Corvette Barn Finds

Shayne’s Amazing Sightings And Finds!

Reader Shayne J is quite the avid car hunter and has come across some pretty incredible finds in the Phoenix area. He sent over just a few of his more interest discovers, including the 1970 Mustang… more»

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Shots Fired! Crazy Copart Corvette

Remember all those comments you Barn Finds readers have made about once you own a car, you can do what you want with it? Remember that as you look over what was once a stock 1969 Chevrolet… more»

Get Me To The Church: 350-Equipped ’59 Jaguar

Finding a vintage Jaguar that doesn’t already have numerous mechanical faults due to finicky wiring and British engineering can be a chore. Fortunately, someone has already converted a classy 1959 Jaguar Mark IX to a much… more»

One Owner Barn Find: 1964 Corvette Convertible

Back in 1964, a red Corvette convertible (with a hardtop for winter) was just about as cool as it got, even in car-crazy California! I’m sure this car was the envy of many folks in the… more»

Safari Survivor: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Sting rays never seem to appear dated, always showing off their interesting lines and great drive-train options. This Safari yellow example has been with the same owner for 37 years, and has been parked for 30… more»

Canada Find: 1974 Corvette L82 4-Speed

When reader Ben D sent this Corvette he spotted here on VKAuctions over, I didn’t give it much thought. Yes it’s an L82 4-speed car with side pipes, but with bidding already over $8k, I figured… more»

One of 50: 1986 Corvette Malcolm Konner Edition

Among limited production Corvettes, 50 is a fairly respectable number given the legions of special editions that have rolled off the assembly line. This 1986 Corvette Malcolm Konner edition was created in commemoration of one of… more»

A Long Story: Garage Find 1970 LS5 Corvette

Sometimes I feel like the resident defender of C3 Chevrolet Corvettes (and me a Ford guy!). I feel they offer style and substance at what is often a bargain price. This very original 1970 LS5 may not… more»

Classics at the Boatyard: Boat Museum Auction

You might expect an organization with the word “boat” in its name might to be focused on – well, boats. But given boat owners share the same affliction as hobby car owners (they might even be… more»

454 And A 4-Speed: 1974 Corvette

Before you start writing that email telling me I’m wrong on the year, yes, this is a 1974 car, it’s just wearing a lot of 1982 parts. It does have a numbers-matching 454 V8 and a four-speed manual… more»

Split Window Roller: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

Owning a split window ‘Vette is a dream for many, but often isn’t a feasible reality. But what about buying an original split window roller and building the Corvette of your dreams? Well that is exactly… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Corvette Convertible

We have all been in the same place as reader Jorge C. You find a sweet classic car project parked in a barn, garage or shed. When you get it home, you start working on it, possibly… more»

So You Want A Corvette? 1973 That Needs Everything

Well, it is a Corvette. However, let’s just say it’s not the nicest one I’ve ever seen. Still, it could be rebuilt–and right now it’s being auctioned at $510 here on eBay without a reserve! This piece… more»