Open Roof Roadmaster: 1948 Buick

Buick Roadmaster’s are cool cars that pop up from time to time, but when was the last time you saw a solid Convertible? Certainly more desirable with its convertible roof, this not so common find is… more»

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Affordable Drop Top: 1964 Dodge Dart 270

When an affordable original condition Mopar convertible comes up for sale, my attention span collapses and turns to the convertible in question. Parked since 2003, this Dart Convertible is thought to be original, and appears to… more»

Convertible Rocket: 1956 Olds Super 88

An Oldsmobile Super 88 is a great looking car, and is definitely a favorite of mine, but a Super 88 convertible? Well, let’s just say my heart skipped a beat. Appearing as a solid candidate for… more»

There Must Be A Catch: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible

I am just going to start with the price on this one: $3500.  Yes, a convertible Corvair that looks to be in fairly good condition for just $3500.  While Corvairs are an acquired taste, and their… more»

English Prewar Convertible: 1939 Austin 8 Tourer

No matter what type of cars you like and follow, there always seems to be interesting and unique machines that pop up out of the woodwork. 1939 was the first year for the Austin 8 but… more»

Muscle Convertible: 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

Muscle cars are a favorite to many, but many are engulfed with rust, especially in the convertible variety. The seller of this ’69 442 has so delicately asked, “how many unmolested, complete and numbers matching 442… more»

Original Interior and Paint: 1929 Packard 645 Dietrich

Consummately elegant and purposeful, this Deitrich-bodied 1929 Packard 645 Deluxe Eight Roadster rides on the same 145 inch wheelbase as a 2016 Ford F-150 SuperCab XL, the longest wheelbase of any American car in 1929. This seven… more»

Miniature Project: 1950 Crosley Hot Shot

How can you not love a Crosley? From radios to cars, at one time Crosley made it all! While small cars may not be for everyone, they can certainly be a lot of fun. A friend… more»

In Need of Healeying: 1958 Austin Healey Sprite

There are certain cars that draw a crowd no matter where you are, and the Austin Healey “bugeye” Sprite is one of them. Cars like these get smiles and waves on a daily basis, even from… more»

Survivor Wildcat: 1964 Buick Convertible

What can I say, I love ’60s GM convertibles! Buick Wildcats have always had my attention and I enjoy writing about them. Powerful old American cars are always great fun, but powerful old American cars with… more»

Fresh from the Orange Grove: 1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible

Sneeze much? Don’t even look at this picture if you suffer from allergies. Abandoned in a California orange grove, this 1970 Ford Torino GT convertible hasn’t been driven since 1988. Had it lingered in a Louisiana… more»

Eating Two Elephants: A Pair Of 1918 Buick Tourings

How do you eat an elephant?  How do you eat two elephants?  The answer is simple: one bite at a time.  In restorations, things aren’t quite this simple, but a lot of cars end up completed… more»

Country Club Staple: 1974 Mercedes 450 SL

Many years ago, right after dinosaurs gave up their reign on Earth, the Mercedes name was synonymous with quality.  That may sound like a catch phrase or advertising line today, but it was true for a… more»