Maxi Scooter: 1986 Honda Helix

There’s an emerging appreciation for scooters and other two-wheeled contraptions conceived in the 1980s, namely because their space-age design has come into retro-style. This 1986 Honda Helix is a rarely seen “maxi scooter”, a name designated… more»

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For Your Modern Stone-Age Family!

For those of you that have never seen The Flintstones, you’ll have to bear with me for a moment. However, for those of us that are children of the 1960’s, 167 episodes of a primetime cartoon… more»

History In The Making: 1985 Honda CRX SI

When the CRX came out in 1984 it was a cool and unique car that was peppy and offered great fuel mileage. Although the CRX was already a great car, Honda had an ace up their… more»

$2,500 Hauler! 1970 Honda N600 Pickup

In the juxtaposition of juxtapositions, after showing the 6×6 Datsun pickup, here’s one on a smaller scale but none the less a super cool custom. This 1970 Honda N600 pickup would already be in our garage… more»

De Plane, De Plane! 1973 Honda Jolly

No, this isn’t the vehicle that they used on Fantasy Island, but if a regular Honda Civic isn’t wacky enough for you, maybe this custom 1973 Honda Jolly would be? This unusual vehicle is on eBay with a buy it… more»

Coachbuilt Oddball: 1986 Honda CRX Straman

We have all seen and remember the Honda CRX as a small and short wheelbase hatchback. Fun, with a charming character, and often a thrill on back roads and tracks, the Honda CRX is a Legendary… more»

Jewel Box Potential? 1973 Honda Civic

Like most of you, I knew someone who had a first-generation Civic but I never had one myself, and I’ve always wanted one. This 1973 Honda Civic is a strong contender for anyone who may be… more»

24,000 Mile Survivor: 1984 Honda Accord

The 1980’s brought many memorable Japanese cars that are still quite popular to this day. Although the Honda Accord was regarded more as a “high end” car rather than a “street fighter,” these cars offered interesting… more»

Seeing Double: 1979 Honda Civic x 2

I may have outdone my oddball self with this one! We all know that I love me some weird cars and this may be the weirdest one yet. This is a custom (duh) 1979 Honda Civic… more»

$3,500 Solaire: 1981 Honda Prelude Convertible

As they say, when the top goes down, the price goes up. That may or may not be true with this inexpensive ragtop. This is a 1981 Honda Prelude Convertible made by a company called Solaire. This… more»

Vitamin C: 1974 Honda Civic

Did you have your orange juice this morning? If not, here’s another chance to get your daily dose of Vitamin C. This juicy 1974 Honda Civic is one sweet pick. It can be found on Craigslist with… more»

Rusty But Cheap: 1973 Honda N600

For a hot minute, I was convinced one of these tiny Hondas would be in my garage come the end of summer. Barn Finds actually had one listed as part of a collection of vehicles up for grabs,… more»

Domestic Or Foreign? Which Monster For You?

Yes, I know some of you will say none of the above, but play along with me. Pretend that you have to bring one of these two honking tall hybrids home–which one would you choose? The 1963… more»