Cheap Truck: 1968 Dodge D100 Sweptline

Dodge introduced their “Sweptline” truck line in 1961. The frame was not only strengthened and lengthened, the cab height was dropped seven inches, making the truck more car like. This Dodge pickup is listed on craigslist in Crescent… more»

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One Owner 65k Mile 1972 Dodge Challenger!

This 1972 Dodge Challenger is pleasingly original, which is not completely surprising that it’s a one owner car! Of course, it’s not pristine, but that just means you Mopar lovers have a potential project, don’t you?… more»

Seriously Valuable Mopar “Fast Facts” Book

This “Fast Facts” book looks interesting, but it’s the auction’s bidding action that really caught my attention. It currently has 46 bids and is sitting at an astonishing $560! That’s a lot of money for a… more»

Clockwork-ed Van: 1983 Dodge Ram 150

It is funny sometimes how certain things in life can leave an impression upon you. Apparently the movie Clockwork Orange left a heavy enough impression on the builder of this van. The groovy graphics and Clockwork Orange graphics are… more»

Camp Ready: 1966 Dodge A100 Camper

For those of you that love vintage campers, but need something with a little more “umph” this clean 1966 Dodge A100 may be your go to camper.  With a clean and well maintained appearance, with a… more»

Daily Driver Shelby: 1983 Dodge Charger

When we write about Shelbys, it’s often in hushed tones or excited yammering about how much money it will bring at auction. However, you don’t often hear the words “daily driver” and “Shelby” in the same… more»

Save These Classics! Pick ‘N Pull Project Vehicles

One of my biggest gripes about any number of self-service salvage yards is that they allow good project cars to go directly to scrap. There’s never a chance to “save” a car before it goes into… more»

Can You Identify? 1927 Dodge Coupe

Here’s one for you lovers of old cars. Not the 1980s kind of old or even 1970s old. Heck, not even the 1930s old, this one is a 1927 Dodge Coupe and it’s a beauty. It’s… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Our 1964 Dodge Dart Hot Rod!

UPDATE – Our Dart sold within a day for full asking price. Thanks Jim! If you follow the site then this Dart might look familiar. That’s because it’s one of my cars! You can read more about… more»

FREE 1946 Dodge 3 Window Coupe!

In this day and age, some people do some strange things. Apparently these 3 cars were abandoned on a street, and one of the cars is a 1946-ish Dodge 3 window coupe that appears to be… more»

Real J Code: 1968 Dodge Super Bee

When it comes to Mopars, genuine Hemi cars tend to command all the marbles. That is, regardless of condition, they fetch a big price in both restored and unrestored condition. When those vehicles also come with… more»

Utility Man: 1953 Dodge B4-B Pickup

Are you looking for a unique truck for your service business? If so, check out this 1953 Dodge B4-B with a Powers Service-Master utility box on the back! This green beauty is listed on Hemmings with… more»

Upscale Aries: 1983 Dodge 400

Among short-lived models, Chrysler Corporation’s 400 line didn’t stick around very long. Originally conceived as a step-up from the Aires lineup, it was quickly folded into the 600 series just two years after introduction, making this… more»