Budget Super Car?: 1974 Maserati Merak

1974 Maserati Merak

The Maserati Merak is by no means the best Italian sports car nor is it the most desirable Maserati either. There is something about it that still catches our attention though. It has a certain flair about it that makes it special. Sure it is powered by a V6 engine, but in its day it was by all rights a super car. While Ferraris and Lamboghinis of this vintage now fetch big money at auction, the Merak is still a budget super car. This one was recently pulled from a Californian barn and is in need of a complete restoration. The seller has listed it here on eBay and is asking $7,200. Read more »

The Niki Lauda Edition Alfa Romeo Spider

1978 Alfa Romeo Niki Lauda Spider

Oh, how times have changed. There was a time when you could slap a professional race car driver’s name on a car, add some special decals, and a few other visual changes to it and sell it as a special addition. That kind of marketing doesn’t seem to work real well today, but then again maybe it wasn’t that effective back in 1978 either. Alfa Romeo tried it with their special edition Niki Lauda Spider. They only built 350 of these convertibles in ’78, but given that it lacked any actual performance upgrades, it’s easy to understand why they didn’t produce more. That being said, they are rather rare today and having one of the few left would make for an interesting conversation starter. Be sure to take a look at this one here on eBay, where it is being offered without a reserve. Thanks for the tip Connor B! Read more »

Very Rare Fiat Pair


Today Josh called me. He had gotten a crazy hair and went to take one of those new Fiat 500s for a spin. He had his doubts about these tiny cars, but when he handed the keys back to the salesman, he had a huge smile on his face! Well, that got me interested so I start searching around. One thing led to another and I found this project pair. One Abarth Zagato and one Multipla. Both rare and both expensive to restore, but the promise of fun is alluring. Find them here on eBay along with a whole boatload of parts! Read more »

Two of a Kind: 1961 Autobianchi Bianchina

Pair of Autobianchis

Things here at BarnFinds have been going well lately. We have a lot of awesome plans in the works, we get to meet new enthusiasts every day, and best of all we get to do what we love! Yet, after writing countless emails every day, we can get a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, the cure to our daily grind is getting to hunt for great finds! So when we spotted this pair of 1961 Autobianchi Bianchina, they brought a smile to our faces that only a Fiat based micro car can. Check out this pair here on eBay and hopefully they can get you through the grind too! Read more »

Eric’s Gas Station Sighting

maserati merak

It never ceases to amaze us some of the cars that people will leave parked in the elements to just decay. We have even heard tales of owners who hate their car, but would rather leave it parked than let it go to a good home. While Eric G was getting his motorcycle inspected at a local gas station, he spotted this Maserati Merak. When he asked the gas station owner about it their response was, “it’s a piece of junk”. Over the past couple years, Eric has kept an eye on it and every so often the owner moves it around the station or into their garage, but this past winter they left it out in the snow. It goes to show, what might be an engineering master piece to one person is a piece of junk to someone else. It’s just too bad that they would rather leave it in the snow than let someone else have it. Let’s just hope they decide to part ways with their “piece of junk” sooner, rather than later! Our thanks to Eric for sharing his find with us and we hope he will keep us posted if the owner decides to part ways with it! Read more »

The Little Mouse: 1951 Fiat 500 Topolino

1951 Fiat Topolino

At first glance, you might mistake this for a ’40s or ’50s American or French coupe, with aerodynamic and flowing lines. In reality, this is an incredibly compact Italian car. This is a 1951 Fiat 500 Topolino and if you think it looks like someone took one of those big flowing cars and crunched it down, that’s probably because that was Fiat’s goal when they designed it. Fiat wanted a car that could offer the kind of style people had grown accustom to, but was still compact and affordable. When it came out in 1937, it was one of the most compact cars on the market, yet had the style of a car twice its size. The Topolino was so successful that Fiat built it until 1955, although the design did see a few changes over the years. The one you see above is claimed to be a survivor and can be found here on eBay. Read more »

Micro Off-Roader: 1967 Ferves Ranger


We love rare and unusual cars. There is just something about stumbling onto a car you’ve only heard rumors of. This little Fiat we came across while browsing the internet, might be one of the most unusual vehicles we have ever seen. It was designed to fill a niche that to be honest we didn’t know needed to be filled, but we are glad someone tried. This niche was the off-road micro car market, while there might be some humor in that statement, we are being serious. Take a look at this oddball here on eBay, but just a heads up, this one is in Germany. Read more »

Crispy 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV


It’s no secret that Italian built cars tend to suffer from rust issues. The steel that Alfa Romeo and other Italian manufactures used was highly prone to rust, leaving many of these great cars off the road. Finding a solid example is key to having a car that can be driven and fully enjoyed. With pricing climbing though, it can be difficult to find solid examples one can afford. This 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV might not look like a great candidate for a project, but after a closer examination, you might find that it has potential. Take a closer look at it here on eBay, with bidding still under $500. Special thanks To Jim S. for this tip! Read more »

A Ferrari Behind the Barn

Ferrari behind the barn

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. A busy holiday season and a terrible case of the flu took me out of commission for a while there. So, to make it up to you all, we are going to run In the Barn stories every day through the New Year! Today’s tale comes from The Cobra in the Barn and as the title suggests, is about a Ferrari found behind a barn. What more do we need to say? Enjoy. ~Jesse Read more »