American Barn Finds

Sleeping Birdy: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

After spending a few decades tucked away in a nice storage space, this ’55 Thunderbird is looking to find a new nest. Packing a manual transmission, a hardtop, and little rust, this Ford would be a… more»

2-Tone Green Tri-Five! 1957 Chevy 210

Located in Lansing, Michigan, and found here on craigslist, this clean looking 57 Chevy 210 is the tri-five sedan you didn’t know you wanted. The 55-57 Chevy 210’s make great alternatives to the extremely pricey Bel-Airs. Equally… more»

Two Door Survivor: 1948 DeSoto Custom

This beautiful Desoto is listed on Craigslist in Stockton, California for $7,950. The price seems reasonable for a car this nice. I’m surprised it’s been listed for a month now and not sold. It was repainted… more»

It’s A Party! 1963 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta

I’m a big wagon fan, there really is just something special about big American station wagons! That’s especially true when it’s something like this Olds Super 88 Fiesta Wagon. You see, this luxurious wagon is a Super… more»

257 Actual Miles: 1995 Chevy Corvette

It’s not all that unusual to see Corvettes socked away with low mileage, but a number less than 300 on the odometer is pretty significant. This particular car is even more interesting due to the fact… more»

92 Years Young: 1925 Packard

How often do you see an original condition, 92 year old car for sale? Well, this 1925 Packard is available, and is relatively solid needing some attention to the interior. Despite its patina, and untouched looks,… more»

Air-Cooled American: 1930 Franklin Sedan

I always find it fascinating to see how so many manufacturers took on the idea of their own cars, and their own internal combustion engines. The Franklin automobile brand was headquartered in Syracuse, New York, and… more»

Excessive Aero: Chevy Celebrity Eurosport VR

In the world of performance sedans, the Chevy Celebrity is not often cited as an example of high-horsepower peope movers. And that’s OK – the Celebrity wasn’t intended to be a hot rod, and most of… more»

Fin’tastic! 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban

The Deluxe Suburban was the lowest-level trim for the Suburban line for Plymouth in 1960, below the Custom Suburban and the top of the line Sport Suburban, which would have been equivalent to their Fury line. This… more»

Little Big Man: 1965 Harley-Davidson M-50

Are you still looking for a winter project? This one won’t take up too much space and it should be bickety-bam and you’re done. Well, it’ll be more work than that, but not too much more…. more»

BF Exclusive: 1985 Ford Thunderbird Turbo

Ford’s Fox platform really was versatile. They used it as the base for everything from luxury 4 door sedans to the sporty Mustang. Somewhere between those two extremes was the Thunderbird. It was more comfortable than… more»

Dress Up Kit: 1971 Pontiac GT-37

If you thought that the recent spate of GM products wearing fancy badges like Z24 and GTU was anything new, you’d be mistaken. For years, in the interest of moving inventory and making customers feel like… more»

Rich American: 1963 Rambler American 330

This blue beauty is a 1963 Rambler American 330 and it has 19,813 miles! This time machine is listed on eBay with a current bid price of (are you sitting down?) over $6,600 and the reserve… more»


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