BF Town Hall: How Are We Doing?

Every once in a while we like to ask our readers how they think we are doing. As a result of all the great suggestions and ideas received, we have been able to make many improvements… more»

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Lucky’s Spring Auction Highlights

If you live anywhere near Tacoma, Washington then you probably already know that there’s a big auction happening this weekend. We already featured the Cadillac with a possible Presley past, but I wanted to mention a… more»

Did This Cadillac Belong To Elvis Presley?

Lucky Auction’s Spring Sale is just around the corner and there are quite a few lots worth a look. This 1956 Cadillac DeVille is thought to have belonged to The King himself! It’s wearing a nice… more»

5k Mile DeLorean Found While Boat Hunting!

A boat auction may seem like an unlikely place to find old cars, but if you live anywhere near Brookline, New Hampshire, the upcoming antique boat and auto auction will be worth attenting. We have featured… more»

Barn Finds Is Coming To The UK!

Well, not literally. Unless, of course, someone invites me to the Goodwood Revival later this year… Anyway, we have many loyal readers in the UK and have decided to run a few more finds just for… more»

You Can Write For Barn Finds!

Everyday we receive dozens of submissions from our readers and we just can’t keep up! That’s a good problem to have, but it also makes it hard to find a minute to work on our own… more»

To Flip, Or Not To Flip? That Is The Question

“Everyone hates a flipper”. We have read that comment countless times here on Barn Finds, so it is with a little apprehension that I share my latest idea with you all. We have tried many different… more»

Happy Thanksgiving From Barn Finds!

For our readers in the USA, today is a special day spent stuffing our faces with food and mingling with loved ones. So, in between all that eating and socializing, be sure to stop in and… more»

Stash Of Classics In Denmark

When I think of a barn full of American classics, I usually think of the American midwest, a location known for having a plethora of barns and lots of old American iron. However, this old barn… more»

Bugatti Barn Find Resurrected!

When Doug M. sent in photos of this 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante, I thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, it sold back in 2007 at the Greenwich Concours for an eye-watering $852k – about double… more»

What Would You Pay For An Inspection?

Last week we asked if any of you would be willing inspect cars for fellow barn finders and we were surprised by the response received. There were inquiries coming in from all over the world and… more»

1946 Ford Pickup: Swap To Street

The Hagerty team have taken up the challenge to build a Ford pickup from parts purchased at the¬†Hershey Swap Meet, then drive it home to Traverse City, Michigan. They purchased this Ford from a backyard in… more»

Inspect Cars For Fellow Barn Finders!

With the recent and unfortunate demise of Jewel or Jalopy, we’ve decided to put together an inspection service for our readers. Buying any car online can be scary, but being able to have a fellow barn… more»