Bugatti Barn Find

Amazing Bugatti Barn Find!

One would assume that every single Bugatti barn find has already been unearthed. Well, here’s more proof that there might still be a few out there waiting to be found. A small group of people have dedicated their whole lives to the search of these special masterpieces. They spend their days scouring factory records and club registries in hopes of locating a forgotten specimen of one of the world’s most desirable automobiles. It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in while these treasure hunters strike gold. One such discovery happened not long ago and this is tale about how a very special 1925 Bugatti Brescia was found after being lost for nearly 50 years! Read more »


46 Years In A Barn: 1954 Citroen 11

Thanks to reader Olaf E. for this Dutch find! After 46 years in a barn in Friesland, Netherlands, this Citroen Traction Avant was recently revived with new brakes, lights, and a tuneup (if I believe Google translation!) The body has been left alone and does have some rust. The car is advertised here on for 7,750 Euro (about $8,400). Paraphrasing the seller, the combination of a mechanically sound Traction Avant and the cosmetic patina of age yields a really nice combination. The type of car was produced from 1934 to 1957 and for its day was one of the most advanced cars on the road. With a longitudinal, front-wheel-drive layout and one of the first unitized bodies on a regular production car, there was a lot of passenger room in a very rigid package. I’d love to drive one of these someday–are any of our Dutch readers interested?

Rolled Runner

Rolled Runner: 1958 Panhard Dyna Z

We have featured a couple of these quirky little French cars before, but none have looked quite like this! The car appears to have actually been in decent shape before the roll-over incident. The seller mentions that the engine still runs and that the car turns and stops. Obviously, the body is shot, but this could be a good chance for a Panhard guy to pick up some spares for their fleet. These were actually very interesting machines when they were released. There was room for six inside, but the two-cylinder engine and low curb weight meant that it was actually very fuel efficient. The unique engineering alone makes this one worth a look. Find it here on Hemmings where the seller is asking $1,800 or best offer. It’s located in Murray, Utah and thanks goes to Mike H. for the tip!

1967 Renault Caravelle

1967 Renault Caravelle: 8k Mile Survivor

I’m a sucker for drop top European sports cars and low mileage survivors. Put the two together and you have the perfect combination, well at least in my book. In all honesty, this Renault Caravelle wouldn’t be my first choice of topless European cars, but with just 8k miles on the clock I might make an exception! The seller claims his wife’s Aunt bought the car new in ’67 and kept it in her garage in California for all of these years. The aunt is now 90 years old and has no need for it, so she sold it to the couple. They had it transported from California to Erie, Pennsylvania, where they live. It looks to be in great condition, although the paint is looking quite oxidized. With a good cleaning, some careful detailing, and lots of elbow grease, this classic could look almost as good as new! If you are interested in taking a closer look at this Renault, you can find it here on eBay with a BIN of $14,500 and the option to make an offer. Read more »

1957 Citroen 2CV

1957 Citroen 2CV For $2,500!

About 10 years ago I remember seeing one of these. It was parked in front of a strip mall and was painted up with Little Caesars Pizza logos. It was an effective sign, but one day it disappeared. Up until that point, the car just seemed like an oddity to me. I’ve since learned that these little French cars were actually something special. They may not be fast or even beautiful, but these Citroens are unique and well engineered. The seller claims that this is one of the earliest 2CVs imported to the United States. It has been in their possession since 1998 when they bought it as a restoration project. That never happened, but they did store the car inside all those years. The seller is throwing in an extra engine so you can decide if you’d like 2  or 4 horizontally-opposed cylinders. It’s located in Hinton, Iowa and is listed here on eBay for $2,500 or best offer. Let’s just hope that doesn’t wind up at a pizza joint!


Gallic Truck: 1965 Citroen 2CV

This 1965 Citroen has been sitting in this garage since 2004, when it was imported from France. The seller tells us it ran “real good” at the time and they have put a new exhaust on it since then but done nothing else. The garage is in Cleveland, Ohio, and the 2CV is listed here on eBay where bidding is currently at $3,850 with no reserve. There were a lot of comments on the rusty 2CV we featured recently and I’m wondering what you think of this little truck, which seems a lot more solid.  It was used as an electrician’s work truck while in France, and the seller suggests that it would make an interesting promotional work vehicle if refurbished. They are certainly quite simple to work on, and based on the previous comments parts can be had. Anyone need a small Gallic truck? Special thanks to Jim S for this tip!


