Hashtag Ready: 1965 Dodge Dart 270 Wagon

Maybe it’s just because my weekend included a beat-the-heat trip to the movies to see the unsettling social media satire¬†Ingrid Goes West, but something about the filter-perfect photos in the ad for this ’65 Dodge Dart… more»

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Project Power Wagon: 1960 Dodge W100

When most people hear the term Power Wagon, they likely think back to the first iteration of the truck designed for military use. The original Power Wagon design of 1946 carried on for many years, and… more»

Northern Exposure: 1972 Dodge Challenger For $12k

Are you a Mopar fan or have you been looking for a classic muscle car project? This Dodge might just be your next project. A 1972 model, this Challenger is listed for sale here on craigslist… more»

Round Three: 1974 Winnebago Winnie Wagon

Brian provided the link to this super cool Winnebago Winnie Wagon (say that 5 times fast!), and I immediately thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, we have featured this unique Winnebago/Dodge lovechild before, not once but… more»

Stylish Restomod: 1960 Dodge Phoenix

This fiery red Mopar wears its Phoenix name well with a bright shade of red and immense style. More of a restomod of sorts, this Dodge is clean as a whistle, and features 412 cubic inch… more»

1967 White Hat Special Dodge Charger

The rake and five-slot mags on this first-generation Dodge Charger dial the time machine back to the mid ’70s to early ’80s, where it would have looked menacing and quite at home in any high school… more»

Affordable Survivor? 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

Though Dodge Darts once made up a large portion of unwanted old cars, over the past few years both interest and values have been increasing. Though a nice Slant Six Dart can be easily found under… more»

97-Year Old Hauler: 1920 Dodge Brothers

Here’s a bit of a head-scratcher, but a nice and unique one. This 1920 Dodge Brothers truck is listed on eBay in Lufkin, Texas with a current bid price of over $6,000 and the reserve isn’t… more»

Color Theory: 1972 Dodge Charger

If you lived through the 1970s, you either loved or hated the fact that most things from cars to clothes to¬†home decor were either green, gold, brown, or burnt orange, or all of the above at… more»

Shop Truck Candidate: 1987 Dodge Ram D-150 Shortbed

When I was a kid, my dad used to drive Dodge pickup trucks as a part of his fleet (he’s a general contractor that works in southeastern Pennsylvania). From when I was four to thirteen years… more»

Extinct Beast: 1987 Dodge Ramcharger

This here’s a true dinosaur, a two-door, body on frame, truck-based SUV. This is the type of truck that arguably put the “sport” in sport utility vehicle, conceived as a strictly utilitarian workhorse just barely more… more»

Slant Six Survivor: 1970 Dodge Challenger

As a lover of all things MoPar, all I can say is wow! At first glance this may look like your average 1970 Challenger, and in 1970 it was. By today’s standards, this Challenger is something… more»

1972 Charger — Clean, Green & Suitable!

This relatively clean and nicely original 1972 Dodge Charger is a fitting subject for my 2,000th Barn Finds posting! I’m a little plainer and not as spectacular as some of our excellent writers, and there’s a… more»