Rare 1970 Intermeccanica Italia

1970 Intermeccania Italia Front Corner

Update 7/6/11 – The car has been relisted here.

In the mid ’60 the Italian manufacturing company Intermeccanica was commissioned to build bodies and chassis for Griffith Motor. When Griffith closed their door shortly after Intermeccanica decided to start manufacturing their own cars. The result was a coupe form of this beautifully designed Italia Spyder. Production ran from ’67 to ’73 and its believed that fewer than 600 were produced. The Italia kept with Griffith’s idea of an Italian styled car that was powered by a powerful and reliable American engine. This particular car’s Ford Windsor 351 has been completely rebuilt and upgraded. While the claimed 440 hp would be fun it’s a shame that such a rare and beautiful car was messed with in this manner. If one could source the original valve covers and the correct transmission this car could easily fetch six figures at auction. Find in on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $74,500.

1970 Intermeccania Italia Nose

Much of these cars’ designs were borrowed from Ferrari and Lamborghini, including Intermeccanica’s “Prancing Bull” logo. The paint on this car looks exceptional. It’s too bad it’s not still the original paint. It’s an older re-spray and the seller claims it’s the original color, hopefully it is.

1970 Intermeccania Italia Side

From this angle you might actually mistake this Italia for a Ferrari 365 or a 250 Spyder. The Windshield rake really gives this car a sense of velocity, even when it’s stationary.

1970 Intermeccania Italia Engine

You can see that the engine bay is clean, but highly modified. Hopefully the original Intermeccanica valve covers are still with the car, as these could be extremely difficult to replace and greatly impact the value of the car. Whether the increased performance is worth the hit in value or the loss of originality.

1970 Intermeccania Italia Interior

The Italia’s interior is very much Italian, Spartan yet attractive. The interior was also redone at some point, but appears to be fairly original. If the seller is willing to negotiate the price and has all the original parts, this car could be a great buy. We would be sure to inspect the floors and the engine numbers, before talking price though.

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  1. Dan

    It looks like a very nice car. The prancing bull was actually not a take off from Ferrari or Lamborghini, but was the City logo from Torino where the car was built. The original valve cover were standard Ford steel stamped covers. The valve covers with an Intermeccanica logo or lettering where custom made and not original equipment on any Intermeccanica Italia. It looks like the owner made several modifications that would improve performance and cooling of the vehicle. Although not original, I would not think it would hurt the value. I believe one recently sold at auction for over 140k.

  2. Barn Finds

    @Dan – Thanks for the correction about the prancing bull and the extra information about this great car. We are hoping more people will post useful comments like this because there is no way we can know everything about every car we post.

  3. Pat

    Beautiful automobile, IMHO it would be best to replace the “Ford Racing” valve covers to something more period correct. To the uneducated to the Intermeccanica brand, like myself, it make it look very kit car like and distracts from it true history.

  4. Howard Dorf

    I owned a 1970 Italia (torino) in BRG while I was in college in 1970.
    It was a convertable & was light years ahead of it’s time.
    The (4) disc brakes felt like you hit a wall of taffy they stopped that car on a dime.
    I have two photos of it if anybody is interested.
    I’m in the market for one now if someone has a lead.
    Pictures of your Italia would be appreciated.
    Howard Dorf
    (954) 689-4362 EST

  5. Ron Robinson

    Hi, I owned a yellow ’68 Torino Spyder in 1969, and have owned a red ’69 Italia Spyder for 29 yrs. It will be at the Chicago/Geneva, Illinois Concours on Aug 26, 2012.
    Dan is correct! That bull is not a Lambo copy. The Bull is the mascot of Torino/Turin Italy. It is stamped into poured concrete sidewalks, as an example of one use in the city. My source?? Bob Cumberford, automotive designer, design critique for Automobile Magazine, who was paid to create the original Intermecanicca designs/he gave me copies, including one of the wooden buck used [coupe] to hammer out and form body panels by Scaglione.
    These are beautiful automobiles, but often mistaken for kit cars, which drives me nuts. And note that they were hand formed Steel, Not glass.
    If more info desired, I can help. I never owned a coupe, and they were cool looking, maybe someday. Howard, please send your 2 photos. I will send a photo or two if desired, and would love to have others. Regards, Ron

    • Gerry Sung

      Hello Ron, I bought a 1967 Italia and have started a full restoration and
      would appreciate photos of an other orginal Italia roadster like yours.
      Please email to me , thanks for your help. From a fellow Italia owner,
      Regards , Gerry Sung

  6. Christopher Andersen

    In 1972 my neighbor Larry had one of these beautiful cars as a kid I earned extra money doing odd jobs I used to detail his car for cash then he took me for a ride in this powerful exotic automobile I was in awe. To this day I remember how awesome that day was.

  7. Ron Robinson

    Misc info, having owned a Torino Spyder, and an Italia Spyder for 29 yrs —
    Original valve covers were st’d Ford. A Euro sports car mag has one with Intermec. valve covers, I have the issue somewhere. But those were custom, and if memory recollects right, Intermec was misspelled on one valve cover, not sure.
    If you have a car, look at the exhaust manifold — have taken mine to a number of Shelby club shows [same concept as the Cobra][and won trophies there], several Cobra owners told me, that my manifolds are the ones put on the original Cobras by Carroll Shelby.
    If you have seen Griffith photo on the web, of a rear 3/4 shot of a yellow Griffith coupe, with a “Plymouth Powered” sign in front of car, I took that photo, while standing and talking to Jack Griffith at the US intro of the car, at Int’l Auto Show in NYC, 1966. Was there just by coincidence. Bought my yellow ’68 Torino Spyder 1 1/2 yrs later [one of 34 produced, paid no attention at the time][289, st’d Ford valve covers].
    Covered headlights — Per Cumberford, the car was designed for them, and they were planned for the cars, but were eliminated as a production cost savings. Mine is only one of a few? with them. I had a chance to buy the molds years ago, but did not — Duhh. I do not know if mine were factory install or after.
    Rust — can be an issue with any older Italian car. Remember many yrs ago, those rusted out Fiats [Fabrication of Italian Automobiles in Torino] and Alfas. Back then, Italian steel had less zinc in it, and they rusted more quickly, winter salt being common in northern US [also remember, Panteras with rust issues on rear undercarriages, having that 351C torque right out of the engine mounts].
    Ron Robinson, karenronr@aol.com

  8. Dan

    I have a 69 Italia all original for sale. Needs some work. Anyone know someone looking for one?

  9. Gerry Sung

    Hello Dan,
    Where are you located ? What condition is your Italia ? Drivable now ? Please send me a few photos , thanks.

    • Dan

      Hi Gerry
      I am located on Long Island NY.
      The car is in my garage with flat tiresso it’s hard to get a pic right now.
      I can send you an older pic if you want.
      It hasn’t been started in years so it’s not drivable right now

      • Dan

        I too am very interested in your car. My brother had a 69 on Long Island many years ago. How does one exchange contact info on here?

  10. Dan

    My email is Danteamf@gmail.com

    • Ron Robinson

      Gerry Sung,
      I just got this post, or, I just read it and it has been here a while. Give me your email here….

      • Gerry Sung

        Hello Ron ,
        Good to hear from you , I can use all the help I can get, thanks.

      • Gerry Sung

        Hi Ron,
        Contact me at. (. gls82@hotmail.com )

      • Gerry Sung

        Hi Ron,
        Please reply to gls82@hotmail.com


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