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69 Citroen Mehari

1969 Citroen Mehari: Plastic Party

There are few cars that put a smile on my face more easily than the… more »

front right

1964 Renault Caravelle For $1,200

This (sporty?) little red 1964 Renault Caravelle has been stored since the 1970s and has only 63,000… more »

Citroens in Portland

Keep Portland… Citroen!

From Matt K. – This past weekend I was in Portland Oregon enjoying a weekend… more »

1988 Citroen 2CV

1988 Citroen 2CV: Low Mileage Survivor

While this Citroen was built in 1988, you would think it was built in the… more »

Bugatti Barn Find

Amazing Bugatti Barn Find!

One would assume that every single Bugatti barn find has already been unearthed. Well, here’s… more »


46 Years In A Barn: 1954 Citroen 11

Thanks to reader Olaf E. for this Dutch find! After 46 years in a barn… more »

Rolled Runner

Rolled Runner: 1958 Panhard Dyna Z

We have featured a couple of these quirky little French cars before, but none have… more »

1967 Renault Caravelle

1967 Renault Caravelle: 8k Mile Survivor

I’m a sucker for drop top European sports cars and low mileage survivors. Put the… more »

1957 Citroen 2CV

1957 Citroen 2CV For $2,500!

About 10 years ago I remember seeing one of these. It was parked in front… more »


Gallic Truck: 1965 Citroen 2CV

This 1965 Citroen has been sitting in this garage since 2004, when it was imported… more »


Dovetail: 1960 Simca Aronde

I had to look up what “Aronde” meant in French; it’s “dovetail,” very fitting for… more »

1972 Citroen SM

Easily Operational: 1972 Citroen SM

We haven’t featured a Citroen SM for a while, so I thought this one deserved a… more »

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