Pardon My French: 1960 Simca Aronde

My French is a little rusty, but according to… more»

Attention Citroen Collectors!

Citroen didn’t sell many cars in the US so… more»

French Model A: 1928 Citroen AC4

This design was a big departure  from previous Citrones… more»

Gallic People Mover: 1964 Peugeot 404 Wagon

Reader Dean B. writes: Not the car that the Citroen… more»

Dirty French Project: 1968 Citroen 2CV

We featured a clean appearing 1975 Citroen 2CV here back… more»

Make Offer: Citroen Safari Wagon Projects

After a day of stomping around junkyards, I tried… more»

Intact Gallic Sedan: 1968 Peugeot 404

Looking remarkably good for it’s years (the seller says “92%… more»

French Econobox: 1970 Simca 1204

I’ve only seen two Simca 1204s in my life…. more»

Portable Store: 1958 Citroen Vanstore

It has been reported that there are 6 of… more»

1958 Facel Vega: Warehouse Sale

To me, the Facel Vega is one of the… more»

Vive La France Take #2: 1972 Citroen SM

Imagine my surprise at finding this barn find Citroen… more»

Vive La France! 1965 Citroen DS19

As you might well imagine, some of my thoughts… more»

1975 Citroen 2 CV 6 Fresh French Paint?

These are not for everyone but they have probably… more»

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