The Duncan Collection – 900 Cars and Counting

Have you ever pictured yourself car shopping with no budget in mind, scouring eBay and other sites as a hobby and clicking “Buy It Now” on those dream cars you’ve always wanted? In Southwest Virginia’s New… more»

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39K Miles From New: 1987 Honda CRX

First-generation CRXs aren’t necessarily as loved as the CRX that followed in the late 80s, but finding an unmodified survivor is often just as difficult. This 1987 CRX isn’t the hot-hatch Si; it doesn’t even have… more»

Seized Assets: 1984 Honda Civic 1500 S

This 1984 Honda Civic 1500 S is for sale by a storage facility that took possession of the car after the owner stopped paying storage fees. The seller claims the former owner loved this classic Honda… more»

Stored Since ’88: 1983 Honda Accord

Said to have covered only 32,000 miles from new, this 1983 Honda Accord hatchback is in impressive condition and loaded up with some rare factory and period options. The car has escaped the plight of many… more»

Stock Survivor: 1990 Honda CRX Si

For a long time, it’s been known that the original Honda CRX is one of the purest driver’s cars ever made. Unfortunately, supply is quite limited in stock, rust-free form, particularly so for the hot ticket… more»

1990 Honda CRX SI: A Well-Kept Modern Classic

Now I know what you’re thinking: since when is a Honda classic? Since recently! Though in the scheme of things, this 1990 CRX is relatively new, it is still nearly 28 years old. We have featured… more»

Moses Hightower Returns: 1977 Honda Civic

Nobody in the history of Hollywood abused a Honda more than Bubba Smith in the movie Police Academy.  Smith, playing a former florist turned police cadet, finds himself in a predicament where he has to pass… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Electric 1975 Honda Civic Wagon

Seller Description: My 1975 Honda Civic Wagon was converted to all electric in 1981. It’s a California car, with no rust outs and mostly original paint. I found this car under a tarp out in the… more»

Almost All Original: 1986 Honda Civic Si

This completely stock 1986 Honda Civic Si is a rare find, but calling it completely original may be a stretch. The seller notes a repaint by Maaco in the past year which was performed to address… more»

1 Of 50? 1982 Honda Prelude Solaire Convertible

Don’t remember a Prelude Convertible? This 1982 Honda Prelude Solaire Convertible offered here on eBay from Washington state is one of fewer than 100 made. A California company named Solaire performed the Honda-warrantied conversion. Click this… more»

Featherweight Fighter: 1989 Honda CRX Si

Carrol Shelby, when doing work for Chrysler, said that he loved making a mule outrun a racehorse. Chrysler fans can interpret what that means on their own (please don’t send hate mail, I like Shelby Mopars),… more»

Preserved Commuter: 30K Mile Honda Civic

The fourth-generation Honda Civic was arguably the platform that put Honda on the map for good, eliminating any doubt that the Japanese company could build an impressively durable commuter car yet still deliver a highly engaging… more»

Gold Nugget: 1980 Honda Prelude

This thing is gold, Jerry, gold! This 1980 Honda Prelude is gold in more ways than one, not just in color. This ridiculously nice car is listed on eBay with a ridiculously low bid of just… more»