60 Years, One Owner: 1956 Mercury Montclair

Some stories never cease to amaze me as a writer for Barn Finds. You never know what you will see, or the history you will read on a classic car. This 1956 Mercury Montclair has been… more»

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Patina Deluxe: 1947 Mercury One Ton Pickup

Ford introduced the Mercury pickup in Canada in 1946. They were identical to the Ford trucks except for a fancier chrome grill and trim. This pickup was left in a barn at the end of its… more»

Never Go Back: 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham

When you love big cars and you mean it, this is the kind you buy. Big, black and beautiful. If you don’t love big cars, this one might convert you. It’s a 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham,… more»

Unspoiled Big Block: 1970 Mercury Montego Cyclone Spoiler

Some muscle cars are uncommon to see, while some are just plain rare. This ’70 Montego Cyclone Spoiler is a factory big block 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air car with a 4 speed! This numbers matching… more»

Out Of This World Pickup: 1952 Mercury M1

After a 30 year stint in a barn, this solid Mercury M1 has finally seen the light of day once more and is up for sale. Although not currently running, this M1 has been very well… more»

John M’s Roadside Sightings In Maine

It’s always exciting when you spot a classic along the side of the road, especially when it’s something you’d love to own! Well reader John M recently sent in a few roadside sightings, one of which… more»

To The Gulf And Back: 1986 Mercury Capri 5.0

One of the best ways to sell a project car, in my opinion, is to show it with an eye-popping background. The second best way to sell a car is to tell potential buyers you drove it there… more»

Big Cat: 1979 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Restovivor

Not quite original, but really nice, this 1979 Mercury Cougar represents the last of the big Cougars before the downsized version debuted in 1980. Not only that, but it’s the identical color scheme as the one featured… more»

Pretty Kitty: 1968 Mercury Cougar

Similar to the 1968 Mustang California Special we posted about a few days ago, this 1968 Mercury Cougar has recently left the hands of it’s single owner and is now being offered for sale. It’s listed… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1949 Mercury Survivor

From Jeff G – I purchased this Mercury a while back from a family that owns several ford dealerships. I have known this family for about 15 years. It had been sitting in their warehouse since 1975! I… more»

O Can-A-Da: 1961 Mercury M-100 Unibody

Most of us know that Canada received Mercury trucks beginning in 1946 due to the fact that a lot of rural towns didn’t have both a Ford and Mercury dealer. They’re quite unusual to see in… more»

Caged Cat: 1979 Mercury Bobcat

Like so many other corporate twins, the Mercury Bobcat was simply another rendition of Ford’s Pinto. Over the years, as the Pinto has become more obscure, the Bobcat has seemingly sunk into oblivion. This late-production 1979… more»

Drop-Top Cat: Car Craft Cougar Conversion

The list of vehicles that left Ford and GM factories and went straight to the likes of ASC or Car Craft for conversion is long. But some of these factory-backed roof chops resulted in only small… more»