Rusty 1955 Chevy Nomad


There are some cars that people desire so badly that they are willing to pay top dollar for them even if they are complete basket-cases. Take this 1955 Chevy Nomad for instance. When new, these cars were used to haul tools, transport kids, or even to check the ditches out on the ranch. Today people treasure them because of the memories they hold and the coolness factor they provide. This one is currently at $6,500 here on eBay with only 30 minutes remaining, so you had better think fast. Personally, we would just let it end, but we are sure there is someone out there who wants it badly enough.


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  1. Herbert

    I’m guessing the price of rust has gone up dramatically since I was a kid. Make a nice pot planter for the wife for the front yard showing and proving to the neighbors that we have gone too far in life like they keep saying.

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  2. scot c

    ~ my first reaction was WTF? i’d be curious to see the before pics of his builder if this one is the better one.

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  3. sunbeamdon

    I thought the Brits were most subject to the tin-worm, but this one takes the cake! The seller’s notes are realistic, but, $6,500 for this POScrap – by the way, I think rust weighs more the tin(?)

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  4. Thomas Spencer

    auction ended without the reserve being met….the seller is including a lot of parts, but will it be worth the cost of restoring once you are done?

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    • Jesse

      Actually, the reserve was met, so someone got this ambitious project for $6,500. We wish them luck with it and do hope it sees the road again soon.

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  5. GKM

    The nomad was never ment to haul tools…..The tri -five nomads are the ultimate in wagons.With this wagon the question is what to do whith it?Any way you look at it; this is a project that will take a lot of money and a lot of time.I’m thinking this would be a cool chase car of some-sorts.

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  6. Rick Rothermel

    Rusty but not as bad as I have seen elsewhere, and since all the stainless trim looks to be there, ‘it could be saved…’ sorta. Go to the repro catalogs for body parts, get an Art Morrison chassis so it’ll stop and go around corners, do a primo resto-mod and hang the body panels from the garage wall. Use that neat hole-saw hole in the passenger door for a light socket or something…

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  7. Lee

    well the new thing is resore to rat rod status…so maybe as long as its strong and runs..the patina should stay??? dunno. Somebodys’ gotta love these to go all in..good luck!

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  8. Utesman

    & the winning bidder bumps his own bid(s)…..T W I C E ?!

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    • David

      Utesman, on eBay you can’t bump your own bid. You can go back and add to your original bid if you are nervous about being outbid, but until someone actually bids against you, your bid can not and will not move up.

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      • Horse Radish

        Well, the high bidder did, and the question is: How did he ?
        Sometimes it works , sometimes it does not.

        I think in this particular case, maybe the auction was within 12 hours of the end and the reserve was $6500 ?

        Though my experience is that even with a reserve not met, E-bay doesn’t move your bid up unless opposed by another bidder….

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      • Craig

        Or if you raise your maximum bid equal to or above the reserve,that would show as raising your own bid

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  9. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    Wow, is this one R-U-S-T-Y, Rusty! And it made reserve and sold anyway. At least it has some good body panels that go along with the car.

    Let’s hope there is a man out there who has what it takes to bring this Nomad back to life, and lets also hope that’s the guy who won this auction.

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  10. geomechs

    When I took an auto restoration course at the Reynolds Museum, they were restoring a ’55 Nomad. It actually looked fixable when they started but the more they got into it, the more they realized that this project wasn’t for the weak of heart. This one rusted real bad in the drip rail area and they literally had to replace the roof panel in addition to the floor panels and other lower body areas. It was interesting to see the body in a rotisserie with more braces than body panels. But when they’re done they’ll have a Nomad that will look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

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    • Mike H

      I don’t think it is possible to get all the rust out of this. Once you get into it, there will be more rust than metal.

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  11. Brendon

    Because the car comes with the major repair parts I think this is a fair deal. Nomads just aren’t that common anymore. Then again, I am the kind of guy that is willing to take on a project like this…

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  12. Mark

    Geomechs is correct, these Nomads rust badly in the roof and I bet this one is beyond saving.

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  13. Doug M

    I really like the patina! …just drive it as is! (I just had to say that….)

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  14. AMCFAN

    True story here. AMCFAN once knew a guy who got a 55 Nomad for free. It had sat in a dry creek bed for years. It was complete. The old guy who owned the property gave it to an old friend. This was in 1982. The friend rescued the Chevy but determined it needed too much work….the car was in better condition then the one currently for sale.

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  15. Horse Radish

    Hind sight is always 20/20.

    Then (1982) a lot of cars were junked that people would kill for today…

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  16. Charles King

    I love the old cars, and im all for saveing them but sometimes you gota see the truth and walk away I would love to see more on the retractible hard tops and convertibles like 57 fords and chevys and the 57 ranchreos

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  17. Rancho Bella

    I reckon it all revolves around disposable income, or, a fools errand.

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  18. AMCFAN

    You have to figure. If this Nomad was found 30 years from now in this condition it would be quite a find. $6500. would be a steal. So before you say junk you may want to think twice. In 30 years cars will still be restored and most likely won’t be the junk on the roads today.

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  19. Tricky Dickie

    AMCFAN……….my thoughts exactly. Thirty years from now who will be collecting and restoring ANY of the cars now being made. Will my now pretty little 2013 maroon Honda Accord be pushed across the stage at Barrett-Jackson XVIII and bring big bucks? Even a current Cadillac of any kind? Sad, huh. Wish I had never sold my 1941 Cadillac Fleetwood….. sigh

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  20. FRED


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  21. Will m

    I just wonder about the cost to repair all that expensive heavily fogged glass. Or can that be repaired?

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  22. Chuck Luebke

    Fred: i think you have confused a sedan delivery and the Nomad. Just look at the pillar behind the door…..see the slant to it? sedan delivery had a much more vertical one, and of course, no rear side windows…

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