BF AUCTION: Nash Metropolitan Project Pair

By Jesse Mortensen - This auction is for a pair of Nash Metropolitans. They have been sitting in the yard for over 30 years so they are probably only good for parts. The ’57 does have a clear title and… more»

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Multi-Colored: 1954 Nash Metropolitan Convertible

By Andrew Tanner - There’s something about tiny cars that almost everyone loves. It seems like they always have more personality! Besides, what could be more fun than owning a car made by a company that also made refrigerators? Although… more»

Solid 600: 1948 Nash 600 Sedan

By Ethan Branfort - After spending 30+ years in a barn being pretty well protected from the element, this beautiful 1948 Nash 600 is ready to be resurrected.  Offered here on craigslist near Genesee Depot, Wisconsin for $1,500, this Nash is… more»

Floridian Survivor: 1938 Nash Ambassador Six

By Brian Birkner - Florida stored since 1965, this barn find Nash Ambassador Six is delightfully original and ready to drive. Wearing a lovely factory paint, with minimal signs of age, this Ambassador looks to be a great preservation project… more»

1953 Nash Ambassador Country Club LeMans

By Scotty Gilbertson - For a guy who loves vintage Japanese cars so much, these old Nash models really float my boat, no pun intended. This is a 1953 Nash Ambassador Country Club LeMans Airflyte, a rare car and highly desirable… more»

A Castaway? 1958 Nash Metropolitan

By Jamie Palmer - What a hoot! This 1958 Nash Metropolitan by the name of “The Minnow” (Gilligan’s Island, anyone?) is running, driving, licensed and insured for street use. It’s listed for sale here on eBay, with a buy it… more»

Rub a Dub Dub: 1949 Nash Airflyte 600

By Scotty Gilbertson - Even though it isn’t Saturday night, it’s time for your weekly bath! This bathtub is a 1949 Nash Airflyte 600 and it’s on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $2,000 and there are only two days… more»

Funky 4WD: 1961 Nash Metropolitan 4×4

By Scotty Gilbertson - Anyone who knows me knows that I’m normally a purist by heart. I normally prefer vehicles that are either original or restored to original specs. In the case of this 1961 Nash Metropolitan 4×4, I would have… more»

Sold in Stores: 1952 Allstate Henry J

By Jeff Lavery - Perhaps one of the more unusual chapters in the American automobile industry is when Sears attempted to sell automobiles. Not service them or even accept trade-ins, but just to move product off the books as if… more»

$2,000! 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom LeMans

By Scotty Gilbertson - Make sure that you have an industrial-sized box of Kleenex with you for this one; if you’re a Nash fan, you may need it. This is one of my favorite cars of all time, easily a… more»

30 Antiques & Customs Estate Sale, 1928-1975

By Jamie Palmer - It’s sad to think that these 30 cars are all part of an estate sale, but I hope they will now go on to new owners who cherish them as much as it looks like they… more»

Dusty Find: 1928 Nash Special Six

By David Frank - The Special Six was a smaller version of the Advanced Six and was produced from 1925 to 1929. It had brakes typical of the times, mechanical on all four corners and a three speed transmission. By the… more»

Custom Kit of Parts: 1957 Nackardbaker

By Scotty Gilbertson - Did any of you walk into your Nackardbaker dealership in 1957 and buy one of these? If you did, you’re living in some other cool, parallel universe than the rest of us are. This crazy custom… more»