1984 Maserati Biturbo: Cheap Italian

I have a sad infatuation with these cheap Maserati Biturbos. I don’t know if it’s due to my general affection for most ’80s imports or that I think the combination of turbocharged power with a manual transmission and super comfy seats is hard to beat. You can’t miss the obvious, though, that cars like this example on eBay with no reserve and bidding over $1,000 are labors of love and will test the patience of the most dedicated Maser enthusiast. With under 45,000 miles on the clock, this Biturbo may in fact have some life left to give the next owner, but it’s still been handled roughly as the broken bumper trim, headlight buckets and tail light lenses suggest. At the very least, it was not stored safely. The seller notes (and shows via the stamped maintenance booklet) that this car was loved when it was bought new and “meticulously maintained” ever since. That’s a claim that will require an in-person inspection to validate. Is anyone else with me that this could be a fun project if the price doesn’t go any higher?

Flying Brick: 1969 Intermeccanica Murena GT

While surfing deep into the heart of eBay, I spotted a listing that caught my attention. The main photo was of a VIN tag, so that wasn’t of particular interest, but the name next to it was. Intermeccanica is best known for it’s lovely sports cars, like the Italia, but the company actually built some other rather interesting machines. Seeing as I’ve always been a fan of the brand, I just had to check it out. I’ve heard of the Murena GT but never seen one. I figured it would be something curvaceous and beautiful. Boy was I in for a surprise! When I clicked on it, I didn’t find what I was expecting, instead I found this brick on wheels! Now the styling might not be stellar, but these are actually quite incredible machines! Only eleven were built and all received a high performance 429 V8, leather upholstery, and enough room to haul all your favorite junk! Take a look at this rare find here on eBay in Inglewood, California with bidding up to $17,000.

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1963 Ferrari 250GTE: 1st Time Sale

When we received this tip of a 1963 Ferrari 250GTE here on craigslist (thanks to both Robert R. and Charles H. for sending it in!), I knew I had to write it up. A silver 250GTE is the subject of a story my uncle loves to tell, from when he was a young man faced with the decision to buy a house or to purchase an identical car to this one. Basically, he was at the crossroads of being responsible and committing to live a normal life or continuing his bachelor ways with more cars and motorcycles than common sense. Personally, I wish he bought the Ferrari – he could’ve slept in it! This car is an unusual find on craigslist but appears to be a genuine survivor with a price tag to match – $299,000. According to the seller, this is the first time it’s been offered since it was sold new, so it’s not the one my uncle thought long and hard about. I wonder which car today will be the one we wish we bought instead of being careful with our money.

1967 Fiat Dino: Swap Candidate

The Fiat Dino has perpetually been a car that introduces a conflict: its undesirable affiliations with the Fiat brand, combined with the sonorous and valuable qualities of a Ferrari-derived powerplant, certainly can pull your brain in opposing directions. So, this 1967 Dino Coupe here on eBay reduces the struggle a bit by coming with no engine or transmission, as those have both been removed by the seller. The relative rarity of the Dino should keep this one from falling further into parts car status, but you would have to be a true brand fanatic to stick your neck out for this rough project car, filled with spiderwebs and God-knows-what-else. Do you see any potential here?

Multinational Roadster: 1953 Nash-Healey

The guys over at Gullwing are always digging out impressive finds, but this rare Nash-Healey caught my eye. All that dust makes it hard to tell what’s going on here, but its claimed to have been in storage for the past 20 years. You probably recognize the Healey name from the famous Austin-Healey sports car, but this car came about from a similar collaboration between Donald Healey and the Nash Motor Company. Nash (USA) provided the engines, Pininfarina (Italy) did the bodies, and Healey (UK) waved his magic wand. The result was a unique machine, but few were produced before Nash became part of AMC. This particular one is priced at $56,500 which seems high to me, but I supposed these don’t come to market very often. What do you think? Thanks goes to Robert R. for the tip!

1969 Fiat 850 Spider: Gone Green

This Fiat has been in the family since new and was passed around after the seller’s great grandfather died, first stored in a garage then in a barn. It’s said to be rust free because it’s always been in the San Francisco area (It looks more like it’s been in the bay). The mechanicals are completely unknown. It’s listed here on craigslist and initially they were asking an optimistic $4000, but have since lowered their price to $2500. These little spiders were certainly fun to drive and the Abarth parts made them even more fun. If this Spider is not too far gone, perhaps it could be fun again, especially if you have a tolerance for that shade of green. It might be cheaper and easier to start with an already running car, but if this one is truly rust free, it might be worth buying!

