Parade Car: 1958 Dodge Coronet Survivor

For one day in July everything shuts down in my hometown and everyone attends a big parade. There are plenty of floats and candy, but my favorite part has always been the classic cars. Sometimes a beauty queen or politician would be in the back, but that did not interest me much. I was excited to see these pristine classics because their owners only brought them out once a year. This 1958 Dodge Coronet is just one of those cars and it only has 9,369 miles on the odometer  to prove it. The car is located in Northbrook, Illinois and is listed for sale on eBay with bidding currently at $3,550.

The Coronet may have been the base model at the time, but it looks far from plain to us. Huge fins, plenty of chrome, and some good options make this Dodge a keeper. The previous two owners must have thought so too because they have taken good care of it. The first owner put 9k miles on it before selling it in 1973. Then the second owner only drove it once a year in the annual 4th of July parade, accumulating just 300 miles in 39 years!

Since the Coronet was considered the base model, most were equipped with inline-six engines. Luckily this particular car was optioned with the Red Ram 325 V8 engine and push-button two-speed transmission. This combo makes the car perfect for cruising activities such as parades. Just make sure that radiator is clean so you don’t overheat on main street.

This car really does provide a glimpse into the past. The red, black, and chrome interior looks perfect to us and is claimed to be original. The only thing lacking here is an air conditioning unit to make those hot summer drives a little more comfortable.

We love the two-tone paint scheme. The seller claims that the car has not seen rain in the last 39 years and that it has never needed any bodywork. They do not mention if the paint is all original, but with so few miles on the clock we would not be surprised. Potential buyers will just want to verify these small details before bidding. These are the sort of cars you want to find stashed away in barns. Ones that were loved and driven sparingly. As long as the previous owner kept up the maintenance this one should have many more parades in its future.

Source: eBay


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