Quirky Survivor: 1958 Goggomobile TS400

1958 Goggomobile Ts 400 Front Corner

When we saw this little car, it left us scratching our heads. We’ve seen a lot of ’50s and ’60s micro cars, but we’ve never seen one like this 1958 Goggomobil TS400 Coupe. After doing some research we are actually kind of surprised we haven’t seen more of these German built Goggomobiles. This one can be found on eBay with a current bid of $4,500.

1958 Goggomobile Ts 400 Side

The German manufacture Glas and then later BMW manufactured almost 70k Goggomobile TS coupes in a 14 year period, but the Goggomobile was never a big seller in the USA, so few made it our way. It’s believed that only a few thousand still exist globally, making the TS400 one of the more valuable classic micro cars.

1958 Goggomobile Ts 400 Front

Saying the Goggomobile is quirky would be an understatement. With suicide doors, rear mount motor, pre-select transmission, and German styling this isn’t your typical micro car. This car is powered by a 2-clyinder 400 cc two stroke engine that produces about 20 hp, which isn’t too bad for a car that weighs less than a thousand pounds. We would like to try out the four on the column electric pre-select transmission.

1958 Goggomobile Ts 400 Rear Corner

This car is in original condition and is in good shape, but it should be. This car was in the Sarasota, FL car museum for almost 30 years and only has 457 miles on it! It does have some problem areas though. The front seats are rough, the driver’s side door has a good sized dent in it, the front bonnet has several dents, and the paint is about worn off in several spots. Overall this car is in really good shape and from what we’ve learned about these cars it sounds like they are a blast to drive, well at least for a micro car…


  1. David

    Do you think Shaq would be able to drive it?

  2. Jim Rizer

    I've never heard of this car but thanks for posting it. I like it.

  3. Pete

    I especially like the miniature chromed '55 Chevy tail lights!

  4. Doug Middlestetter

    I had a boss about 10 years ago who talked of buying TWO of these brand new at the same time! One was for him and the other for his wife. He lived back east. Drove them for a while, then upgraded for a new VW Bug. He admitted they were small, but always spoke kindly of them! First time I have actually seen a picture…thanks! Love the site!

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