No Reserve! 1987 Buick Grand National

We have seen quite a few Grand Nationals recently, they’re undoubtedly one of the hot bubble cars right now. Or, maybe they aren’t a bubble car and they’re really that good and that valuable. This 1987… more»

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Serious Centurion: 1997 Ford F-350 Centurion

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Centurion Vehicles, allow me to summarize it: they made enormous trucks even more enormous. The most famous and perhaps most common Centurion conversion is the “Centurion Classic,” the… more»

Clean Duck: 1975 Ford Maverick Survivor

It is well-known that I go pretty easy on unwanted cars from less-desirable time-periods. I try not to price-bash, as there is a rear for every seat! All of that said, I think that the $8,500… more»

Finned Mopar: 1959 Plymouth Belvedere

Hank in Ohio is ready to sell this tidy-looking 1959 Plymouth Belvedere 2 Door Hardtop, offered on Hemmings for $21,900 obo. Designer Virgil “Ex” Exner rocked the world with his lineup of boldly finned Chryslers that… more»

360-Powered: 1972 AMC Ambassador Brougham

For 1972, AMC dropped its 6-cylinder engine for the Ambassador so the 304 V8 was now standard. And, as if an orangeish-red Ambassador wagon wasn’t cool enough, this one has an optional 360 V8! This 1972… more»

Retired Workhorse: Well-Preserved 1962 Ford Econoline

Cars that have been well-preserved and are in good, unrestored condition are a neat thing all of their own. That being said, preserved work vehicles are something else. Most work trucks and vans saw abuse on… more»

America’s Outback: 1984 AMC Eagle

Recently, I read an article from Road and Track about how much people love the 1994-2003 Subaru Outback as an every-day all-season car. In the article, the author talks to a multi-millionaire whose daily driver was… more»

Plain Pony: Low-Optioned 1970 Mustang

Most Mustangs have been done up with a nice, powerful V8 engine, aftermarket wheels, and a flashy paint job. We all know the drill. For many younger enthusiasts, and perhaps older enthusiasts as well, it can… more»

Al Bundy’s Ride: 1970 Plymouth Duster

History demonstrates that in dire times, a hero always rises. Leonidas lead the delaying action that allowed Greece to defeat the Persians. George Washington defeated the British at Yorktown to secure America’s Freedom. Winston Churchill rallied… more»

No Kitting: 1974 Custom Card Car

Exploring the internet for obscure cars never gets old, and reader Pat L. certainly delivered on this one. Have you ever wanted a car that nobody else has? Can’t bring yourself to buy a kit-car? Now… more»

Four Door Survivor: 1973 Ford LTD

Every type of car has its niche, and enormous ’70s American sedans are no exception. Big, squishy American luxury sedans make for some of the best cruising vehicles if you’re looking to go out with a… more»

Lean and Clean: 1979 Mazda RX-7

Most people know that Mazda didn’t invent the rotary engine, and most people know that they weren’t the first company to put them in a production vehicle. But, most of us automatically connect those two dots… more»

Flame Find! 1962 Cadillac DeVille

Purists stop reading now! I was intrigued by this 1962 Cadillac DeVille that is listed for sale┬áhere on eBay┬ánot so much by the flaming paint job, but by the fact that the car seems awfully solid… more»