9 Eclectic Finds In Pueblo West

Barn Finds reader Huff sent in this very eclectic collection of 9 classics all for sale from a single seller in Pueblo West, Colorado. They are advertised here on craigslist with a request to call if… more»

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Stalled Restoration: 1960 Desoto Fireflite

With unique styling, two big fins, and 4 doors, this Fireflite restoration has stalled, but you can be the one to finish it up! With fresh paint, and a pile of parts, this Desoto looks like… more»

Calling All Mopar Fans: Mopar Liquidation

For all of the dedicated Mopar fans, you thought that you had an addiction for Mopars? This seller is parting ways with his massive collection of rusty Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Desotos. There is not a… more»

Ready To Roll Original: 1959 Desoto Firedome

If you have ever desired to have an uncommon, and uniquely designed car, then the Desoto Firedome may be for you. The interestingly styled front bumper with the large fins make for a cool and unique car that there… more»

Deal of the Week? 1950 DeSoto Deluxe Club Coupe

“Runs great” is what the seller says about this equally great looking 1950 DeSoto Deluxe Club Coupe. It’s on Craigslist in Maple Lake, Minnesota with an asking price of $5,300. This has the potential to be… more»

Barn Friends: ’73 Lincoln & ’55 DeSoto

This pair of sleeping beauties popped up on craigslist recently, where they’ve been shuttered in the barn for the last 4-6 years. Certainly, we’ve found plenty of cars that have been hidden away for decades upon… more»

Derelict or Driver? 1956 Desoto Firedome

Despite looking like another derelict car tucked away in a back yard, this 1956 Desoto Firedome is actually a driver, and is ready to roll. With a great “yard” appeal, a nice interior and a Hemi, this… more»

Adventure In Style: 1961 Desoto Adventurer

Hernando De Soto never went out on an adventure in anything nearly as stylish as this 1961 Desoto Adventurer. Equipped with large fins, an interesting yet intimidating front end, and 2 doors, this car is an adventure… more»

Low Mileage Finned Coupe: 1957 Desoto Firesweep

Described as a true Barn Find, this 1957 Desoto Firesweep has supposedly only covered 20,100 miles since it’s date of assembly. Much of this car seems very original and miraculous, but this Desoto has recently been repainted giving it… more»

Original: 1928 DeSoto Six Sedan

Chrysler introduced the DeSoto in 1928 as a medium class car to compete with other car makers. It was very successful, selling over 80,000 cars. This DeSoto listed on eBay is described as a survivor, but… more»

Calendar Worthy! Group of Montana Cars For Sale

A big thank you to reader Mike N. for sending us this find! I’ve noticed over the last 15 years or so that a lot of classic cars end up surfacing in Montana, and most of… more»

Low-Mileage Hemi: 1952 Desoto FireDome

I’ll admit- I’m a sucker for quirky stuff, like this 1952 Desoto sedan. My dad has a friend from work who is a car guy, typical car guy. He has probably 30 cars, most of which are… more»

Two Door Survivor: 1948 DeSoto Custom

This beautiful Desoto is listed on Craigslist in Stockton, California for $7,950. The price seems reasonable for a car this nice. I’m surprised it’s been listed for a month now and not sold. It was repainted… more»