Dovetail: 1960 Simca Aronde

I had to look up what “Aronde” meant in French; it’s “dovetail,” very fitting for a car company whose symbol was a bird in flight. This stylish little coupe is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan and is for sale here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $3,500 and the opening bid (below reserve) is $2,000. The little car is said to run and drive “beautifully” and certainly appears solid in the pictures. The brakes have been rebuilt and even the period radio works! Yes, there’s some rust and crinkles, and I have no clue where you’d get replacement body parts, but I did find some mechanical components available in the US. Although the Chevy wheel covers aren’t original, they are period and the owner has painted the centers to camouflage their origin. Want to be different? The entry price is $3,500!

1972 Citroen SM

Easily Operational: 1972 Citroen SM

We haven’t featured a Citroen SM for a while, so I thought this one deserved a mention. The hydropneumatic suspension, Maserati engine, and French styling scare a lot of people off, but these are awesome machines. They competed with the best luxury cars in the world. The suspension made you feel like the car was floating on air and the high performance V6 made traveling at triple digit speeds a breeze. This one is going to need a lot of help before it is going to do any grand touring, but by the looks of all the action here on eBay, more than a few people want to try. The engine has been rebuilt, but the transmission is bad and there is no telling what else will need to be fixed. The seller states that the car is currently non-operational, but that it could be converted to operational status easily. I’m not so sure about that, but for those who understand these cars, this is quite a find. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!


Rusty and Crusty: Citroen 2CV

I’m honestly not sure if this 2CV is worth restoring, and it’s awfully rusty, but it sure looks fun just the same! It’s currently in Medway, Massachusetts, and is being auctioned here on eBay where bidding is substantially less than $1,000 but the reserve is not met. With what I would call terminal rust on an MG, and there are lots of good pictures of it to verify it, I’ve got concerns about this one ever being totally safe. However, I know very little about 2CV’s, so maybe someone that knows more can give us a more educated opinion in the comments. I do know that whomever painted it Plum Crazy had a sense of humor! Can you imagine this with a Hemi? Just kidding – or maybe not! Read more »

Amish Country Part 2

Jeff in the Junkyard: Amish Country Part 2

I mentioned in last week’s Jeff in the Junkyard round-up that my trip to Amish Country offered more than enough fodder for a few weeks’ worth of posts. We’ll move onto new territory next week, but for now, I still have plenty of material to work with from this Pennsylvania forest. There are a few more unknowns thrown in, so make your answers known below! I fear my last few quizzes have been a bit too easy, so hopefully these will challenge even our most knowledgeable followers! Read more »

1959 Peugeot 203c

1959 Peugeot 203c: Conventional French

When I think of French cars, I typically think of tiny cars with odd angles and quirky looks, but when I saw this Peugeot that Mike H found here on eBay, I was surprised by how conventional it actually looks. If you didn’t know better, you might even mistake it for a ’50s American built classic. Of course once you start to study it closely, you can tell it wasn’t built on our shores, but it will surely create a stir at local car shows! And if the looks don’t cause some interest, this car’s history should! It has traveled all over the globe, from Sri Lanka to Kenya and then somehow to Virginia! The seller has done a lot to this car to get it running and safe to drive, but they have decided it’s time to find a new project. They have started bidding at the odd amount of $4,826.12. Special thanks to Mike for the tip! Read more »


1985 Citroën Mehari: Party on Wheels

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a good candidate to own a Jeep. I’ve got nothing against them, personally, but I just don’t quite have the bravado to use one to its full potential. And it’s not an elitist thing, at all – I just have way too much appreciation for the weird and quirky to ever do a Jeep justice when pulling up to the fire pit on the beach. Now, a Citroen Mehari on the other hand, would plaster a goofy grin on my face 24/7. This 1985 example is here on eBay with a price-tag of $12,900 (thanks to Barn Finds reader Robert R. for spotting this) and you’ll need a boat to get it home, as it’s in the Netherlands. I know a Citroen of all things doesn’t scream Americana and is far from patriotic, but when I consider the Mehari, all I can think of is a design team that understood the universally-appreciated sentiment of a beach buggy: it’s slow, but beach traffic always is; the roof and windows disappear to let in that salty, humid air; the colors are bright, something much-needed after a long New England winter; and you can just hop out of the thing to get to the water faster – no doors needed. It may not be a Jeep, but if your taste in people carriers errs on the side of eccentric, a Mehari may be just what you need.

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