Pity the Fool That Doesn’t Buy It: 1973 GMC Motorhome

Ours are not the first eyes to be caught by the epic artwork on the side of this 1973 GMC Motorhome, and they will assuredly be far from the last! There’s more to this Mr. T-emblazoned… more»

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Captain’s Chairs: Clean 1989 GMC Vandura

All too often, Chevy’s classic G20 van is a fairly tired specimen by now. Used by plumbers, contractors and anyone else with a wrench, they are rarely set aside as weekend tourers. Well, it appears this… more»

Big Barn Find: 1950 GM Transit Bus

I can only imagine the size of the barn this thing was found it! It is being sold by the third owner, who acquired it the estate of a private collector, so presumably it was kept… more»

Rollin’ Coal: 1984 GMC Caballero Amarillo

For those who are old enough, remember the OPEC oil embargoes that happened back in the 1970s? After two oil embargoes (first in 1974, and then in 1979) rocked the United States, fuel-efficient engines and downsized… more»

All the Comforts: 1974 GMC Eleganza

These GMC Eleganza motorhomes have been popping up with some regularity on various social media feeds, and examples like this 1974 model provide compelling evidence as to why a life on the road may be one… more»

One Of A Kind: 1935 GMC Northern Pacific Van

As a car collector and writer, I try to think outside the box when it comes to writing and finding vehicles; my mission is to find the rare and unusual in the automotive world. This 1935 GMC… more»

Built The Old Fashioned Way: 1927 GMC K41A Truck

Attention!  This is a test.  This is a test of the Barn Finds Emergency Vehicle Identification Team.  This is a test to see if the readers of Barn Finds can verify that this vehicle is actually… more»

Rough Around The Edges: 1953 GMC Suburban

The Suburban is arguably one of the most successful and long-lived platforms in SUV history.  You can go down to your local dealership and buy a brand new Suburban tomorrow.  This 1953 version definitely needs some TLC, but… more»

Desert Driver: Original 1954 GMC Pickup

Early 1950’s Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks are certainly one of the most iconic American vehicles out there, and they are equally as common restored original as they are in hot rod form. These trucks are… more»

Old School: 1957 GMC School Bus

How much fun would this be as a converted motorhome or party bus?  This 1957 GMC bus looks like a very solid project.  For sale here on craigslist for $2,500 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The ad doesn’t have… more»

800 Original Miles: 1995 GMC Top Kick Moving Van

I know what you’re thinking: at first glance of the listing, you notice there’s only one picture. I too was a bit skeptical at first glance, but then I read the advertisement itself, and when I… more»

Big Yellow Ducky: 1943 GMC DUKW

Fathers spend a lot of money and buy many things for their daughters’ weddings. There’s the caterer, the flowers, the dress, and of course, the cake, and the duck. Wait, what? This was purchased for a wedding… more»

Lean To Find: 1953 GMC 4400

Previously used a grocery store hauler, this old GMC has been parked under a lean to since 1989. The current seller purchased it in an estate auction with the intent of making a car hauler project… more»