This 1953 MG TD Will Survive


The story of this 1953 MG TD is a classic “barn find” tale. It was discovered in an Iowa barn in 2006 where it had been parked since 1968. The owner had pulled it home from LA and then let their son drive it to college until the weather got bad. It ended up in the barn partially disassembled. There it sat for 38 years until it was purchased from the 87 year old widow of the owner. The next caretaker spent thousands of dollars and hours to restore it back to its former glory. They are ready for a new challenge though so it has been listed here on eBay. Read more »

What’s In Your Barn Robert J?


The other day faithful follower Robert J. sent in a few photos of his “barn” and suggested a new feature. He thought it would be a good idea to ask our readers what they currently have in their barns… or garages. We love the idea, so here it is, what’s in your barn? Please email us a photo of the contents of your barn, garage, carport, or driveway and we will feature the best ones right here for everyone to see. Can you identify each of Robert’s four-wheeled friends? Read more »

Sun Baked 1952 Ford F3 Truck


When it comes to patina, the dry hot sun of Arizona produces some of the best. This 1952 Ford F3 was parked out in the heat for many years. The owner at the time claimed it ran when they parked it, so the seller bought it and towed it home. After a little work, they had it up and running again. They have since listed it here on eBay. Read more »

Never Seen One: 1958 Zarft


We have featured a lot of cars here on BF, but this is one we have never heard of before. It is a 1958 Zarft and it’s claimed to be 1-of-2 cars built. The body is fiberglass and aluminum and the mechanicals are VW/Porsche. The styling is very interesting and we sort of want it. It is listed for sale here on eBay out of Port Angeles, Washington with a starting bid of $200. Read more »

Pair of Volvo 1800ES for $5,500


Volvo has been known for their wagons since they came out with the Duett, but the best looking of these Swedish haulers has to be the 1800ES. The sleek lines and unique hatch have even provided inspiration for more recent models. Clean examples can be pricy though, so this package deal sounds like a bargain at $5,500. They both are drivers, but obviously need some work. Find them here on craigslist out of Portland, Oregon.

Power by Ford: 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL


The boys over at Gullwing Motor Cars are good at digging up rare finds, but normally their prices are a little rich for our blood. This 1955 Mercedes 190SL might be priced a little high, but we still want it badly. Black plates, hard top, and a V8! Take a look at their listing here on Hemmings with an asking price of $26,500. Read more »

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Wagon Field Find


When I came across this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Country Squire, I instantly noticed that it was being offered by the same seller as the DeSoto we featured yesterday. It would seem that reader Chris N. found a small stash of cars parked in the same field in Californian and bought the whole lot. This family wagon is going to need some work, but if you’re interested in saving it, it can be found here on eBay. Read more »

Opel Graveyard


Opel is a German company that has been building cars for a long time. GM runs the show so the only new Opels we see on these shores today are rebadged as Buicks. Back in the sixties and seventies you could actually buy an Opel branded car though. Their most popular offering was the GT which some have dubbed the “baby Corvette”, but they also built a few other models. If you have a thing for these cars, there is a whole slew of them listed for sale in Riverside, California. Thanks goes to reader P. Trout for the submission. Read more »

1947 Ford “Belly Tank” Racer


This 1947 Ford belly tank racer was built by a young woman during WWII. She had dreams of racing it one day, but unfortunately she was never able to fulfill her dream. For some unknown reason, the car was sealed up in a secret room in the basement of a mill. There it sat for decades until it was discovered in 2007. Read more »