1965 Chevelle Convertible

1965 Chevelle Convertible: Price Of Originality

There are many automotive collectors out there who prize originality. I think the best example of that was a pair of sales back in January 2014 where two essentially identical Mercedes 300SL’s were auctioned at the same event and the unrestored one sold for over $400,000 more than the restored car! Now let’s consider this really nice, but not perfect 1965 Chevelle convertible from Upland, California advertised here on craigslist for $34,900. Read more »

1949 Morris Minor

Early Moggie: 1949 Morris Minor

When I lived in Britain in my youth, the Morris Minor, or “Moggie”, was the most common car I saw on the roads. This very early “low light” model has been brought from storage in Canada to Battle Ground, Washington, and is for sale here on eBay where it is currently at $1,500 but has not met its reserve. Read more »

1960 Renault Caravelle

French Rarity: 1960 Renault Caravelle Convertible

This certainly is an unusual one! Caravelles were produced for 10 years, and although over 100,000 were produced the survival rate is very low, especially on this side of the Atlantic. This one is currently in what looks like a Mercedes specialist in Auburn, California, and is up for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $3,500. Read more »

1972 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe

Eric M’s 1972 Fiat Sport Coupe

From Eric M – So, I found a 1972 Fiat Sport Coupe for sale local to me near Seattle on craigslist. It was advertised as Grandma’s little sports car that Grandpa couldn’t fix back in the 70’s. At 70k miles, complete, and only a grand, I had to go get it. Turns out, the car had been in the barn since 1979. Grandpa had taken off the cam covers and let the motor sit. So it appeared the top end was wasted. With the reputation these have for rotting, this car seems immaculate! there is some damage below the battery tray from leakage, but otherwise, spotty surface pocks and thats it. Read more »

1960 Ford F-250 Ice Cream Truck

Do You Scream For Ice Cream? 1960 F250

Doesn’t everyone want their own ice cream truck? This original Good Humor truck with working ice cream box is in Salt Lake City, Utah and is offered here on eBay at no reserve with bidding currently at $3k. Sure, it needs body work, and the paint looks like it may have been applied with a brush. But it runs and drives and is powered by the old Ford inline 6. We don’t know a whole lot else about this truck, although just the fact that it runs and drives implies that it’s at least gotten some maintenance. Just imagine the fun you could have at classic car shows selling, or even giving away ice cream! I’ll bet you would be the most popular vehicle at the show, especially if it’s hot outside! Who wouldn’t love that!

1960 MGA project

1960 MG MGA: Barn Racer

For some strange reason, British sports cars have been on my mind as of late. So, when I spotted a light blue MGA on my way home from work the other day, it really got my blood going. I had forgotten how handsome their curves are. What a departure from the T-Series it replaced! I love my B, but boy would I like to have an A to keep it company in the garage. Unfortunately, they are a little harder to find and a tad more expensive to buy. That does make this 1960 MGA project look tempting though. Find it here on eBay with no reserve. The car is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has a clear title. Read more »

Central Pennsylvania Find

Central Pennsylvania Barn Find

We love to see the finds you guys come across, even if they aren’t for sale! Well Reader Russ F recently came across an impressive find in Central Pennsylvania and decided he needed to share it with us. These finds look to be in fantastic condition. I will let Russ tell you a little more about them right after the break, but first I want to thank him for sharing these with us! Read more »

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

1957 Chevy Bel Air: Which To Buy?

When buying a project car, you want to find the one that fits your situation and skill set the best. You don’t want to fork over hard earned cash for a project, only to get it home and realize you are in over your head. Sometimes there aren’t other options, but thankfully the internet opens up a endless market of classics. When it comes to classics few cars are as recognizable as the ’57 Chevy Bel Air, but finding a good project can be tough. Well there are currently two project ’57s that are on my radar. The one you see above can be found here on eBay in Perry, Georgia. The seller’s listing is a bit vague and rather confusing, but it looks solid and complete. I’m sure it will need work, but could be a great starting point. The other ’57, which Chevy55 came across here on craigslist is in much rougher condition, but the seller is only asking $4,000. Read more »

1970 Lotus Europa Project

$1000 Lotus Europa Project

It must have been a heart breaking day for the owner of this 1970 Lotus Europa when their barn caught fire and burned down. For one reason or another, they had separated the car’s drivetrain and frontend from the body and chassis. When the barn burned down, the drivetrain and body components were destroyed with it. Since those items are now gone, they have decided to sell what was left of the car here on craigslist in Williamston, Michigan for just $1,000 or best offer. Given its condition and lack of a title, this might just be a parts car and the seller is even willing to part it out if you need something specifically. While seeing it back on the road one day would give this story a brighter side, its hard to find bits going to save another car would be better than letting it go to waste. Thanks to Robert R for the tip!

1975 BMW 2002

Keep ‘Em On The Road: 1975 BMW 2002

There are many different kinds of people that follow this site. Some are collectors, some sell cars for a living, but most of us are just normal guys who really like old cars. Doug M. has been a regular around these parts for a while and he just emailed us about a 1975 BMW 2002 that he recently restored. He works hard at a desk job, but tries to do his part in keeping old cars on the road by fixing up one every year or two. Like most of us though, money and space is limited so he has to sell cars once they are finished in order to take on new projects. Another project is calling, so this one is on the auction block here on eBay. We wish him luck with the sale and want to thank him for his noble efforts! How many of you follow the same formula of buy, fix, and sell?

1971 Triumph Stag

Two Triumph Stags: V8 Powered Brits

I love the way British roadsters handle, there is something about driving one that always puts a smile on your face. The one problem I’ve always had with them is the way they sound and accelerate. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve heard some great sounding British motors, but there is just something special about the sound of a V8. And well acceleration hasn’t ever been their strong point. While I would like to say that when Triumph developed their own V8 for the Stag that it solved both problems, but it didn’t really do much for the later. It did however give the car a great exhaust note and it did give it some pep. This listing that SSport70 found here on craigslist in Denison, Texas includes not one, but two Triumph Stags. These cars are getting quite difficult to find here in the States. Both look solid and the seller claims they are rust free, but admits one is missing its motor. If you could build one complete car without having to buy many additional parts, you could easily come out well on this deal!

1957 Volkswagen Beetle

Solid As Sears: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

We all love a good oval window Beetle so when the owner’s wife contacted us about this one, I thought it might be worth a mention. The seller is very enthusiastic about the car’s condition and perhaps they have reason to be. It does look solid, but it’s still going to need a lot of work. It was supposedly parked for 40 years in anticipation of a restoration that never happened. There is proof that it had been thoroughly enjoyed at some point though, including a few aftermarket additions and a remanufactured engine from Sears. The seller mentions that this car could be worth a decent amount after a full restoration, but personally I would just clean it and get it running again. The current bid here on eBay is nearing current market value for a car in this condition, so that might be the best route to take anyway. So, anyone know what the heck a “Belin Beetle” is?