Ford Barn Finds

High Build Primer Build: 1940 Ford Coupe

It really is amazing what we can do with antique cars today.  Parts to completely rebuild many of the most popular cars of the past are being sold by numerous companies.  Craftsmen can duplicate almost any… more»

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Still in the Barn – 1968 Mustang and More!

We’ll get to the Mustang in a minute, but this shot begs the question “In what country is this barn located?” This shot looks more like a barn in Germany or the U.K. or anywhere European,… more»

Fully Restored 1933 Ford 3 Window Racer

Normally we avoid restored cars on but I couldn’t pass up this 1933 Ford 3 Window racer in Eudora, Kansas. Restored mechanically, it should never EVER be restored cosmetically. This is a “done” car that… more»

Well-Maintained: 1986 Ford Thunderbird

While Thunderbirds of this generation aren’t many people’s first choice, it is a rarity to see one on the road these days let alone one in decent condition! Although the pictures aren’t super high quality, it… more»

Rugged Good Looks: 1940 Ford Pickup

If you read my write-ups, then you know I really like prewar Fords, both the cars and the trucks.  Given the choice, my first instinct is to keep them as original as possible.  Safety modifications, such… more»

Solid Woody Project: 1949 Ford Woody Wagon

Highly coveted and well loved, ’49 fords are great cars with a grand following. Coupes, sedans, and convertibles can often been seen at car events, but how often do you see the not so common Woody… more»

The Terms We Use: 1951 Ford Two Door Sedan

When you read a lot of ads and go to a lot of car shows, you begin to see the length and breadth of the word restoration.  A lot of cars are labeled restored, and you… more»

Supercharged Garage Find Uncovered

Stashed away in this garage is a supercharged survivor that has been hidden away for a number of years. The seller doesn’t say just how long it sat in here under this car cover, but based… more»

High School Car: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Mach 1:  767.269 Miles Per Hour. When traveling near the speed of sound (which fluctuates based on temperature and altitude as discussed here on, compression dynamics exert pressure on the fuselage that affect lift and… more»

Junkman’s Itch: 1952 Ford F-3 Pickup

In one of the funniest episodes of the sitcom Sanford and Son, Grady is taking care of Lamont while Fred is out of town (The real story was that Redd Foxx was “on strike” for a… more»

Big Beauty: 1940 Ford One Ton Pickup

I have to admit that I am a big fan of old trucks.  Furthermore, I think that anyone serious about restoring their own vehicles should begin with a truck.  Their usefulness, simplicity, and rugged parts all… more»

Hershey AACA Fall Swap Meet 2017

On the east coast, we often look forward to fall for many reasons, but few actually outweigh the AACA fall swap meet. Just about anything involving wheels or an engine can be found here, and there… more»

Lost for 30 Years: 1971 Australian Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III

While some Americans claim sole rights to the “muscle car,” Australia’s love of V8-powered rear-wheel-drive cars has carried on continuously through to this day. Most gear-heads recognize the 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT351 that supercharged the… more»