972 Triumph GT6 looks like a good deal with many new parts, upgraded rims, and an overdrive. $2,900 takes it here on craigslist out of Stevensville Montana. Read more »

Another Citroën in Wisconsin


We aren’t sure why people derive pleasure from vandalizing other people’s property, especially those that target old cars. Why damage a classic car that is already hard up and in need of attention? The seller of the Citroën Wagons we featured a few days back has listed another car. This one is a 1973 Citroën SM and has been parked in their barn for the past 20 years or so. Sadly, during its time in the barn vandals stole parts off of it, but at least they didn’t shoot it. Take a look at this Maserati powered GT here on eBay. Read more »

Rick’s Free Warehouse 1979 MGB


Although we would rather have the MGA we featured earlier today, we certainly wouldn’t turn down this MGB if someone offered to give it to us for free… This one has been parked in this warehouse for 7 years where BF reader Rick M. works. One day he decided to ask his coworker about it and the response he got was a bit of a surprise. It had been parked in the warehouse after the clutch stopped working and the owner was tired of seeing it just sit, so they offered to just give it to Rick. Like any of us, Rick couldn’t turn down a free sports car, even if it wasn’t running. Now that he has it home he is trying to get it back on the road. Read more »

V8 Powered Triumph TR3


We would never encourage the act of swapping a V8 into perfectly good classic, but if someone already started the job, why not finish it? The owner of this TR3 passed away before he could finish the task of shoving a Rover V8/5-speed combo under the hood. It will take a lot of engineering to finish the job, but the idea of a 200 horsepower TR3 is tempting. Luckily, the original engine is included with sale in case you chicken out. Find it here on craigslist for $5k out of Littleton, Colorado. Which route would you take with this project?

Low Slung Project: 1960 MGA 1600 Coupe


Of the British sports car manufactures, MG wasn’t known as a trend setting company and was usually behind by a few years. In the early 1950’s, MG was still building the T-series that they had been since 1936, albeit with minor improvements along the way. As things often went in the ’50s, the desire to be more competitive in racing spurred the need for a new car. This new low slung design was actually completed in 1951, which meant for once MG could have been a trend setter, but management stalled production until 1955. When this 1960 MGA 1600 Coupe was built, MG had had a few years to work out some of the kinks and improve the performance. It was recently pulled from storage and is now being offered here on eBay with a BIN of $8,900. Read more »

1966 DRAG-U-LA Munsters Coffin Car


What better way to kick off Halloween than to feature a car from the TV show The Munsters? This dragster was built using a real coffin that was purchased illegally. Apparently, you needed a death certificate to buy one at the time. We bet it really goes like stink too because the coffin is fiberglass and the power is provided by a 302 V8 with dual quads. It is offered by The Volo Auto Museum without a price, but we bet that the number of zeros is frightening! Read more »