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1967 Maserati Quattroporte: For the Brave

Old Maseratis must be one of the most dangerous cocktails of looks and sounds ever made. What I mean by this is these rarely inexpensive projects are so tantalizing due to their gorgeous looks and 143 mph-capable V8 powerplants. I’m sure even some of the most financially-astute individuals can throw away years of sound financial practice when a car like this 1967 Maserati Quattroporte here on eBay comes up for grabs. Despite the temptations the Maserati might inspire, it’s a massive project with a full interior and exterior reconditioning needed, not to mention whatever mechanical restoration is almost certainly required. The automatic transmission kills some of the fun as well – with a manual, this might be more of a risk worth taking for the Maserati fanatic.

Huge Sports Car Stash In North Carolina!

Here’s a huge stash of interesting cars! I spot a MGA, E-Type, XK, lots of motorcycles… What else do you see down there? Unfortunately, the owner is only interested in selling one car at this time. It’s that white Alfa Romeo sitting by the door. It’s a 1963 Spider and is claimed to have been parked for the past 34 years. They claim that the rust is minimal and that is always the main concern with one of these. It will need completely gone through, but these little Italian roadsters were sweet drivers so I’m sure the effort will be well worth it. Take a look at the auction here on eBay where it only have a few hours left! Thanks goes to Jim S. and Olaf E. for sending this in.

My Fiat 124 Spider: Now In Grey!

For the long holiday weekend, I decided it would be nice to travel back to my hometown for a visit! The last few trips I’ve made over, I haven’t had time to work on my Fiat, so I decided this would be the trip that I would get some work done to it! My parents recently purchased a Buick Skylark GS 400 Convertible at the classic car auctions in Deadwood, South Dakota, so they have been prodding me to get my Fiat out of the garage, which may or not have played a small role in the decision to go work on it. So I asked my girlfriend if she would make the trip with me and help with the Fiat a bit. Amazingly, she agreed! So here is what we got done on my little Italian roadster!

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Sculpted! 1965 Innocenti Spyder

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Charles H. for this find! The Innocenti Spyder is essentially an Italian-bodied Austin-Healey Sprite. Produced in small numbers and rarely seen in North America, the Innocenti featured a more luxurious interior and certainly different styling than the Sprite offered. We’ve featured these little cars before and gone into some details about the car’s origins. I keep seeing Triumph TR6 in the front, especially without the normal Innocenti grille being in place. This one is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the seller has lost their storage. It’s for sale here on eBay, where bidding is currently at $1,275 without a reserve. Why “sculpted” in the title of this post? Because the sills and quarter panels are largely constructed of body filler over crude patchwork. Kudos to the seller for being honest about this and including pictures of the areas that will need to be redone–they are careful to point out that they were not the person that creatively patched the car. So who’s up for some metalwork? Read More »

Survivor Fiat In Sweden: 1957 Fiat 1400B

At first glance I was sure this car had been restored, but I was wrong. Other than a 35-year old repaint, this Fiat 1400B is wearing it’s factory interior and exterior proudly. The car is located in Domsjö, Sweden and is for sale here on eBay. The meter is showing 99,976 total that I’m guessing is kilometers, and has a few tears in the interior and headliner to show it’s actually been driven. Underhood is a little more worn looking, but still not excessive for a survivor like this. I’ve never seen one of these cars in the US, and I think it would be an interesting and enjoyable experience getting used to the 4-on-the-tree shifter on our roads. The central “eye” in the grille is a fog light, and the two-tone paint really makes this stand out. I think this would be a nice addition to the fleet, but Sweden’s a bit far for me; are any of our European readers interested? Have you seen one in the US? Let us know in the comments!

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15 Foreign Cars In New Hampshire, No Reserves, More To Come

Wow! Thanks to reader Victor MB, who sent in the gold Fiat above that led us to the rest of these great finds. We don’t know a lot about them, other than this comment by the seller: “We have been commissioned by the Neily Estate of Wakefield NH. 03872 to liquidate 70 plus vintage foreign cars for parts or restoration on Ebay. We will be listing them over the next few weeks.” None of the cars have titles, and apparently the estate just wants them gone–almost no information is given about any of the cars, although there are detailed pictures included with the auctions. There are some great finds in the pictures that aren’t currently up for auction, so you may want to revisit this link in the next couple of weeks.  All cars have no reserve and are at less than $1,000 except for the Lotus as I write this. You can find the links to what’s currently up for auction below, in order of the pictures above!

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