Why Do People Love SAABs?


I used to wonder why some people loved SAABs. Surely it couldn’t just be because the ignition was situated between the seats. Curiosity eventually got the best of me so I started reading all I could about the Swedish manufacturer. Well, it turns out that SAAB was an innovator who enjoyed a long and successful history in motorsport. There are very few books that document their racing pedigree, but I found a good one. Read more »

Italian from Detroit: 1953 Hudson Italia Prototype


We don’t normally feature cars that have been photographed in a studio, but when we stumbled across this 1953 Hudson Italia on eBay, we knew we had to feature it. This breath-taking car is the actual prototype that resulted from a joint venture between Hudson and Carrozzeria Touring of Italy. Hudson’s styling director Frank Spring was the mastermind of the Italia and out of fear of seeing his beloved prototype destroyed, hid the car shortly after Hudson was bought by Nash. It has seen one respray, but is otherwise original. Read more »

The Wagonmasters


Some people just don’t get wagons. My own wife wouldn’t be caught dead in one and many share her hatred. Yet I secretly lust for one for one of these practical haulers. I’m not entirely sure why though. Sure, they combine truck practicality with car dynamics, but maybe there is more to it than that. Sam Smartt and Christopher Zaluski both wondered why people like me have this fascination so they put together a documentary on the subject. So if you share my affection or just want to know what is wrong with all of us, then you should pick up a copy. Read more »

Strange Obsession: Nine Oldsmobile Troféos


People collect all sorts of things. Baseball cards, beanie babies, stamps, Oldsmobile Troféos… Well, we don’t know too many people who collect that last one, but there is at least one individual in the world who does and he has nine of them! His collection includes five pristine examples for each year of production (1988-1992) and four parts cars. They are ready to move onto something new so the whole lot has been listed here on eBay with an asking price of $75k! Thanks goes to Jim S. for the submission. Read more »

Little Giant: 1959 Goliath 1100 Express Truck


With a name like Goliath, you would think this rare truck would be powered by a large displacement engine and would be capable of towing incredibly heavy loads, but in reality it is a small truck with an even smaller motor. While it might not be all that big, it still has a 1-ton tow capacity and is capable of carrying a lot of junk in the wooden truck bed. The seller believes there are only four of these trucks in North America, but we can’t confirm this claim. Regardless, there can’t be many left and this has to be one of the few left on the road. Take a closer look at this little giant here on eBay. Read more »

Jeep Forward Control Triple Barn Find


Many manufacturers have attempted to revive old models in recent years, but one that we would like to see make a comeback is the Forward Control. First produced by Willys, the FC looked like a miniature version of the cab-over-engine trucks. Jeep has toyed with the idea, but we haven’t seen anything show up at the dealership yet. Until then, we may have to settle for these. Two FC-170s and a FC-150. There is only one title between them, but the owner would like to sell all three as a package deal. Find them here on craigslist out of Iowa. Thanks goes to Dennis F. for the tip!

Tow It Home: 1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible


The GT500 was the big-block brother of the GT350. This one is fitted with the Cobra Jet 428, and when you pair that much power with a four-speed manual and a convertible top, you have one fun pony car! Production of the Shelby cars had already moved into Ford’s facilities by the time this one was built so it may not be as desirable as the early cars, but it can still command six figures at the auctions. This one is far from that point, but it does appear to be the real deal and it can be found here on eBay with a starting bid of $50k. Read more »

The Cheetah Transporter Chase

Flea Market Photo

Over the last few years collectors have started to take an interest in car transporters. If you check the auction results from Monterey you will find a few race car haulers that went for big money. We would all love to have a Ferrari team transporter, but the price tag may create a hurdle. There are more affordable options out there though and today we have a story about one man’s hunt for an unusual one-off car hauler. It took him on quite a journey and it all started with a photo. This tale was originally published in The Cobra in the Barn and is now offered here for free. Enjoy! Read more »

Eight Doors: 1967 Checker Aerobus


Well, we just heard that a reader in the UK purchased the 15 passenger Harvester that we featured the other day. We were actually surprised that someone wanted such a big rig, but we are glad it is going to a good home. If you like the idea of hauling your child’s little league team to Pizza Hut after the game, then we have another Aerobus for you. This one is a Checker and it has already been restored. Take a look here on eBay where bidding is currently at $8,600. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip! Read more »