1958 Alfa Romeo Veloce

Storage Unit Racer: 1958 Alfa Romeo Veloce Spider

Whether you are a fan of American Iron or European Roadsters, the appeal of a barn find is universal. Finding a classic outside your given field of interest might not get your heart racing the same way, but at the end of the day there is still something satisfying about pulling an old car from a barn, shed, or garage. This 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta might not be the car of your dreams, but anyone that loves old race cars can appreciate this find (especially if they are an Alfaholic). The seller claims it has been parked for 20 years, but prior to its days in storage it was used as a race car. You can now find it here on Kapaza in Vivegnis, Belgium. Special thanks to Michel S for this tip! Read more »

1967 Fiat Ghia 1500GT

1967 Fiat-Alfa Romeo Ghia 1500GT…Wait What?

Two famous Italian car makers names together for one vehicle. You might be asking yourself when Fiat and Alfa come together to build a car. These two car makers were close competitors for most of the last century, including the period when this car was built, so the likelihood that they would have collaborated on making a stylish sports coupe was absolutely zero. But that didn't stop some creative car guys from doing what those car makers would not, and the result is the car you see for sale here. It looks good but has some significant needs. If getting your hands dirty doesn't bother you or if you're just curious to see what has been done to this beautiful machine, find it here on eBay with less than two days left to run. Read more »

1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Supreme Sounds: 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

I suspect it is safe to say that for any of us who describe ourselves as brand aficionados, there’s always that one car or marque that temps us to leave our familiar and friendly automotive allegiances. Although I love vintage BMWs, an Alfa Romeo like this 1986 GTV6 survivor is my ultimate weakness. While the BMWs may do a lot of things better, nothing sounds quite like an Alfa at full song. To learn more, check out this listing here on craigslist in Central Ohio for $6,500. Read more »


1 Of 33: 1967 Intermeccanica Omega

UPDATE 1/9/15 - This Omega is back on eBay with a new seller and a higher starting bid. Thanks for the update 57Wayne!FROM 9/12/15 - It may not look like much in the photo, but this 1967 Intermeccanica Omega is a very special car and with only 33 ever built, it deserves to be saved. It combines Italian style with American engineering, so it possesses many of the attributes of an exotic without the high maintenance costs. Unfortunately, after sitting in storage since 1977, it is still going to take a lot of money to get it back on the road. Some of us will see the potential here while others just won't get it. Find it Read more »


Salvage Spider: 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider

Everyone should own an Alfa at least once in their lifetime. The driving experience provided by these little Italians is hard to beat and the values just keep going up. So, if you haven't done it already, I suggest you give one a try before all the good ones are out of reach. Just about any Alfa Romeo Spider can be fun, but I personally prefer the ones built between 1966-1969. This one obviously has some needs. There is some front end damage and the car has suffered a bad color change, but you might be able to pick it up for a fair price. It is currently at auction here on Copart where bidding is currently at $6,100 with only 2 hours left. Thanks for the tip James G! Read more »

1958 Lancia Flaminia

Roman Roadworthy: 1958 Lancia Flaminia

Lancia had a tradition of naming its models after Roman roads, and the Flaminia was no exception. The Via Flaminia is a country road from Rome to Rimini and still exists today. This 1958 Lancia Flaminia was spotted by Rick C and is for sale here on craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona for $3200. Read more »

1964 Fiat 600 Vignale

Rivieria Spider: 1964 Fiat 600 Vignale

For a long time I hid the fact that I was a sucker for Fiats. When I would admit to owning one I was usually greeted with a statement such as, "I owned one of those, worst car I ever had" or "those are beautiful cars, but you must be crazy". Even with all the negative responses I received, I couldn't imagine parting with my little beauty. There is just something about a drop top Fiat that is seductive and intriguing. Perhaps it is the Italian flare and quirky features that make them so enduring to me? I really don't know and to be honest I don't really care, because I love these budget Italians. This 1964 Fiat 600 Vignale Spider has all the great styling, but has an added measure of intrigue. If you know your Fiats, you know this isn't your run of the mile Spider. Have a look at it Read more »

1971 Ferrari Daytona

Condo Find: 1971 Ferrari Daytona

For the most part, I prefer barn finds that I can actually afford to own. That's the problem with finding ultra-rare exotics, even if you can afford to buy them they are going to cost serious money to restore. Of course that doesn't mean that I don't still enjoy fantasizing about discovering a long lost Ferrari or some other desirable Italian. When Graham L, we actually just featured his garage here earlier, sent me a link to an upcoming auction for a 1971 Ferrari Daytona I was rather curious to see the car and read its story. And does this Daytona have quite the story. Have a look at the listing here at RM Auctions and be sure to read the owner's complete story! Read more »


Fix It Again Tony: Fiat 124 Spider Duo

So after making the 12 hour journey back to Wyoming to visit family for the holiday, one of the first things I did upon arriving back in town was to check on my 1974 Fiat 124 Spider. Now those of you who have been following us for a while already know I've had this little secret hiding in a garage for a while now. She runs and drives, but isn't quite ready to make the journey all the way back to Boise. Having done a considerable amount of work on my little Italian, I know how much goes into keeping these cars on the road. I also know how fun they can be and just how rewarding it can be to keep them going. Obviously when I saw these 124's that Chuck F sent in, they spoke to me. At just $500 for two cars I couldn't resist talking about them! Have a look at the duo here on craigslist in Elberton, Georgia. Read more »


Alfaholics Group Buy: 3 Alfa Romeo Spiders

   There used to be a shop near my parents’ home in upstate New York that was a combination hobby store and mechanics’ garage. Imagine my surprise when one day a fleet of six Porsche 914s showed up, all requiring a bit of work but with enough good bones between them to make a solid car or two. Upon viewing the ad here on eBay which was sent in by reader Jim S, I immediately thought of what might be possible for the brave soul willing to tackle this ambitious trio of Alfa Romeo Duetto projects. Thanks for the tip Jim! Read more »