20,000 Original Miles: 1991 Honda Civic Hatch

Ah, the venerable Honda Civic. It is rare to find one of these low-spec models in mint condition. Although it’s still difficult to track down any Honda of this vintage in preserved shape, cars like the… more»

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Yo! 1980 ToYOta Pick Up

To some of our readers, this might be just a solid old used pick up truck. But how many 1980 Toyota SR5 Longbeds do you see anymore, with relatively low mileage and in good running condition?… more»

$3,900 Project: 1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter

JNC (Japanese Nostalgic Car) fans, here’s one for you. This is a 1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter and it’s on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $3,900. Before you start lighting your torches and sharpening… more»

Civics Lesson: 1983 Honda Civic 1500 DX

This two-owner, incredible 1983 Honda Civic 1500 DX is almost like new. We’ve heard the low mileage story before but this one really only has 27,000 miles on it. It’s on Craigslist with a hefty asking… more»

Italian Design: 1977 Isuzu 117 GT

With grand looks, and a strong styling back bone, these Isuzu 117’s are interesting, and unique, Japanese built cars. Having been “styled” by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, who designed such cars as the Delorean DMC-12, and… more»

Jeff’s Project Updates: 1988 Subaru XT6

Not too long ago, I provided a run-down on where my projects stood as it had been a while since I gave an update. Well, the new arrivals from this summer – my first Japanese cars… more»

Made in Japan: 1981 Honda Accord LX

Barn Finds writer, Jeff, found an amazing Accord back in early-February that looks so similar to the car shown here, but that one had fewer than 5,000 miles on it and was a 5-speed. This 1981 Honda… more»

$900 Oddball Mini-Truck Project

Who doesn’t love Japanese mini-trucks? Seriously, who doesn’t? They’re durable, affordable, cheap, and relatively fun to drive. With a useable bed and a size and price-point that won’t intimidate most owners, these trucks make great work-horses…. more»

Attention Future Collectors: 1993 Nissan 300ZX 2+2

A car made for model year 1993 is not going to fit everyone’s idea of a “barn find.”  But I’m proud to present it to you, because any intelligent discussion about classic or collectible cars eventually… more»

Beetle-Ru! Dual Engined VW/Subaru

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you: that’s an ’80s Subaru with a Beetle back-end welded onto it! Although it may not be four-wheel drive, it does sport two engines, one driving each end. It’s hard… more»

Jeff In The Junkyard: Wintertime Finds

Although I generally loathe winter, it is my preferred season for visiting salvage yards. If the mercury stays above 20 degrees, my flannel-lined work gear keeps up with the colder temps. Plus, this means there are… more»

Let’s Go! 1972 Honda Vamos

Since Barn Finds has fans around the globe, not just in the US, this may seem like a head-scratcher for you folks in the US. This is a 1972 Honda Vamos and it’s listed on the… more»

State of the State: Jeff’s Project Updates

A few of us here at Barn Finds realized that it seems like eons can pass before we provide an update on our project vehicles. So, here’s mine! First up, the 1981 Toyota Hiace: so far, the motor… more»


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