Canadian Patina: 1949 Mercury M68

Our friends in North Dakota are at it again! They just found another Canadian built Ford truck, this one is a Mercury M68 and it is a beast of a truck. Classic trucks are a hot… more»

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Banana With No Spots: 1969 Mercury Montego MX

I am not sure why we are seeing so many nice cars lately.  Perhaps winter is coming, and a number of people are selling so they can purchase a new project to keep them in the… more»

Canadian Beauty: 1951 Mercury M1

Some of the best looking trucks were designed and built in the early 1950s, obviously style is subjective, but just take a look at this 1951 Mercury M1 survivor. Now try and tell me it isn’t… more»

Canadian Farm Fresh: 1950 Mercury Truck

If you didn’t know already, there are two brothers that roam the mountains and plains of Canada looking for old Ford and Mercury trucks. They purchase these relics and get them repatriated back to the good… more»

Wood Panel Delight: 1968 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

What can be said about applique wood paneling other than it either makes you sick, or in some strange way you actually find it to be really cool. I am one of the latter, and absolutely… more»

1986 ASC McLaren Capri RS With Only 691 Miles!

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for the crazy paint schemes and areo body kits that were fitted to the more performance oriented cars of the ’80s. Just look at this Mercury Capri and tell me… more»

Earliest Known Eliminator: 1969 Mercury Cougar

Pony cars of the 60’s are cool and well cherished, but the Cougar Eliminator had a growl all of its own with cool flip away headlights and power to boot. With very solid bones, a 351… more»

Pristine 46k 1979 Mercury Zephyr

Resplendent in two-tone tan with brown accents, fake wire wheel hubcaps, and thin white-walls, this 1979 Mercury Zephyr needs only a tissue box on the package tray to complete the Senior Citizen Style Package. Thanks to… more»

No Pintos Here: Low-Mile 1980 Mercury Bobcat

I’m not really a big fan of Ford Pintos. They are very utilitarian, and the purpose they serve is very clear: transportation. However, despite my dislike for Pintos upon featuring a very similar Bobcat earlier this… more»

Big Beautiful Brougham: 1972 Mercury Marquis

What an era, what a car! I was still in the single digits when this 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham two-door hardtop was made, but it really brings me back to that time. This long, low beauty… more»

Colorado Cougar: 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7

Envisioned as a “man’s car that a Mustang owner could step up to,” the Cougar debuted in 1967 at six inches longer than its Mustang sibling and with three extra inches of wheelbase. These dimensions and… more»

BF AUCTION: 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis

This Mercury comes from my personal collection and could be very nice driver for someone. I actually found it on the lot of a local charity dealership. Normally people only donate cars that are worn out… more»

Orphan Hauler: 1959 Mercury Commuter

After serving as a child hauler for an orphanage, this poor old Mercury Commuter (named Jenny), was parked in 1979 not to be touched again until 2015 at the time of the original owners passing. Saved… more»