More Than Meets The Eye: 1966 Dodge Monaco

I wish we had better pictures of this 1966 Monaco. Then again, maybe not, because the beauty of this car isn’t evident in the pictures at all. Instead of Monaco, it’s actually located in Salinas, California… more»

Never Left Nevada: 1970 Dodge Challenger

Here’s a listing that appears ready for lift-off: a 1970 Dodge Challenger here on eBay that lived with its original owner up until just recently. A completely stock 3-speed manual transmission example with only 35,000 original miles,… more»

For The Big Car Person: 1962 Dodge Custom 880

“It’s the big one, Elizabeth!” (with apologies to Fred Sanford). Looking like it’s been sitting outside a garage shading grass from the sun for a long time (just look under the car at the green!), this… more»

Car-Napped: 1978 Dodge Magnum

In my perfect Mopar garage, next to the Dodge Mirada that I admitted to you all I loved beyond reason, there would also be a Dodge Magnum like this 1978 model here on eBay. I blame this… more»

Shelby’s Last Hurrah: Dodge Ram Rod Hall Edition

While there was no shortage to special edition models that Carroll Shelby’s hand had a role in creating, this 1990 Dodge Ram Rod Hall edition here on eBay was less about hands and more about a name. What… more»

Pretty in Blue: 1971 Dodge Swinger

Mopar cars are hot these days and prices of Challengers, Cudas, and all the rest are sky high. In that context, while the Dodge Dart Swinger may not be as desirable as the sportier muscle cars… more»

Camo Power: 1957 Dodge Power Wagon

This 1957 Dodge W100 Power Wagon found here on Autotrader Classics is located in Welches, Oregon and it looks like it’s in nice shape, but it will need a little work. This is one tough looking truck. The… more»

Double-Door Dart: 1975 Dodge Swinger

Have you been looking for a Swinger? Hey, this is a family show, I meant a Dodge Swinger! This 1975 Dodge Dart Swinger Special hardtop is here on craigslist in Fairbanks, Alaska. You are correct, the… more»

Have You Seen One? 1978 Dodge Charger Midnight

Sporting an unusual fiberglass rear roof cap, this 1978 Dodge Charger Midnight SE was an attempt to further differentiate the regular Charger from its upscale competition. According to the seller there were only 2,300 Midnight Chargers… more»

5 Window: 1968 Dodge A100 Pickup

It’s hard to imagine there was a pick-up truck war brewing in the 60s that featured single cab designs with low loading floors and beds out back. But with compact cargo carriers like the Corvair Rampside… more»

Survivor Or Restored? 1925 Dodge Brothers

The Dodge brothers started out in 1900 making chassis and engines for other car builders in Detroit including Oldsmobile and Ford. By 1916 they were building their own cars and were the second only to Ford in… more»

Gold and Cold: 1982 Dodge Mirada CMX

For some strange reason, I am drawn to the Dodge Mirada. I’m guessing there’s a support group out there awaiting my arrival. I attribute it to the fact that I find many domestic vehicles from this… more»

The Other GLHS: 1987 Shelby Charger

While they’re sometimes maligned for not being the brawny hot rods that wore the Shelby nameplate in the 60s, Mopars like this 1987 Shelby Charger GLHS here on eBay are appealing simply because they followed a similar… more»

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