Made in Japan: 1981 Honda Accord LX

Barn Finds writer, Jeff, found an amazing Accord back in early-February that looks so similar to the car shown here, but that one had fewer than 5,000 miles on it and was a 5-speed. This 1981 Honda… more»

Let’s Go! 1972 Honda Vamos

Since Barn Finds has fans around the globe, not just in the US, this may seem like a head-scratcher for you folks in the US. This is a 1972 Honda Vamos and it’s listed on the… more»

Honda’s Mistake: 1972 Honda AZ600 Pickup

Here’s a rare Honda mistake, as in, they should have offered these from the factory! This 1972 Honda AZ600 Pickup is obviously a custom since the factory didn’t make pickups, at least in the A/N-Series. This cool… more»

$2,995 But is it Real? 1981 Honda Prelude

This 1981 Honda Prelude looks perfect, other than the lighter shade on the hood. I’m not sure what that’s about but the seller says it’s a one-owner car with “one repair”. It’s here on craigslist for… more»

Fat Cat: 1986 Honda TR200

This fatty is a 1986 Honda TR200, better known as a Fat Cat. It’s on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $2,650, or you can make an offer. There is no opening bid price… more»

Mini Monkey: 1970 Honda Z50A K2 Mini-Trail

This l’il monkey is a 1970 Honda Z50A K2 Mini-Trail and it’s in Chesapeake, Virginia. It’s listed on eBay with two days left on the auction and a current bid price of just over $500 and… more»

$2,800 Movie Car: 1983 Honda Civic Wagon

This 1983 Honda Civic Wagon is in Whitefish, Montana, about 16 miles north of Kalispell. This rust-free car is on Craigslist for $2,800! That’s a bargain as big as the sky in Montana.

14,402 Miles: 1989 Honda CRX Si

Among future Japanese classic cars, the original Honda CRX is destined to be a collectible. Over the years, low mileage examples have been popping up for sale at higher and higher prices, and buyers don’t seem… more»

Your Next Car: 1981 Honda Accord Limo

Buckle up for this one, it’ll be a weird ride! This is a 1981 Honda Accord Limo. Guys? Hey, where’d everybody go? This one-off wonder is in Fenton, Missouri, twenty miles southwest of St. Louis, and it’s… more»

Six Cars, One Price: $20,000 Firm!

This is a rather odd listing: Six seemingly unrelated cars, of which three I would call classics and at least one more will probably interest you, all for $20,000 firm. The cars are listed here on… more»

Cheap Thrills: 1972 Honda 600 Coupe

While this Honda 600 has some bumps and bruises, and even a little cancer, it’s now running and driving and ready for a new owner to perhaps take it to the next level (or just enjoy… more»

Grandma’s 16k Mile 1993 Honda Civic

Honda sedans from the nineties don’t exactly get me excited. They were appliances. Good cheap transportation. As such, most were driven into the ground long ago. So, to find one with only 16k miles on odometer… more»

Big Little Package: 1972 Honda N600s

Although economy cars are useful in many ways, you shouldn’t necessarily count on them to lead easy lives. Easy to abuse and not demanding on your wallet, cherished examples aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. This… more»


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