Ford Barn Finds

Sitting 30 Years: 1957 Thunderbird Garage Find

This is an “as found” picture of this 1957 Ford Thunderbird, which was recently purchased from its original owner in Southern California. The car is now located in Los Angeles and is listed for sale here… more»

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High School Sweetheart! 1965 Mustang Convertible

Way back in 1981, when the previous owner graduated from high school, his 1965 Ford Mustang convertible was stashed away in a garage to await a future restoration that never came. Now it’s up for sale… more»

Pace Car Partner: 1979 Mustang Go Cart

Just the other day, I saw a dealer promo go-cart in the shape of a first-generation Subaru Brat. It was one of those moments of, “Oh, I need to own that,” followed by more sane thoughts… more»

Jeff in the Junkyard: Cold and Frozen

Because I value the Barn Finds community, I don’t let some snow and cold get in my way of exploring this nation’s great hidden junkyards. What does slow me down, however, is slipping on a sheet of ice… more»

Thunder-Jet Are Go! 1970 Ford Ranchero GT

Get out the asbestos underoos for this one, this 1970 Ford Ranchero GT has a monster lurking under that sleek hood: a 360-hp 429 Thunder-Jet! I know, you can buy a Hyundai with more horsepower than… more»

1969 Mustang For $800!

I know this Mustang needs tons of work and is missing lots of parts, but unlike many of the rough Pony cars we’ve seen lately, this one is actually realistically priced. At just $800 or best… more»

Paging Rouge Val Holsteins: 1956 Ford COE

Is there an old truck any cooler than a Ford COE? If there is, I haven’t found it. These striking big-rigs remain stunning pieces of trucking archaeology, with their stacked front end just oozing with art… more»

Hardtop Convertible: 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner

Today the concept of a power retractable hardtop convertible is modern and considered a high end feature. That was also the consensus in 1957 when the Skyliner was released with its dual weather roof. Although baring… more»

First Year Ford Bronco Project

It really amazes me how much interest for old Broncos, Ramchargers, and Blazers has gone up in the past year or so. I remember when you could pick up a nice first generation Bronco for just… more»

English Exclusive: Ford Escort 1300E

UPDATE: This one seemed fishy, so we pulled the seller’s email. Oh how I wish this exclusive were closer, or even just on the same continent! There are many European cars I dream of owning and this… more»

Under the Influence: 1965 Ford Cortina

As someone who isn’t a welder or a fabrication specialist, I’ve never had the desire to become an artist with automotive bodywork. But, those more creative than me have whipped up some impressive hot rods and… more»

Four Eyed Survivor: 1985 Mustang Convertible

As someone who is bespectacled, the “four eyes” insult still lingers in the deep recesses of my brain. If only I had known, back then, that I could have uttered a witty come-back along the lines… more»

30 Antiques & Customs Estate Sale, 1928-1975

It’s sad to think that these 30 cars are all part of an estate sale, but I hope they will now go on to new owners who cherish them as much as it looks like they… more»


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