Drop Top Mopar: 1964 Dodge Dart

Early Dart’s are always a treat with their simple yet pleasing style, and often with a V8 to boot. In tidy driver condition, this Dart has a wonderful curb appeal, and overall seems like a great… more»

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Drive It Anywhere: 1953 Chrysler Windsor

Drive it anywhere isn’t a term used all that often when describing a classic car, but it does pop up from time to time. Shiny and clean, this ’53 Windsor looks like a great surviving classic… more»

First Year X: 1974 Fiat X1/9

Some cars are really hard to let go of. Whether they are rare, or they hold some other sentimental reason for making it difficult. The seller of this first year X1/9 is looking to let his… more»

94 Years and Still Kicking: 1923 Maxwell Model 25

As America became more engulfed with the automobile, prices and availability finally were within reach for middle class America. Many of the cars of the 20’s lived a lifestyle that no other era of car could… more»

A Good Hearted Shoebox: 1951 Ford

A lot of the cars we feature on Barn Finds need work. Many of them need a lot of work, but we try to find homes for these cars because they are rare or special in… more»

Affordable Entry-Level Bimmer: 1972 BMW 2002

The spritely BMW 2002 served as the German powerhouse’s point of entry to the mainstream American market in the late ’60s, and for years the 2002 also served as many enthusiasts’ point of entry to BMW… more»

Low Mileage Blank Canvas: 1963 Dodge 330

Have you ever wanted to build up a classic car but you were torn on finding the “right” candidate? You didn’t want to modify a nicely optioned car, but you didn’t want a rust bucket either?… more»

Cheap Hemi: 1952 Chrysler Imperial

It is not all that often that you find a solid, ready to drive classic, with a Hemi for cheap. This ’52 Imperial looks clean enough and has received some recent maintenance. The seller claims you… more»

V8 And Air Conditioning: 1965 Dodge Dart Wagon

A clean and honest station wagon always seems like a great answer to the family equipped auto enthusiast. This ’65 Dart Wagon is a factory V8 car with air conditioning! With a great original look, and… more»

Cheap Clean Fun: 1973 Ford Maverick

Ford Mavericks are great cars that have been modified, raced, and even restored. Original surviving examples are always nice to see, but let’s be honest. Who wants a 6 cylinder Maverick when we all know that… more»

5 Window Farm Hand: 1951 Chevrolet Pickup

After an honest life as a farm truck, this 5 window pickup has survived rather well. With an obvious patina, this truck is very solid and is ready to drive. This unmolested beauty has 13 bids… more»

History In The Making: 1985 Honda CRX SI

When the CRX came out in 1984 it was a cool and unique car that was peppy and offered great fuel mileage. Although the CRX was already a great car, Honda had an ace up their… more»

My Uncle’s Dream: 1966 Ford Thunderbird

My uncle is no longer with us, but he left me (among other things) with a love of classic Ford Thunderbirds. To be honest, I don’t remember how many he had, but it was at least… more»