Tow Cool for School: 1984 GMC School Bus Wrecker

Here’s something that you don’t see every day, a 1984 GMC Vandura 3500 School Bus Wrecker! This thing is old school cool! It’s listed on eBay with just over a day to get your bids in,… more»

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Only Way to Travel: 1977 GMC Motorhome

In the late 70s, the annual holiday Hess truck was a replica of this fantastic GMC motorhome. It was easily my favorite of the trucks my brother and I collected, not only for the blinking lights and… more»

About That Dog: 1940 GMC Fire Engine

Here’s yet another fire truck, but this one shows some promise of finding a new life. It’s listed on eBay and priced reasonably at $9,900 or best offer. It’s not too big and it’s shiny and… more»

Jeff In The Junkyard: Wintertime Finds

Although I generally loathe winter, it is my preferred season for visiting salvage yards. If the mercury stays above 20 degrees, my flannel-lined work gear keeps up with the colder temps. Plus, this means there are… more»

Cannonball Replica: 1929 GMC Tanker

Most of us probably just know it as the Cannonball, but its original name was the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash (no wonder it’s just Cannonball now). It was also a slightly different event then what… more»

Dump Box Project: 1950 GMC 250 Deluxe

This 1950 GMC 250 Deluxe Pickup will need some work. Actually, it’ll need a lot of work, but these are fairly rare pickups with the 1-ton rating, and having the 5-window Deluxe cab makes it even more special…. more»

Barn Found Pickup: 1940 GMC

Cooped up in a barn for who knows how long, this 1940 GMC Pickup is loaded with character. “Ran when parked” is a phrase we see often, but we wonder how long it has been since… more»

Tough Mudder: 1956 GMC 100 Series NAPCO 4×4

Here’s one for you tough truck fans, it’s a 1956 GMC 100 Series NAPCO 4×4 and it’s listed on eBay with 5 days left to get your bids in. The current bid price is just over $4,500 and there… more»

Rare But Really Rusty: 1949 GMC Canopy Express

Here’s your next project: a 1949 GMC Canopy Express! It’s in Milton, Wisconsin, 36 miles southeast of the beautiful capital city of Madison. This former workhorse is listed here on eBay with a current bid price of $2,100… more»

Old Dog: 1948 GM PD3751 Coach

I can’t claim to know much about old buses, but I do know I love their style. It seems today’s methods of mass transit have made a point of being as slab-sided and as visually exciting… more»

BF Exclusive: 1962 GMC 3/4 Ton Stepside

Update – I just heard from Paul, his truck sold just 3 hours after we featured it! Update – I forgot to mention his asking price of $6,500. I just love old work trucks like reader… more»

Turquoise Gem: 1958 GMC 100 Deluxe Pickup

Low mileage isn’t everything when it comes to a car or truck. This 1958 GMC 100 Deluxe is listed as having just a hair over 50,000 original miles. In fair condition, this truck has loads of style… more»

Super Clean 4×4: 1979 GMC Sierra 1500

We’ve noticed a steady rise in the values and desirability of classic trucks, but finding nice ones that haven’t been abused is tough. This GMC looks to be in amazing shape, is said to run and… more»