84 Years Young: 1931 Chrysler CM6

The seller of this Chrysler survivor is quick to state that it’s not a barn find, but that it had always been garage until they purchased it. I think it still fits on this site though! It’s currently stored in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and is for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $8,000, however, lower offers are invited. The car still has it’s original inline 6-cylinder engine and a 3-speed transmission, both of which are in good shape as the car runs and drives well. The seller also notes that the engine doesn’t smoke. New paint has been applied to the fenders and wheels, and the brakes have been completely rebuilt. The interior has seen better days, and I think at least some of it isn’t original anyway. But it’s certainly a lot different than the usual Model A from this timeframe and could certainly haul a family to shows and tours.

The SnowToaster: 1961 Thiokol Trackmaster

Short of your own personal tank, I can’t think of many vehicles that could go places this 1961 Snow Cat couldn’t! And it’s actually been modified to be even more capable than when it left the factory. Located in Lynnwood, Washington, this go-anywhere vehicle is up for auction here on eBay, where bidding is up to $2,300 but has not met the reserve. The Snow Cat has been used lately to transport snowboarders and was substantially refurbished by the previous owner (not the current seller). That person nicknamed the Snow Cat the “Snow Toaster” and posted several videos on YouTube. It’s powered by a Ford 300 cubic inch inline 6 and backed by a rebuilt C4 automatic transmission. The controls are a little unusual with twin sticks similar to a tank or zero-turn mower. Seeing as I live in the flat part of North Carolina, I don’t really have a need for this one, but what about you? Any of you have a cabin in the mountains you just have to get to?

Sport Sedan: 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Why can’t this one be closer to me? A non-rusted out, good running, good stopping Alfa sedan with twin sidedraft Webers and a 5-speed for a buy-it-now of $3,500? It’s here on eBay, but unfortunately for me it’s located in Keswick, Ontario, Canada. The seller is also inviting best offers. Yes, there’s body rust, it is, after all, an Alfa. However, it’s not too bad, with the only major area being the right rear fender lip. Even the undercarriage is said to be clean! The bumpers are crumbling to bits though; sounds like an excuse to source and mount some euro bumpers to me. With less than 68,000 miles I have high hopes that the durable four-cylinder twin-cam is in good shape. Even the interior is livable, although there are some seam splits and minor other issues. If this one were closer I’d sell the Toyota tomorrow and start bidding! How about you?

1985 TVR 280i Tasmin: Cheap Speed

Often times, the arrival of a TVR on eBay means an eclectic British sports car with finicky mechanics and a lofty auction price. Fortunately, some of the company’s later offerings are still accessible for those on a budget. This 1985 TVR 280i Tasmin here on eBay is available for $3,000, thanks to a cheap Buy-It-Now price. The catch? Well, it’s a TVR and bears all of the quirks that go along with it, but it’s also the victim of a stalled clutch replacement job so it’s not exactly turnkey. Don’t worry; a new clutch comes with the car and the title is clean despite the car needing some bodywork done to be perfect. The interior looks like it will clean up OK, and then, God willing, it’s only a short time later you’ll be able to fire up that sweet 2.8 litre Cologne V6. It won’t be an easy relationship, but it could be quite fun. Do these British wedges turn you on?

Found: Stuarti Sonata

Perhaps not missed but definitely missing is the one-off creation of former Italian crooner Enzo Stuarti. In addition to sharing his namesake with Enzo Ferrari, Mr. Stuarti also fancied himself as a bit of an automotive designer, perhaps a hobby that blossomed after his stint as a test driver for Ferrari. Apparently, this exotic-if-not-ugly shell here on craigslist is the remains of his one-off, Lamborghini Miura creation called the Stuarti Sonata. You can find more information on this page, as well as on this biography website that has a decent photo of the finished product. Although it had exotic underpinnings (some experts claim it had the motor from a Jarama, and not the Miura), it doesn’t appear as if the car ever caught on, no thanks to its odd proportions and even stranger looks. The lack of a chassis indicates the drivetrain is long gone, hopefully having been reunited with the Lamborghini it was removed from. According to this old eBay listing, the complete car was for sale a few years ago, and now all that is left of Enzo’s dream is the much-maligned body. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the engine?

A Trio Of Triumph TR3’s

Choices, choices! Today we have three Triumph TR3’s to choose from in three very different conditions. The yellow one is a typical barn find car, said to have been stored for over 40 years and in the same family’s ownership for 50. It’s located in Novi, Michigan and is listed here on eBay where bidding is below $2,000 but the reserve isn’t met yet. The car looks basically complete but quite unoriginal at this point, with rust in typical TR3 locations. It’s titled as a 1962, but according to the chart on this page it’s actually a 1960. I wish the seller had included more pictures in this ad. The black (primer) car and red one are being sold by the same individual. Both are located in Boise, Idaho (Jesse? Josh? Want a TR3?) and are advertised here and here on eBay. The 1958 black car is a disassembled project car that has a lot of work already completed, including lots of welding in of new panels. The car is somewhat incomplete, although as the seller notes, the items not present are not difficult to obtain. No information is given about the condition of the drivetrain other than the engine being from a TR4 and the transmission from a TR3. A full black leather interior comes with the car but we aren’t told it’s condition either. Current bidding on the black car is at $2,500 with reserve not met.

