Rod Potential: 1935 Ford 5-Window Coupe

We have not featured many hot rods here on Barn Finds, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like them. This 1935 Ford is far from being a hot rod, but we can see the potential. It already has some major character and is claimed to have no significant rust through. It will take some work, but the end result will be stunning. Find it here on eBay in Kerman, California with bidding at $3,550.

The seller claims that they purchased the car about 8 years ago from the son of the person who originally found it in a barn over 25 years before that. It had been neglected and abused with junk piled on top of it, but it appeared solid so they made a deal. There is rust, but if you look closely, you will notice that the car is surprisingly cancer-free and you can even make out some of the original painting here and there. There isnt much left inside, but that is okay because you would want to replace any consumables anyway.

Luckily Ford had just switched all their cars to V8s in 1935. The seller claims that it is complete, so you could either restore it or drop a modified one in its place. Flatheads have been rodded for years so there are many options you could take for more power.

If this were sitting in our shop, we know exactly what we would do with it. We would cramp a modified V8 under the hood and go through everything underneath. New suspension, brakes, fuel system, wiring, etc. We would then treat any rust under there and in the cabin. New carpet, refurbished guages, and a red leather bench would clean up the interior. Finally, we would leave the outside exactly as you see it here. Anyone can have a shiny paint job, but how many cars offer this sort of patina?


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  1. Darin Cory

    I would take the time to fix that thing and leave it all stock..

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  2. Pat

    New mechanicals and a nice set of chairs in some good gauges. Id have to replace that grill… 🙂

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  3. Horse Radish

    I have old cars and am in California, but nothing that old.
    Looks like a worthwhile project, but what will it take here, making the deal AND getting the car back on the road………………….?
    About the paint, I have a couple old Mercedes with that kind of “patina” original type paint faded etc. and had exactly that in mind except to put a couple of coats of clear coat on it.
    Quite honestly, I don’t know, if it would stick, or come off in sheets…
    ANYONE ??, any paint experts have any advice ?

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