My Uncle’s Dream: 1966 Ford Thunderbird

My uncle is no longer with us, but he left me (among other things) with a love of classic Ford Thunderbirds. To be honest, I don’t remember how many he had, but it was at least… more»

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Solid Short Bed: 1956 Ford F100

Found in a barn in Missouri, this solid F100 is a great looking project that runs, but needs some finishing touches to be a true driver. With a few new items installed, and now located in… more»

Coachbuilt Oddball: 1986 Honda CRX Straman

We have all seen and remember the Honda CRX as a small and short wheelbase hatchback. Fun, with a charming character, and often a thrill on back roads and tracks, the Honda CRX is a Legendary… more»

$800 V8 Classic: 1962 Oldsmobile F85

How many times have you wished you could find a cool and unique classic project that was a driver equipped with a V8 and a standard transmission? Well this 1962 Oldsmobile F85 may be right up your… more»

Another 1973 Police Car–With A Huge Surprise!

Here’s another 1973 police car, a Chevrolet rather than a Plymouth this time, but this one’s a little different. No, it’s actually a lot different, and there’s a couple of surprises thrown in that might shock… more»

Rally Green Original: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

It is not all that often that you find such an original condition first generation Camaro. With only 42,300 miles, the owner of this Camaro purchased it from the original owner 7 years ago with the… more»

V8 Survivor: 1981 Mercury Zephyr Wagon

The dawning of the 80’s drastically hurt the V8 market, to where smaller more efficient power plants were put into automobiles. Although this this Zephyr looks like nothing more than a cousin to the Fairmont, this… more»

Prewar Survivor: 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe

Do you ever just look at a car and wonder how it made its way thought time? I think this 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe is one of those cars where you just stare in amazement of… more»

Ready To Roll Original: 1959 Desoto Firedome

If you have ever desired to have an uncommon, and uniquely designed car, then the Desoto Firedome may be for you. The interestingly styled front bumper with the large fins make for a cool and unique car that there… more»

440 Restovivor: 1971 Dodge Charger R/T

The third generation Dodge Chargers seem to not be as well appreciated as the second generation cars, but the 1971-1974 cars still have great looks and power. This 1971 model has a factory equipped 440 big… more»

Split Bumper Delight: 1973 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Perhaps not as popular as the first generation of Camaros, the 1970 to 1973 cars are equally attractive as the earlier cars. This 1973 RS car has received some recent work, and appears to be a great start to a… more»

60 Years Forgotten: 1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Recently discovered in a barn in Pennsylvania, this Ford Model A has spent nearly 60 years at rest. The owner passed away, but the widow claims the car has been untouched since the late 1950’s as… more»

Antique Pie Hauler: 1919 Ford Model T

While the Pie industry may not be as booming as it once was 98 years ago, this 1919 Ford is in great shape. Described as mostly original, and very solid, this one even runs smoothly making… more»