Rescued! 1969 Charger 440 4-Speed

Recently rescued from 30 years in this garage, this nicely equipped matching numbers 1969 Charger R/T looks really good in the photographs–until you read the description and look closer! It’s still a great project, and is… more»

Restored Entry Level Car: 1964 Dodge Dart 170

Here’s a smooth beauty, a third-generation Dodge Dart, Dodge’s new “senior compact” car. This is a 1964 Dodge Dart 170 and it’s almost too nice to drive on public streets. You can find it on eBay with… more»

Mighty Mitsu: 1980 Dodge Challenger

Every now and again, the odd period of time in which the Dodge Challenger was actually a Mitsubishi in drag gets brought up on these pages, or we choose to highlight the equally confusing Plymouth Sapparo…. more»

Sweepstakes Prize! 1966 Dodge Charger

Thanks to reader Craig B. for this great find! Back in April of 1966, Chrysler gave away six new cars in a national sweepstakes: this beautiful Charger is one of the six. 51,000 documented miles later, it’s… more»

$399 Omni 024 Option: 1981 Dodge Charger 2.2

Does anyone remember the 1980s? Do you remember when a Dodge Charger was a rear-wheel-drive muscle car? This front-drive, original gem is on eBay with a current bid price of $3,050 but the reserve isn’t met…. more»

California Transplant: 1970 Dodge Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon brand is pretty famous now, going back to 1946, when Dodge repurposed its mid-duty military truck line for civilian use, offering 4×4 driven wheels to the American truck market. First issue trucks… more»

Three Axles and a 454: Mystery Motor Home

It’s approaching noon here on the East Coast. That should mean at least a few of our readers have imbibed in some early snacks and beverages, which always helps to jostle the memory bank. Well, put… more»

39K Mile Flat Body: 1985 Dodge Conquest

Just like the discovery of a long-lost car in an outbuidling gives you faith there are still barn finds to be found, a survivor-grade example of a rare car ignites hope that not every hard-to-find model… more»

$700 Santa Fe Blue: 1985 Dodge Omni GLH

There’s been a rash of these turbocharged Dodge Omnis showing up lately, including some on this very site and others we haven’t had a chance to get to. I don’t think there’s a sell off –… more»

Feeling Superior? $600 1975 Dodge Motorhome

It may not be running at the moment, but if you’re looking for a cheap camper project, this $600 Dodge Superior motorhome could be the ticket. The seller claims it belonged to his grandparents, who likely… more»

Stored 58 Years: 1928 Dodge Standard 6 Deluxe

This Dodge is listed on eBay in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania for $5,400 or best offer. It runs and the transmission works. The car has been stored since 1958, but it seems to have been prepared for storage before it was… more»

$2,800 Hellion! 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo

This pocket rocket is a 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo and it’s in Heron, Montana. This little hellion can be found on craigslist with an asking price of $2,800!

$1,600 4-Speed 4×4: 1985 Dodge Ramcharger

I’m in Montana for a few days and this 1985 Dodge Ramcharger is in Kalispell, Montana, way up by Glacier National Park. The seller is asking $1,600 for this 4×4 on Craigslist. NADA lists the “low retail”… more»


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