Return on Investment: 1988 Toyota MR2

In the eighties and nineties, affordable sports cars were being produced by most manufacturers.  Cars such as the Scirocco, Fiero, Capri convertible, EXP, MR2, CRX, and the Miata were all products of this time period.  While… more»

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Some Assembly Required: Tri-Magnum Project

Way back, when dinosaurs were kings, we were a very handy nation.  Without 87,000 channels on TV, other distractions occupied our time.  One of the biggest distractors were do it yourself magazines, such as Popular Science,… more»

Short Commute: 27K Mile ’82 Datsun Pickup

This Datsun 720 pickup is a low-mileage survivor with under 30,000 original miles. Said to have resided in the care of a longtime owner with a short commute, the 720 is a bare-bones rear wheel drive… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Electric 1975 Honda Civic Wagon

Seller Description: My 1975 Honda Civic Wagon was converted to all electric in 1981. It’s a California car, with no rust outs and mostly original paint. I found this car under a tarp out in the… more»

Single Stick: 1982 Plymouth Champ

The trouble with vintage commuter cars is most have rusted to death or been swallowed up by one too many potholes. Fortunately, someone out there took great care of an all-but-extinct 1982 Plymouth Champ, yet another… more»

Nicest One Left? 1981 Isuzu I-Mark

This unusual car doesn’t seem to have any real striking, unusual, unique features, other than the sloping rear deck. Isuzu actually has made some beautiful cars, despite what most of us have seen in the form… more»

Unrestored Narrow Body: 1984 Dodge Conquest

Among the legions of cars from the 1980s that are likely appealing to children of that same era, the Chrysler Conquest and Mitsubishi Starion twins are obvious candidates for experiencing a surge in values. Rare in… more»

Almost All Original: 1986 Honda Civic Si

This completely stock 1986 Honda Civic Si is a rare find, but calling it completely original may be a stretch. The seller notes a repaint by Maaco in the past year which was performed to address… more»

1 Of 50? 1982 Honda Prelude Solaire Convertible

Don’t remember a Prelude Convertible? This 1982 Honda Prelude Solaire Convertible offered here on eBay from Washington state is one of fewer than 100 made. A California company named Solaire performed the Honda-warrantied conversion. Click this… more»

Three-Owner Sunny: 1976 Datsun B210

Fresh off a visit to San Francisco, I’m reminded that in other parts of the USA, vintage tin like this Datsun B210 can not only survive – they can be driven daily. Now, California has stringent… more»

Rising Sun Sports Car: 1986 Nissan 300ZX

I always found it funny that cars from different countries usually reflect the cultures of their homeland.  American cars are usually simple, reliable, and a little overweight and overbuilt.  German cars are usually perfection centered, heavily… more»

Pre-Hilux: 1967 Toyota Stout

This rarely-seen Toyota Stout pickup has recently emerged from barn storage and actually appears to be stored on a farm. Located in Arizona and wearing California plates, there’s some hope that rust is minimal despite the… more»

Featherweight Fighter: 1989 Honda CRX Si

Carrol Shelby, when doing work for Chrysler, said that he loved making a mule outrun a racehorse. Chrysler fans can interpret what that means on their own (please don’t send hate mail, I like Shelby Mopars),… more»