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Jeff In The Junkyard: Digging in the Archives

Due to the summer time activities taking priority over my junkyard excursions, I’m running out of fresh meat. But rest assured, an external hard drive still has a few gems stored away on it, and I’ve begun pulling together some finds from the yards of yesterday. What’s most distressing about this process is realizing how many valuable cars (for my purposes, anyway) I walked right past before I ever knew I’d need parts from them someday!

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1959 Borgward Isabella Field Find

Long-time Barn Finds readers will remember we’ve covered Borgward Isabellas before. With very unique styling and a fairly advanced small four-cylinder engine, the pretty German coupe was a very different offering when new. This one has been sitting in a field in College Station, Texas since 1971 when a college student left it for some brake work and never returned. I wonder if the work was ever completed? Anyway, the windshield, rear window and a side window were broken out at some point and the floor pans rusted out as a result (the proximity to the ground might have helped as well). The seller has taken the rims to be powder coated and is putting new tires on the car so it can be rolled around. No title is included with this sale, which you can find here on eBay with bidding still below $600, but also below whatever the reserve is. If you’ve resurrected a car that’s been outside for this long, tell us your story in the comments – and let us know what you think of this Borgward.

1968 California Special Mustang – Another One!

Just after featuring a big block California Special Mustang barn find, another one pops up here on eBay. This one is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, just like the other one BUT the seller ID is different, and this one is blue rather than red. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think? Both seller ID’s have positive feedback, so I’m not saying things aren’t on the up and up – there are over 100,000 people in Kelowna! Anyway, this car comes with about the same level of detail as the red one, and they are both automatics. This one does look a little less rusty, and has been hidden in a garage for 30 years. I don’t think the striping on this one is original, and it’s certainly possible it’s not original paint. I was surprised to see what looks like an uncracked dash pad, and the interior as a whole looks fair, with some work needed. Personally, I like these wheels better than the hubcaps on the red car. Which one would you choose, and why?

1970 AMC AMX: Big Bad Orange

Big. Bad. Orange. Car color names today sure have a lot to learn from the nomenclature of the 70s muscle car era. This 1970 AMC AMX found here on eBay is said to be 1 of only 122 cars made with this uniquely-named paint color, and it bears the additional fruit of a 390 paired with a 4-speed. The seller bought it out of Florida after a low-buck restoration project left it unfinished with paint issues and other needs, and he’s now decided to let it go after finding a similar car in better condition. Of course, the seller did nothing to improve the car’s condition, leaving it outside under a tarp after he bought it. That always strikes me as ironic: lament the way the previous owner treated the car and then admit to not doing much better. When my 535is arrived on a transporter in atrocious condition, it was quickly shuttled into a garage where it stayed warm until I could get to work on it. Not that hard to do folks! Hopefully, this big, bad, and very orange AMX finds a better home soon – but the $10,000 Buy-It-Now may scare many potential buyers away.

Not Quite A Nomad: 1957 Chevrolet 210 Wagon

Well, it’s not a Nomad. But, if you like Nomads, I’d argue it’s the next best thing! This 1957 Chevrolet 210 2-door wagon has most of the looks of the Nomad without at least some of the expense. It’s located in Somers Point, New Jersey and is up for sale here on eBay. Bidding has been aggressive so far but has not yet met reserve. While the car looks superficially very solid, detailed pictures by the seller (who is acting for a friend) show lots of areas that are rusty and need attention. I really appreciate the seller’s statement about posting the pictures that they’d like to see if they were purchasing a car from a distance. The car is equipped with what is probably its original Blue Flame inline-six and an automatic transmission, and while it runs, the seller suggests winching it onto a trailer rather than driving it due to transmission leakage. The seller seems willing to answer questions but rightfully asks that one review the pictures first. I’m guessing they are a no-nonsense kind of person but I suspect they would be helpful if you have legitimate questions. My question to you is this: would you like to add this non-Nomad to your collection? And if so, would you restore it, customize it or run it “as-is” after making it safe?

Cross-Ocean Delivery: 1961 Ford Thames Van

A rather unique, at least in the USA, alternative to the ubiquitous VW van is this 1961 British Ford Thames 400E. It’s been converted into a camper, although based on the workmanship I’m guessing it was done at home rather than by a recognized shop. Thanks to fellow Barn Finds writer Jeff L. for calling this find to my attention! The unusual Ford is available in Hancock, Michigan and is up for grabs here on eBay. The buy-it-now seems a little steep to me at $5,600, but lower bids are being entertained starting at only $100. Almost 200,000 of this particular type of van were produced, but very few of them made it to this side of the pond, although there were a lot of left-hand-drive ones produced to feed the European market. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this van is drivable or even if it starts! It’s showing 59,000 miles, but who knows if that’s 59k, 159k or 259k (ok, I doubt the last one)? The interior is pretty rough, and would certainly require refurbishing if you wanted to use it for it’s original purpose. I’m sure you’d be in the only camper like it at the KOA though! What do you think this oddball camper is worth?

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