Do Real Cowboys Eat Beef? 1976 Jeep Wagoneer

We’ll get to the post title in a moment. Meanwhile, this neat looking, oozing with the p-word Jeep Wagoneer is listed for sale here on eBay, with bidding starting at $5,000 and a buy it now… more»

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Rough But Almost Ready: 1953 Dodge Power Wagon

Ok, maybe it will need a little bit of work to get it roadworthy, but this ex-Air Force 1953 Dodge Power Wagon could be one heck of a work vehicle! It’s being sold here on eBay where… more»

Another Green One! 1970 Thunderbird At No Reserve

I’m not sure exactly what to call this 1970 Ford Thunderbird, as it’s certainly very original but isn’t quite in nice enough shape to call it a survivor, and the work hasn’t been done yet to… more»

Just Driven: 1964 Ford F-100 Pickup

If I were to classify the various finds we come across here at Barn Finds, aside from the excitement at unearthing a complete surprise for the first time in years (which is everyone’s favorite), my second… more»

Ramblin’ Around: 1965 Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

When they were new, and now as much as then, American Motors products may be seen as underdogs. The underdog sometimes wins, even when going up against some pretty big dogs. The fellows who put in… more»

43,500 Miles & Zero Rust: 1970 E-Type Warehouse Find

Whenever I hear zero rust and E-Type in the same sentence, I’m understandably skeptical. Especially when the car is located in Yonkers, New York (the land of salted roads)  like this one. But aside from a… more»

Magic Stripes: 1977 Buick Nighthawk

Here’s a special model you don’t see very often. The Nighthawk was basically a dressed up Buick Skyhawk, but this visual package was one of the more unique ones ever thought up. It featured black paint, gold… more»

Fancy Hornet: 1979 AMC Concord Wagon

This cool, blue beauty is a 1979 AMC Concord Wagon. I grew up referring to these cars as “Hornet wagons with chrome”, but in all fairness.. no wait, that’s basically what they were! This fancy Hornet… more»

One Owner Gem: 1965 Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon

Said to have only one owner from new, this 70,917 miles example of one of America’s most memorable station wagons (has anyone in the US over 40 not ridden in one?) is just waiting for a… more»

1986 Jaguar XJ-SC With A 5-Speed!

This vintage of Jag doesn’t normally get me excited, but this one is a different story. Not only is it a cabriolet, but it has a 5-speed manual transmission! Normally, we only see slushbox equipped XJSs here… more»

What A Buy! Maybe? $4k 1969 Triumph TR6

No, Howard, it doesn’t have overdrive, darnit. However, this 1969 Triumph TR6 looks like an excellent buy based on the pictures and information we have. It’s being advertised here on craigslist for only $4,000, which is… more»

Old Money: 1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

What kind of car do you buy when you want people to think you’re rich? Well, this Rolls-Royce might be a good start. It reeks of money and has low miles so it might actually be a good buy. These… more»

Grandma’s Benz: 1997 Mercedes C280

If you’re in the market for a used Benz, the you need to know that the best ones seem to always be owned by little old ladies. At least ones with money and good eyesight. This… more»