V12 Survivor To Admire: 1934 Lincoln Town Car

As the popularity of the automobile crested in the 1920’s due to affordability, being a better transit option, and exploring America, it can be easy to see why some of the more affordable cars may have… more»

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Warts And All: 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe

Hi, folks – let’s try this again. On my last post about this car, my 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe, I threw it out there at the last minute that I was going to sell it in… more»

Scotty G’s Garage: 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe

I still haven’t found an E! In case any of you remember this car from about three months ago, this is the 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe that I found in New Jersey and picked up back… more»

1960 Lincoln Continental Camper

Whoa! How awesome is this? Building such a vehicle today might be akin to heresy, at least to Lincoln fans, however this 1960 Lincoln Continental Camper appears to have been built some decades ago. After accumulating… more»

58k Mile 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible Project

There is just something incredibly cool about the Lincoln Continental Convertibles. The idea of taking a massive four door sedan with suicide rear doors and chopping the roof off, just seems a little insane. Without a… more»

Factory Custom: 1980 Lincoln Mark VI

There’s always been a fascinating feedback loop between customizers and automakers’ in-house styling departments. The unusual but factory original “touring lamps” on the front of this grimy Lincoln Mark VI coupe are a case in point…. more»

Project Suicide? 1965 Lincoln Continental

Sixties Lincoln’s have been the subject of numerous high-end builds and customizations over the years. A lot of popular automotive television shows have featured builds on these cars. Actor Dax Shepard’s personal ’67 was featured in the… more»

1956 Lincoln Premiere Capri: A Little Custom

I realize we don’t deal too many times with restored or customized cars on Barn Finds (that’s kinda not what we’re about). However, every once in a while a “custom” comes along that seems worth featuring…. more»

1 Of 7: 1937 Lincoln Willoughby Touring Car

This lovely Willoughby-bodied Lincoln hasn’t been offered for sale in 60 years! While some references claim only two of the seven originals exist (both well-known government-owned parade cars), this car is, in fact, a third. With… more»

7,200 Original Miles: 1986 Lincoln Mark VII

Although they can often appear as tired projects, this Lincoln Mark VII bucks the trend as a low-mileage survivor that’s clearly been cherished since new. With just over 7,000 miles on the clock, this 5.0-equipped luxo-cruiser… more»

Hand Built: Mercedes Landaulet Replica

Among replicas, the classic Mercedes-Benz 500K has constantly been paid homage to in some fashion. Whether the whole car was rebuilt or simply the iconic nose section, imitation has always been part of its heritage. This… more»

A Matter of Perspective: 1966 Lincoln Continental

We see enough crazy-low mileage cars here at Barn Finds that it can be easy to become blasé. Oh, this Custom Royal Turbinado has three THOUSAND miles? There was one on eBay last week with only three… more»

1 Of 295 Built: 1941 Lincoln Custom V12 Limousine

Looking rather like a ’40 Ford that swallowed a hippopotamus, this 1941 Lincoln Custom Limousine would have been quite a ride in the last days before Pearl Harbor changed everything. Production of this two-year model ended… more»