Caged Cat: 1979 Mercury Bobcat

Like so many other corporate twins, the Mercury Bobcat was simply another rendition of Ford’s Pinto. Over the years, as the Pinto has become more obscure, the Bobcat has seemingly sunk into oblivion. This late-production 1979… more»

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Drop-Top Cat: Car Craft Cougar Conversion

The list of vehicles that left Ford and GM factories and went straight to the likes of ASC or Car Craft for conversion is long. But some of these factory-backed roof chops resulted in only small… more»

Feeling Dirty: 1973 Cougar Convertible

There are many reasons why we might find a car interesting and want to write about it. When I saw what Doug M had submitted and his comment “The ad makes you feel dirty!” I had… more»

V8 Survivor: 1981 Mercury Zephyr Wagon

The dawning of the 80’s drastically hurt the V8 market, to where smaller more efficient power plants were put into automobiles. Although this this Zephyr looks like nothing more than a cousin to the Fairmont, this… more»

Dusty Muscle: A Barn Full of Iconic Treasures!

We’ve all had the same dream. No, not that one, the one about coming across an old barn or storage building and looking in the dirty, dusty, broken window on the wooden door, after crawling through… more»

Cougar Town: 1988 Mercury Cougar XR-7

This black and white 1988 Mercury Cougar XR-7 almost looks like a “black and white”, i.e., a police car. This clean cat is on Craigslist just southeast of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The seller is asking $4,200.

Old Farm Hand: 1949 Mercury M Series Pickup

Farm fresh, and featuring the unique touches that make this truck a Mercury, this M series pickup is a neat and fairly solid project. This truck looks as if it could be a driver again with… more»

Most Valuable 1973 Mercury Comet In Existence?

Is this the nicest 1973 Mercury Comet on the planet? The seller bought this car from the 100-year old original owner who only “drove it to church and the store.” It’s listed on eBay with a… more»

Family Classic: 1984 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

We have Barn Finds reader Clarke B. to thank for turning us on to this neat find! This 1984 Mercury Colony Park Wagon has only traveled 85,849 miles and has obviously been much loved for those… more»

Perrrrfect: 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS

Full-sized car fanatics unite: this beauty is a one-owner 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. This one is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $1,900 and a Buy It Now price of $3,000. Why any… more»

Canuck Truck: 1968 Mercury M-250 Pickup

Disclaimer: I love and respect Canada, and Canadians, but it was too good of a rhyme to pass up. This patina-rich 1968 Mercury M-250 Pickup is from north of the Yankee border in Canada and it’s… more»

Rare Ghia Trim Survivor: 1976 Mercury Capri II

Ah, the lovely Mercury Capri. These Euro-inspired models are a rarity on these shores anymore, with many of them falling victim to the tin worm or just fading off into obscurity. It’s rare to find any… more»

From XR7s to COEs: Dallas Car Collection

Barn Finds reader Pat L. spotted a terrific find on craigslist, where a seller (more like a dealer, it seems) has a variety of project cars ranging from complete to needy up for grabs. The diversity of… more»