Really Big Project: 1939 Hudson Country Club

I’ve never been much of a country club kind of guy, I’m not that into tennis or golf. However, if I owned a 1939 Hudson Country Club Sedan I’m sure I would be joining the local… more»

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1927 Hudson Brougham: Buyers Remorse?

This Hudson appears to be an older restoration in really nice condition, at least from a distance. The seller purchased it at the 35th Annual New England Auto Auction in Owls Head, Maine in 2012, apparently for… more»

Korean War Orphan: 1949 Hudson Commodore

This old Hudson has spent most of its life in storage and displayed in a museum. It was purchased new in 1949 by a World War II veteran pilot Felix Asla Jr while he was a stationed… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1941 Hudson Traveler

A sight that is always sad to see is when someone takes a nice looking car and completely takes it apart to restore it without completing the goal. Unfortunately that is the case with this 44,000… more»

Dillinger Approved: 1933 Hudson-Essex Terraplane

Quick and nimble, the 1933 Hudson-Essex Terraplane was considered to be the automobile with the best power to weight ratio of 1933. Ameila Earhart christened the Terraplane in 1933 at a prosperity drive for the he… more»

Cheap Classic: 1940 Hudson 40

This Hudson has been on display for many years and is now for sale for $7,000 at The California Automobile Museum. It has an older paint job but is otherwise in very original rust free condition…. more»

Possible Survivor: 1930 Essex Challenger

Essex is not a familiar name to a lot of people, but when this car was built it was actually a Hudson, the third best selling car in America behind Chevy and Ford. Essex was an… more»

Hey, Big Boy! 1946 Hudson C-28 Pickup

This pickup will be quite a project, but once you’re done you’ll have one of the most unusual and beautiful trucks ever made. This is a 1946 Hudson C-28 3/4-Ton Pickup and it’s on eBay with a current bid of… more»

BF Exclusive: 1951 Hudson Pacemaker

Here is the second find from the good folks over at Eufaula Ford in Oklahoma! Yesterday, we featured their 1965 Ford Galaxie. If you missed it, be to take a look at it. Let’s get to… more»

Twin-H-Power! 1954 Hudson Hornet

Has it been almost a year since we’ve shown a Hudson Hornet 4-door sedan? Well then, here’s a 1954 Hudson Hornet 4-door sedan to try to get back on track. This sleek, slick cruiser is listed on… more»

Family Owned Survivor: 1940 Hudson Super 6

Having remained with the original family until recently, this 1940 Hudson Super 6 is claimed to be 100% original, and having only 33,000 miles. With plenty of paper work, and its stunning originality, this Hudson is… more»

Solid Potential: 1937 Terraplane Coupe

It is always heart breaking to find a nice car living outside in the elements as this Hudson Terraplane is doing. Although it is great to see when these outdoor cars are still in solid condition… more»

Where to Start: 1947 Hudson Truck Project

The prospects of this project on eBay being completed look better than most. The chassis is complete and powder-coated. The rest is, well, all in pieces. Perhaps one could start with the engine. It appears they… more»