Odd, Crazy, & Sad: 1974 Indian ME-100

Here’s an odd, crazy, and sad tale for you motorcycle buffs. This is a 1974 Indian ME-100 and it has less than a half-mile on it! No, really! It’s listed on eBay with a current bid… more»

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$500 Project: 1964 Harley-Davidson Topper

Here’s a nice winter project for any of you vintage/classic motorcycle folks. It’s a 1964 Harley-Davidson Topper and it’s small enough to not take up your whole garage during the restoration, yet cool enough that you… more»

1st Year: 1962 Kawasaki 125 B8

This is a holy grail bike for you collectors of vintage Japanese motorcycles. It’s a 1962 Kawasaki 125 B8, the first Kawasaki made exclusively with Kawasaki parts. The company made its fortune in the aircraft industry and… more»

Bang! Kapow! Whamm! 1966 Yamaha Batcycle

Holy Rare Beast, Batman! Here’s something that rarely comes up for sale, a 1966 Yamaha Batcycle! This authentic, or at least authentically-recreated, masterpiece of engineering and design genius (not that I’m biased) is listed in an… more»

Fat Cat: 1986 Honda TR200

This fatty is a 1986 Honda TR200, better known as a Fat Cat. It’s on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $2,650, or you can make an offer. There is no opening bid price… more»

328 Mile Italian: 1974 Harley-Davidson SX-125

Here’s one for you collectors of small bikes. This is a 1974 Harley-Davidson SX-125 and it’s on eBay with a bid price of just over $1,500. There are still four days left on the auction and… more»

Mini Monkey: 1970 Honda Z50A K2 Mini-Trail

This l’il monkey is a 1970 Honda Z50A K2 Mini-Trail and it’s in Chesapeake, Virginia. It’s listed on eBay with two days left on the auction and a current bid price of just over $500 and… more»

Honda Goldwing Powered: 1984 Tri-Magnum

Here’s your new daily-driver: it’s a Honda Goldwing powered 1984 Tri-Magnum and it can be found on eBay with a current bid of just over $3,100 but the reserve isn’t met. This cool reverse-three-wheeler is in Fairfax Station,… more»

First 6-Cylinder: 1979 Benelli Sei With Zero Miles!

Alejandro de Tomaso may be best known for his automobiles, but did you know that his company also built motorcycles? Well, he purchased a few manufacturers that did anyway. Benelli was one of them and their… more»

Teach Your Kids To Ride! 1969 Indian M5A Italjet

This tiny wonder is a 1969 Indian M5A Italjet and it’s on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $1,500! This bike is in Spearfish, South Dakota, a stone’s throw away from Sturgis, so, there ya go…. more»

Barn Hog: 1930 Harley-Davidson VL

Harley-Davidson has a long history of building road devouring motorcycles, dating all the way back to 1903. By the ’30s, their motorcycles had evolved from simple bicycles with engines strapped to them to purpose built road… more»

Mini-Manly Moped: 1981 Puch Magnum MK II LTD

From a one-ton Chevy pickup to a 50cc moped, that’s how I roll; anything and everything is on the table! I don’t turn my nose up or look down on any vehicles. This is a super rare,… more»

War Department: 1944 BSA WD M20

This is a 1944 BSA WD M20 and it’s in Livonia, Michigan. It’s listed on eBay and the current bid price is $3,940 with three days left on the auction. There are only 855 original miles on… more»