Rust Free Fiat Find? 1972 Fiat 850

As an ex-Fiat owner (and yes, I like them) I can honestly say there have been times that I’ve doubted that any 1960’s or 70’s Fiat was ever rust free! However, that’s the claim for this find,… more»

Supercar Garage Find: 2005 Murcielago

When I first spotted this Lamborghini garage find, I assumed it was just another unfinished kit car someone was trying to pass off as the real deal, but something about it seemed different. The body panel… more»

First 6-Cylinder: 1979 Benelli Sei With Zero Miles!

Alejandro de Tomaso may be best known for his automobiles, but did you know that his company also built motorcycles? Well, he purchased a few manufacturers that did anyway. Benelli was one of them and their… more»

Teach Your Kids To Ride! 1969 Indian M5A Italjet

This tiny wonder is a 1969 Indian M5A Italjet and it’s on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $1,500! This bike is in Spearfish, South Dakota, a stone’s throw away from Sturgis, so, there ya go…. more»

Abandoned Warehouse Full Of Cars Found In Italy!

I’m still trying to figure out what the story is of this warehouse full of European classics. It looks like there are hundreds of cars here, ranging from micro cars to German station wagons and even a… more»

Garage Find: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Listed by what appears to be a very knowledgeable seller here on eBay, this “step nose” Giulia might be a diamond in the rough. It’s located in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Current bidding is at $6,600 and… more»

Barn Rot: 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano

Old Alfa Romeos, no matter the generation, always make me question my affinity for German cars. Whether a classic rear-wheel drive Spider or the FWD 164, you can’t deny the fact that these are some of… more»

Cheap 1965 Ferrari 275 Chassis!

Perhaps you have heard the story about the man who scored a multi-million dollar Ferrari frame on eBay for next to nothing? Well, this may not be as exciting as that tall tale, but if it’s… more»

250 Classics At Massive Estate Sale!

It seems like the massive estate sales have been coming out of the wood works lately! First we featured the massive Putnam Salvage yard, with over 1000 cars, and now we’ve got an estate sale in… more»

Semi-Exotic Barn Find: Fiat 1500

I was familiar with the Pininfarina designed Fiat 1500 convertibles, but I had never seen a coupe before this car came up. I think it’s gorgeous! It’s listed for sale here on eBay, with bidding starting… more»

Needs Factory Luggage: ’72 De Tomaso Pantera

I feel like the Pantera is the one car that non-collectors can stumble upon and somehow, still make money. Like, literally, dad driving through the countryside and not knowing a thing about cars could spot a… more»

Deserted Italian: 1967 Lancia Flavia

Deserted and forgotten this Lancia Flavia looks to be remarkably solid, and features some lovely styling cues. Certainly rough around the edges, but complete enough to possibly be a road goer again. We would like to… more»

Always Looking For Another: 1965 Alfa Spider

I’ve been told that once you own an Alfa, you never really get it out of your system–thus the title acronym! I haven’t owned one, yet, so maybe I’d better keep it that way! Anyway, this… more»

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